Our Father in heaven we glorify Your Holy Name we bow down before Thee… Our Father in heaven we glorify Your Holy Name… We bow down before Thee…// Glorious God! Beautiful King! Excellent God we bow before Thy Throne… we bow before the Throne we worship at Your feet… we bow before the Throne Your are Glorious God… we bow before Thy Throne, we worship at Your Feet, we bow before Thy Throne You are a Glorious God….

Our Father we thank You we worship Your Holy Name… How Glorious! How Wonderful, How Excellent are You Lord… we worship and adore Your Holy Name in Jesus Name!!! Thank you Father the manifestation of Your Name in our life… glory be to You Father… we worship and adore You Jesus… be Thou exalted O God in Jesus Name… Amen!!!

Beloveth… are set apart? Praise the Name of Jesus!!! Our God is good; all the time!!! Is a beautiful day and we are glad to be in God’s Presence alleluia!!! We will call Him and He will answer us and show us mercy in Jesus Name…. so lift your holy hands in worship… Praise and magnify His Name…

Your Name is higher…far above other names …Your Name is Jesus… You Name is God… Your Name is higher..far above other names… Your Name is Jesus … Your Name is God!!!

I am thank You Lord for Who You are!!! What You have done in my life Lord! I am thank You Lord for Who You are what You have done Dan Sakari Baba!!!

Beloveth… you are among the godly and set apart to worship God… does that excites you? Our God is Holy and the psalmist is telling us that He has set you aside… He called you to be faithful and promise to hear you when you call… are you ready to pray today…? In Ps 112 verse 1 emphasizes how blessed the man that fears God is… It went further to say all that will his portion and his seeds forever… however at the last verse hear what he said “ the wicked shall see it, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away; the desire of the wicked shall perish…”

So if the Lord counts you godly, rejoice and be glad… again I said rejoice…. Because He has beautiful things in stock for you… beloveth prayer is the key to both godliness and salvation… do you agree with us?

Our God is a God who shows mercy even to a thousand generations. There was a great servant of God in America by Name Dr. Jonathan Edwards. God used him mightily in His ministry and commanded him to built a university called Princeton university – a university that is world famous today.

The social scientists, wanted to analyze his family tree of descendants. After an extensive research into the life of Dr. Jonathan Edwards and his descendants, they declared that none in his family or his descendants have gone to jail. Moreover, among his descendants, there were many people of notable achievements including 186 servants of God, 86 heads of prestigious universities and 30 senators.

In fact, one of his descendants was even elected as the Vice President of America”.

Beloved, a righteous man’s life is thus exalted before the whole world. A righteous life lifts a person to where God wants him to be. It is blessed to have a family and it is more blessed to have a godly generation. Follow God’s way in every decision. Desire to do His “Blessed Will” and God will exalt you likewise, in this manner….

Know that the Lord has set apart the faithful for Himself; the Lord will hear when I call to Him.—Psalm 4:3

No one is more precious in the Lord’s sight than a godly person. God is pleased whenever He finds someone who strives to live a righteous life and bring glory to Him. God sets such people apart in a special place in His heart. They are always kept before Him, and He stands ready to respond to their faintest cries for help.

Sin separates us from God, causing Him to close His ears to our praying. It is futile for us to pray when we are knowingly practicing sin. But the opposite is also true. God chooses to honor us by listening to our every cry when we are living a godly life. An abiding security comes with living a blameless life. The righteous person never has to wonder whether God has listened to his prayer (1 John 5:14–15). The godly person has confidence that God has indeed heard her prayer and will immediately respond in all of His power.

It is exhilarating to be set apart by God, knowing that God observes your consecrated life and is pleased with what He sees. What a tremendous privilege to know that your life holds a special place in God’s heart! The world may not accord any special status to you, but you will know that you are cherished by God. The world continues to find new ways to honor people, but even the world’s most extravagant accolades are pitiful compared to the unfathomable blessing of holding a special place in the heart of God.

Beloveth, isn’t it amazing to know that God’s word will never fail… He promised to preserve the home of the righteous even long when they are gone.. This word of His can never fail us.. he will uphold us to the end even our seeds forever… yeah is blessed to have a family but more blessed to have godly generations…alleluia… Amen!!!

Let us pray- “Loving Father, Your Word says, blessed is the man who fear the Lord. You will exalt his generation for your sake, Lord I pray that your grace will abound in me to rise a godly generation that exalts your Name. let them all be blessing to your kingdom and to the nation. Thank You for granting such a grace upon my generation. Amen.”

The name of the righteous/ godly will bring fame.’ Beloveth, we believe you are being blessed by the Word of God… let the fire at the altar never burn out…. keep it glowing by constant intercession…. and you will be blessed.

Further Reading- Ps 112:1-10, Prov 12:7; 24:16, Isa 3:10…

Let us pray….

Remain blessed in the Lord.

vanguard (nigeria)

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