I will lift up Your Name x5, above every other name O Lord! You are highly lifted up there is no one like You, all—all—alleluia. You are Messiah x5 the Rose of shadow, You are Messiah, the Bright Morning Star, You are Messiah, the Lily of the Valley, You are Messiah.

Not onto us, not unto us, but onto You be all the glory, all honour, adoration be unto Thee. Father, thank You for Who You are. Thank You for the grace of fellowship bestowed upon us through Your strength deposited in us by Your Spirit. Indeed we are nothing asides You, Lord. Glorious God, we bow before Your Name and we hallow Your Holy Name to the highest.

Beloved, join me to sing this song, “we are here again, Father, We are here for You, Lord we are here for You, Holy Ghost come and take control. This is a confession from the heart calling on the Holy Spirit to come and help us even as we pray today. We are asking God to send down His great and Mighty power to help us over come the devil and his agents.

Beloveth, these forces are not stronger than us but they take advantage of our weaknesses and desires to overcome us in the place of prayer. Oftentimes, we follow our passion which ranges from watching or listening to our favorites programs, surfing the net, visiting (not a bad idea), working or serving (as noble as it is) and at the end of the day, we will be too tried to put in at least one uninterrupted hour in the place of prayer either in the morning or evening and yet we have needs which we are expecting answers and miracles from God.

Beloved, if we want to go far in life and possess all God has destined us to possess, we must make prayer an attitude or a life style. It must be our life wire. We must pray ceaselessly, everywhere and at all time. Our Spirit man must be fed at all time, else we will be weak not only in the spirit but also in the body. So engage this truth and be lighted to the eternal blessings that will come to you as a result:

“Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels.” Revelation 12:7

War always will rage between the two great sovereignties until one or other be crushed. Peace between good and evil is an impossibility; the very pretence of it would, in fact, be the triumph of the powers of darkness. Michael will always fight; his holy soul is vexed with sin, and will not endure it. Jesus will always be the dragon’s foe, and that not in a quiet sense, but actively, vigorously, with full determination to exterminate evil.

 All His servants, whether angels in heaven or messengers on earth, will and must fight; they are born to be warriors—at the cross they enter into covenant never to make truce with evil; they are a warlike company, firm in defence and fierce in attack. The duty of every soldier in the army of the Lord is daily, with all his heart, and soul, and strength, to fight against the dragon.

The dragon and his angels will not decline the affray; they are incessant in their onslaughts, sparing no weapon, fair or foul. We are foolish to expect to serve God without opposition: the more zealous we are, the more sure are we to be assailed by the myrmidons of hell.

The church may become slothful, but not so her great antagonist; his restless spirit never suffers the war to pause; he hates the woman’s seed, and would fain devour the church if he could. The servants of Satan partake much of the old dragon’s energy, and are usually an active race. War rages all around, and to dream of peace is dangerous and futile.

Glory be to God, we know the end of the war. The great dragon shall be cast out and for ever destroyed, while Jesus and they who are with Him shall receive the crown. Let us sharpen our swords to-night, and pray the Holy Spirit to nerve our arms for the conflict. Never battle so important, never crown so glorious. Every man to his post, ye warriors of the cross, and may the Lord tread Satan under your feet shortly!

Is someone shouting alleluia!!!!!!!!!!! Shortly the Lord will tread Satan and all his cohorts under your feet, praise the Lord! Let us therefore stand on the liberty which Christ has set us free and never get into slavery or yoke of bondage (Gal 5:1). Beloved, covet the strength from the Lord with everything in you. Knowing that he that sow sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sow generously will also reap generously (2 Cor 9:6) Read on:

“Strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.” Psalm 68:28

It is our wisdom, as well as our necessity, to beseech God continually to strengthen that which He has wrought in us. It is because of their neglect in this, that many Christians may blame themselves for those trials and afflictions of spirit which arise from unbelief. It is true that Satan seeks to flood the fair garden of the heart and make it a scene of desolation, but it is also true that many Christians leave open the sluice-gates themselves, and let in the dreadful deluge through carelessness and want of prayer to their strong Helper.

We often forget that the Author of our faith must be the Preserver of it also. The lamp which was burning in the temple was never allowed to go out, but it had to be daily replenished with fresh oil; in like manner, our faith can only live by being sustained with the oil of grace, and we can only obtain this from God Himself.

Foolish virgins we shall prove, if we do not secure the needed sustenance for our lamps. He who built the world upholds it, or it would fall in one tremendous crash; He who made us Christians must maintain us by His Spirit, or our ruin will be speedy and final. Let us, then, evening by evening, go to our Lord for the grace and strength we need.

We have a strong argument to plead, for it is His own work of grace which we ask Him to strengthen—”that which Thou hast wrought for us.” Think you He will fail to protect and sustain that? Only let your faith take hold of His strength, and all the powers of darkness, led on by the master fiend of hell, cannot cast a cloud or shadow over your joy and peace.

Why faint when you may be strong? Why suffer defeat when you may conquer? Oh! take your wavering faith and drooping graces to Him who can revive and replenish them, and earnestly pray, “Strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.”

Is someone praying for strength that comes from above? Are you looking up to God Your savior for your sustenance? Let us therefore come to the Throne this hour and plead earnestly, we must receive answers to our prayers as God never lie (Jer 33:3). He will never leave you nor forsake you. Praise the Name of the Lord!

Lord, send your Spirit in us today, strengthen us and destroy all the works of darkness in and around us in Jesus Name!

Beloveth, before the end of this year, the Lord will drop into your bosom “great tiding” from above. Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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IFEOMA OHONDU is the founder of the MattersoftheHeart foundation, a platform where issues affecting our everyday life are discussed and where necessary proffer solution. She is part of the end time army, who will not break their rank to fulfill the urgent call of God upon her life by declaring His word to the helpless, the doubting, the comfortless and the dying world. The world will experience great restoration and healing in the Word of God through her ministration. She is a voice to emphasize key spiritual truth about Faith, Healing and Encouragement.