Let the living water flow over my soul, let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my heart, all my pains and worries unto Thee I come. Jesus, Jesus Jesus. Sing to the Father, Father, Father, Father sing the Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, Spirit.//  Holy Spirit move now, make my heart whole again, Spirit move all over me, Spirit move all over.

Father, this is our heartfelt cry this day, thank You for Your faithfulness in the lives of Your children, God Thank You for seeing us through the month of January upon till this August, Thank You Father. We are happy and we will give You praise all the days of our lives in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, Thank God for another fruitful week ahead of You today. Thank Him for making it possible for you to see the end of this month. It is indeed a glorious opportunity to be among the living and I believe you are happy for it.

We are in the last lap of the month having dominion through goodness. And am sure God’s goodness is speaking in your life today according to His Word to us.

It is the love of God towards us that makes us who we are, and we ought to love God just as He first love us and send His begotten son to us to save us and make us whole. And make us eligible for heavenly candidate after our stay here on earth. Thank You Lord for Your wonderful acts in our life.

Beloved, don’t forget that when Christ was about to go to the cross, Satan tried to hinder Him, but Jesus up held His mission here on earth went to the cross despite the pains.

I don’t know what you have been trying to achieve since the beginning of the year and all moves are proving abortive. Satan is hindering you through one means or the other.

Is either finance is scare, resources are limited, opportune time is not coming forth, and you are not moving forward, just running round the circle. Beloved, you have to take a decision to get up and move across your barriers. Jump over if that what means, break it up if it comes to that, speak to it if that is the way out and all these you will do in the Name of Jesus.

Be focus and never waver. Jesus focus on the cross and the angel came to strengthen Him up when He confess to God that ‘Not His will but the will of His Father be done.’

Apostle Paul also told us how the devil tried to hinder their ministration but God helped them.

This message is coming your way, just to encourage you that it is not over till you break through. Just look up to Jesus, hold on to God and His love what passeth all understanding will help you. Just make sure that you keep getting better at what you are trusting God for and you will be glad you did when you finally make it through.

Let us see what the teaching of the day has for us:


                              “The upright love Thee” Song 1:4   


Believers love Jesus with a deeper affection then they dare to give to any other being. They would sooner lose father and mother then part with Christ. They hold all earthly comforts with a loose hand, but they carry Him fast locked in their bosoms. They voluntarily deny themselves for His sake, but they are not to be driven to deny Him.

It is scant love which the fire of persecution can dry up; the true believer’s love is a deeper stream than this. Men have laboured to divide the faithful from their Master, but their attempts have been fruitless in every age. Neither crowns of honour, now frowns of anger, have untied this more than Gordian knot.

This is no every-day attachment which the world’s power may at length dissolve. Neither man nor devil have found a key which opens this lock. Never has the craft of Satan been more at fault than when he has exercised it in seeking to rend in sunder this union of two divinely welded hearts. It is written, and nothing can blot out the sentence, “The upright love Thee.”

The intensity of the love of the upright, however, is not so much to be judged by what it appears as by what the upright long for. It is our daily lament that we cannot love enough. Would that our hearts were capable of holding more, and reaching further. Like Samuel Rutherford, we sigh and cry, “Oh, for as much love as would go round about the earth, and over heaven—yea, the heaven of heavens, and ten thousand worlds—that I might let all out upon fair, fair, only fair Christ.”

Alas! our longest reach is but a span of love, and our affection is but as a drop of a bucket compared with His deserts. Measure our love by our intentions, and it is high indeed; ’tis thus, we trust, our Lord doth judge of it.

Oh, that we could give all the love in all hearts in one great mass, a gathering together of all loves to Him who is altogether lovely!

To love Him more dearly no matter what Satan is doing around us. Beloved, is the obstruction coming in form of attacks from a beloved one? Can it be sickness that refuse to go away?  Is it frustrations that you cannot place your finger where it is coming from? Listen and declare to yourself that even Satan cannot hinder you. if that it Your confession come along with me to see how:

“Satan hindered us.” 1Thessalonians 2:18

Since the first hour in which goodness came into conflict with evil, it has never ceased to be true in spiritual experience, that Satan hinders us. From all points of the compass, all along the line of battle, in the vanguard and in the rear, at the dawn of day and in the midnight hour, Satan hinders us.

If we toil in the field, he seeks to break the ploughshare; if we build the wall, he labours to cast down the stones; if we would serve God in suffering or in conflict—everywhere Satan hinders us. He hinders us when we are first coming to Jesus Christ. Fierce conflicts we had with Satan when we first looked to the cross and lived.

Now that we are saved, he endeavours to hinder the completeness of our personal character. You may be congratulating yourself, “I have hitherto walked consistently; no man can challenge my integrity.” Beware of boasting, for your virtue will yet be tried; Satan will direct his engines against that very virtue for which you are the most famous.

 If you have been hitherto a firm believer, your faith will ere long be attacked; if you have been meek as Moses, expect to be tempted to speak unadvisedly with your lips. The birds will peck at your ripest fruit, and the wild boar will dash his tusks at your choicest vines.

Satan is sure to hinder us when we are earnest in prayer. He checks our importunity, and weakens our faith in order that, if possible, we may miss the blessing. Nor is Satan less vigilant in obstructing Christian effort. There was never a revival of religion without a revival of his opposition.

As soon as Ezra and Nehemiah begin to labour, Sanballat and Tobiah are stirred up to hinder them. What then? We are not alarmed because Satan hindereth us, for it is a proof that we are on the Lord’s side, and are doing the Lord’s work, and in His strength we shall win the victory, and triumph over our adversary.

Thank God that victory will come at last if we keep focus and do not allow any forces to keep you down. Now with that knowledge in mind, I encourage you to keep good at what you doing. Or whatever you are believing God for. Jesus will surely help you to overcome and you will gain the desired victory. You will have dominion if you don’t give up.

Beloved, this week is declared blessed in the Name of Jesus. Go and make a difference. Hold on to the Word of God and you will gain victory at last. Before the end of this month, every package designed to be delivered to you must deliver in Jesus Name.

Just start by thinking outside the “Box”.

Remain blessed in the Lord

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