Who is like unto Thee…O Lord! Who is like unto Thee O Lord! among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness, fearful in Praising, doing wonders alleluia!!! //Ancient of Days How old are You now…How Old are You now…You have never fail… Ancient of Days… How Old are You now…How old are You now…You will never fail….

Yes Father You never fail…You will never fail…alleluia to Your Holy Name…everlasting to everlasting You remaineth the same… how wonderful You are… glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name…. Thank You for another day in Your Presence blessed be Thy Name O Lord in Jesus wonderful Name Amen…

You will do that which only you can do…again in our midst today… Have your way Father, come in Your strength and Your power…let Your Name be Praise again and again in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, good morning… How are doing today… Our God is God all the time: all the time the Lord is Good… Faithful is our God… He liveth forever more… alleluia….in Him we are secured. He is our shield… Forever He reigns in Jesus Name…..

Beloveth, how has it been with you? Another day of grace is here to be everything God created us to be…thank You Father for this great opportunity to honour Your Name again amongst Your people… Have your way again, do something great in our lives in Jesus Name… Amen….

Let the living water flow over my soul… Let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my heart… All my cares and burdens unto Thee I come….

And Paul said to Timothy… “Timothy, my dear son, be strong through the grace that God has gives you in Christ Jesus.”

And today we say the same Word to you… “Be Strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” …amen!!!!!!!!!! Somebody!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth are you working/walking in Grace or in Grind?  We spoke about grace yesterday… today we are going to look at “Grind”…

Grinding is such a prevalent way of doing business that it may not even be clear to you when you are relying solely upon your own strength. Let’s explore some of the signs that you may be working by grind.

Financial Anxiety- you are feeling desperate about money or your thoughts are constantly consumed by how much money you are making (or not making) in your business.

Prayerlessness: Your prayers are infrequent or rushed and you are missing an essential fuel for your faith.

Lack of Sleep: a more obvious sign is lack of sleep due to stress, but a less obvious is when you are sleeping because you are excited about the work that you do and simply wont stop working or you are constantly dissatisfied with the amount of time available to work.

Analysis Paralysis: You may feel confused and overwhelmed and unable to move forward in your business due to frequent over-thinking and continuous analyzing.

No Boundaries: You make yourself available to your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and keep your smartphone close at all times. You may even have fears that your ability to be successful in business is threatened by the time you need to spend with your loved ones.

No Joy or Peace: You are tired, worn out, agitated and carrying the stress of everyday ups and downs of your business… Are you working by grind?

Beloveth when I came across this write up at first, I was like ehhh at last God is showing me myself in the mirror…. Almost everything written here characterized my life except sleeplessness and prayerlessness…God has been faithful to me on these aspects…upholding Ps 127:2b, and my prayer life has been a place of sccour for me… I told myself you need to change… this month of Divine Mercy and Grace must not be in vain in your life…

Peradventure your life is characterize by most if not all that was listed above, take out time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you, beloveth we don’t have it all together sometimes we miss it and it is the work of the Holy Spirit to help us if we can come to Him for help…. when we miss our way, and humble ourselves before God, He will surely help us…

The disciples of Jesus at most crucial part of Jesus ministry were sleeping instead of praying… they were weak in their spirit mind… because they were operating in their strength not under grace… (still remember what grace is about)?

We cannot please God by our strength as you can see in the lives of the disciples even in your life…but when you operate under “grace”- God’s strength you accomplish much more… 2 Cor 9:8.

Don’t misunderstand the place of grace … Grace is not a license or a liberty to be lazy or indulgence in negative vices but when you operate under Grace, work is exciting, pain is handle with cheerfulness, bitterness is far off… offense has no impart to your responses or act …

Beloveth, don’t take this season with levity… go to God constantly and seek His face in all you engages in… when you do that, the Holy Spirit takes over your cares, doubt and worries and give you lasting peace… by making all grace abound unto you unto every good works…

The same disciples that were not in tune with what the Spirit of God was doing when they were in-due with the power of the Holy Spirit did exploits for God’s kingdom… beloveth may the grace of God abound for you and I in Jesus Name…..

Come along with us for more:

“Stay awake and pray so that you won’t enter into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”—Mark 14:38

At times your spirit must demand supremacy over your flesh. Your spirit will know what your Lord wants you to do, but your flesh will cry out for its own fulfillment. There are times when sleep must be denied, even when you are exhausted, because it would be disastrous for you to rest at such a time. When the Lord commands you to “watch and pray,” it is crucial that you obey.

As Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, He knew that the pinnacle of His ministry was quickly approaching. He was aware that the legions of hell were marshaling their forces to defeat Him. If there were ever a critical time for His closest friends to be undergirding Him in prayer, this was it.

Jesus told them that He was deeply distressed, even to the point of death. Surely they could have sensed the intensity in His voice and the urgency of His demeanor, and surely they could have found the strength to obey His request. Yet He found them asleep. No excuses. They had fallen asleep at the most pivotal moment in human history, not once but three times!

Jesus asks you to join Him in what He is doing. He may ask you to watch and pray for an hour. You may have to deny your physical needs and desires in order to pray with Him. You may have to leave the comfort of your bed or your home. You may even have to sacrifice your safety in order to be where Jesus is.

Seek to bring every physical desire under the control of the Holy Spirit so that nothing will impede your accomplishing what Jesus asks of you.

Beloveth… did you get it…the flesh must be put under subjection to be able to do the Mind of Christ in our individual lives… so many of the people of old miss it and it cost them great promises of God… we must also be careful lest we walk in the same path…

Each time you see the sign of ‘Grinding’ in your life…beloveth run to the feet of Jesus and rest on His promises… Amen!!! Spirit of the Living God make all grace abound unto us according to God’s Word in Jesus Name….

Further Reading- Phil 4:6-7,19, Ps 127:2, Rom 14:17, Jer 6:16, 2 Cor.9:8.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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