Good morning Jesus Good morning Lord, I know You come from heaven above the Holy Spirit is on the Throne Good morning Jesus Good morning Lord. You are Worthy You are Worthy of my praise You are the Most High You are Worthy.

Our Father in heaven how Great are You Lord. You are Greater than the greatest, You are Mighty than the mightiest, You are Older than the oldest, You are the I am that I am. The Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. The Mighty One in battle, the Balm in Gilead, You are the Unchangeable Changer, Destiny Restorer, Foundation Repairer, the Great Terminator of terminal diseases and the Quencher of every flood. OOOO my God is too much to be describe by words. You are simply indescribable. Words are failing me now to say Who You Are. I return to say thank You for this great thing You have for me. What can He not do? There is nothing too difficult for my God to do. In Him every impossibility becomes possible.

Beloved, sitting at the Lord’s feet or at His table studying/ meditating/ listening to the testimonies of His doings will set you on high and settle any case forever. I am a living testimony and so shall you be if you diligently fellows us as we bring Words of revivals, healings and deliverances as your case is mentioned and you key into it that issue of concern will be gone forever in Jesus Name! Somebody shout a resounding Amen!

Jesus Christ will forever remain a complete sacrifices for us. There is no other place or thing to rest on except on that Supreme sacrifice that was made on the cross according to God’s Word. On this sacrifices package contains the entire thing you will ever dare to need.

The healing and salvation through the blood is real and potent you better tap into it and stop asking questions that will take you nowhere other than deeper into your world of misery. Praise the Lord.

Beloved, as you pray today, ask God to release into your bosom everything the “Blood” represent. You will be a working wonder after your encounter in Jesus Name. Come with me as we see the working miracles of the cross:

“And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him.” Lev. 1:4

If by that laying on of his hand the bullock became the offerer’s sacrifice, how much more shall Jesus become ours by the laying on of the hand of faith?

“My faith doth lay her hand

On that dear head of Thine,

While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.”

If a bullock could be accepted for him to make atonement for him, how much more shall the Lord Jesus be our full and all-sufficient propitiation? Some quarrel with the great truth of substitution; but as for us, it is our hope, our joy, our boast, our all. Jesus is accepted for us to make atonement for us, and we are “accepted in the Beloved.”

Let the reader take care at once to lay his hand on the Lord’s completed sacrifice, that by accepting it he may obtain the benefit of it. If he has done so once, let him do it again. If he has never done so, let him put out his hand without a moment’s delay. Jesus is yours now if you will have Him. Lean on Him; lean hard on Him; and He is yours beyond all question; you are reconciled to God, your sins are blotted out, and you are the Lord’s.

Praise the Lord! Is someone excited? Are you happy that all your sins and shortcomings are cleanse by the Blood? Are you rejoicing that the Blood is a supreme sacrifice made once and for all for our drabness and He is translating us into His Splendor? Come as we celebrate at this last Wednesday of the month the wonder of His love for us His everlasting heritage:

“We will remember Thy love more than wine.” Song 1:4

Jesus will not let His people forget His love. If all the love they have enjoyed should be forgotten, He will visit them with fresh love. “Do you forget my cross?” says He, “I will cause you to remember it; for at My table I will manifest Myself anew to you. Do you forget at I did for you in the council-chamber of eternity? I will remind you of it, for you shall need a counsellor, and shall find Me ready at your call.

” Mothers do not let their children forget them. If the boy has gone to Australia, and does not write home, his mother writes—”Has John forgotten his mother?” Then there comes back a sweet epistle, which proves that the gentle reminder was not in vain. So is it with Jesus, He says to us, “Remember Me,” and our response is, “We will remember Thy love.” We will remember Thy love and its matchless history. It is ancient as the glory which Thou hadst with the Father before the world was.

We remember, O Jesus, Thine eternal love when Thou didst become our Surety, and espouse us as Thy betrothed. We remember the love which suggested the sacrifice of Thyself, the love which, until the fulness of time, mused over that sacrifice, and long for the hour whereof in the volume of the book it was written of Thee, “Lo, I come.” We remember Thy love, O Jesus as it was manifest to us in Thy holy life, from the manger of Bethlehem to the garden of Gethsemane.

We track Thee from the cradle to the grave—for every word and deed of Thine was love—and we rejoice in Thy love, which death did not exhaust; Thy love which shone resplendent in Thy resurrection. We remember that burning fire of love which will never let Thee hold Thy peace until Thy chosen ones be all safely housed, until Zion be glorified, and Jerusalem settled on her everlasting foundations of light and love in heaven.

O that love of Calvary. Dear reader if you are yet to experience this love I will like you that to take a step of faith by clicking here to accept Jesus Now as your Lord and personal savior and you will have no regret at all whatsoever. Praise the Lord.

This year will indeed be a year of wonder. The Lord is hasten to perform all His promises/ our wilderness is turning into a fruitful vine and then into a forest. Am so delighted that the One Who said it is able to perform all that He said concerning us. Our Wonder Working God. He is indeed a destiny changer. Every destiny the enemy has polluted is being restored right now in Jesus Name. God declared that everything He made was good but the enemy went to sow tares. Therefore the Lord is sending His reaper angels to uproot every tares in your life today as it is the fullness of time for that sickness to go. That problem is expiring today. That spirit of insanity is leaving today in Jesus Name. An end to that barrenness in Jesus Name. Every siege of frustrations, failure and fear is coming to an end today in Jesus Name. There is a victory over the workers of iniquities in your life today in Jesus Name. Someone is receiving a miracle job today in Jesus Name. Your long waited partner is locating you now in Jesus Name.

Be healed and return with your testimony as the sacrifices on the cross and the love bestowed on us shall never be in vain in Jesus Name (1Jn 4:8). Beloved, please i want you to read this God’s Mandate to all His children in Gen 9:7, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O what a beautiful day to encounter God. indeed we are moving forward no more stagnation in the Name of Jesus.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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