Worthy worthy is the Lamb, worthy worthy worthy is the Lamb, worthy worthy is the Lamb, Lamb of God! Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise the Lord. Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise Him alleluia, Praise the Lord. is You that is worthy, only You that is worthy, is You that is worthy of my Praise O! Lord! Is You that is worthy, only You that is worthy, is You that is worthy of my Praise. Jesus Is You that is worthy, only You that is worthy, is You that is worthy of my Praise O! Lord! Father is You that is worthy… , Holy is You that is worthy, only that is worthy, is You that is Worthy of my Praise!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes Yes Yes Lord! Thank You Father, Thank You for Your goodness that is forever, O! Lord my God how Excellent, how Wonderful in all the earth, how excellent are You Lord! thank You Lord for You liveth forever more! Heaven and earth are full of Your glory, be Thou exalted forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, good morning, how was your night? Hope you had a good night rest? Thank God for the miracle of sleeping and waking up, it can only be God my dear, so let us bow in adoration and honour of Him, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, is our prayer time! Are you happy! Are you celebrating! David said “I was glad when they say let go to the house of the Lord.” Is that also your confession?

Talking about God house in our days, do you know that you are temple of the Most High God? How adorable is your body of God’s temple you are? Do you know God in your body by the way you live? Can someone follow to Christ just by being with you? a food for thought dearly beloved!

It is an undeniable fact that God created us for His own pleasure, it is also know and written that God desire fellowship with those He made. The question is, “are you available for fellowship with Him?” Do you have a time set aside to be with the King? Very important dearly beloved, very important, you must have time set to meet with your Maker, to ask questions no one can give answer to. To cherish and adore Him, to confess your love for Him and your weakness too (Eph 1:5,9 Ps 147:11, Ps 149:4, Php 2:13).

Beloved, in today fellowship we are call to “abide in Christ.” How do I abide someone wants to know?

Come along with us for that great revelation:

                                    “Abide in Me.” John 15:4 

Communion with Christ is a certain cure for every ill. Whether it be the wormwood of woe, or the cloying surfeit of earthly delight, close fellowship with the Lord Jesus will take bitterness from the one, and satiety from the other.

Live near to Jesus, Christian, and it is matter of secondary importance whether thou livest on the mountain of honour or in the valley of humiliation. Living near to Jesus, thou art covered with the wings of God, and underneath thee are the everlasting arms.

Let nothing keep thee from that hallowed intercourse, which is the choice privilege of a soul wedded to THE WELL-BELOVED. Be not content with an interview now and then, but seek always to retain His company, for only in His presence hast thou either comfort or safety.

Jesus should not be unto us a friend who calls upon us now and then, but one with whom we walk evermore. Thou hast a difficult road before thee: see, O traveller to heaven, that thou go not without thy guide. Thou hast to pass through the fiery furnace; enter it not unless, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, thou hast the Son of God to be thy companion.

Thou hast to storm the Jericho of thine own corruptions: attempt not the warfare until, like Joshua, thou hast seen the Captain of the Lord’s host, with His sword drawn in His hand. Thou art to meet the Esau of thy many temptations: meet him not until at Jabbok’s brook thou hast laid hold upon the angel, and prevailed.

In every case, in every condition, thou wilt need Jesus; but most of all, when the iron gates of death shall open to thee. Keep thou close to thy soul’s Husband, lean thy head upon His bosom, ask to be refreshed with the spiced wine of His pomegranate, and thou shalt be found of Him at the last, without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing. Seeing thou hast lived with Him, and lived in Him here, thou shalt abide with Him for ever.

In Jesus Name! beloved, did you read that, ‘do nothing except you have obtain mercy and grace from O! Lord Jesus. until obtain assurance that Jesus is in it with you.

Beloved, this is a clarion call on us to tarry before the King on matters important to us and not give up in supplication until you hear Word from your Master “it is done.” For if Christ is in it with you surely you will succeed. Do not live a life of assumption for it is a sin and it kills.

Always seek a Word from the Master to hold on very a matter as you go before him in prayer. Never give up in the place of prayer. Keep abiding; never allow anything to separate you from your Father who art in heaven! For He who bid us abide will still guide us when we breath our last therefore we have nothing to fear.

Beloved, abide in God through prayers, worship, good acts of love and kindness, reverence, bible studies, prayer meetings, beloved, keep abiding and the Lord will answer all your questions and give you all your heart desires (Matt 11:30).

Let us pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father, we believe You hear us when we pray, we therefore come before Your throne of mercy and seek Your face and ask You to help us to keep abiding in You till the end. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord!