Who is like unto Thee O Lord! Who is like unto Thee O Lord, among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious holiness fearful in praises doing Wonder alleluia.// All glory, glory, glory to the Lord 2x, alleluia hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, blessed be thy Name of the Lord Amen! hosanna hosanna, hosanna, blessed be thy Name of the Lord.

Dear heavenly Father, we thank You we praise Your Holy Name. Blessed be Thy Name forever. Thank You for all Your mercies and kindness towards us Your children. Thank You for being a strong tower to us that we run into it and be secured. Glory be to You for You will watch over us and no evil shall befall us.

Thank You because as we pray again today in Your presence, You will answer us and will grant us every of our heart desires in Jesus Name.

Beloved, is prayer time! Thank God for another opportunity to seek Him early this month, blessed His Holy Name forever.

Today we will considering Jesus Model of Prayer. We read in the bible that Jesus either after ministration goes to pray or before any important assignment. The disciple watched Him and on one occasion they asked Him to teach them to pray.

I believe someone who is reading this devotional today will like the disciple of Old will ask Jesus teach me to pray.

In Jesus model of pray though not too lengthy but it compasses all. Ranging from adoration, thanksgiving, forgiveness and expression of needs backup with thanksgiving in faith that your prayers have receive answers.

How do you pray? More often than not many prayer request centered largely on our expression of personal needs than anything. Some forget to appreciate God, talk less of thanking for they have received, even when they do it is few words and nothing more than that, then comes the list of what God must do with deadlines attached to it.

Put yourself in the place of God because somehow God design our relationship with one another to be dependent. We have people who depends on us for one thing or the other, if they approach you in like manner, will you like it?

Another category of people are those who pray only when they have needs or want something done for them, they pray with such a loud voice and always add deadline to it else God is not as power as He claim to be or not as loving as His Name depicts He is. Praise the Lord.

Jesus told his disciple not pray like the hypocrites- those who prayed to seen that they are praying. He also told them to avoid vain repetitions as the heathens do because they think that God hears them because of their many words or semantics. He told them that is not necessary, since our heavenly knows already what we need and will grant it but you must also ask him.

He then taught them to pray. Beloveth why is necessary that you pray? My own answer to this question are as follows firstly, when eventual you receive it you will express thanks to God. Secondly, you place more value on what you want than what you simply receive. Thirdly, you are remain accountable to it forever than when it is otherwise.

Beloved, I know you will have your own reasons why we must pray, will you rather share with us?

Let’s get down to the message of the day and learn more:


“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, etc.” Matthew 6:9


This prayer begins where all true prayer must commence, with the spirit of adoption, “Our Father.” There is no acceptable prayer until we can say, “I will arise, and go unto my Father.” This child-like spirit soon perceives the grandeur of the Father “in heaven,” and ascends to devout adoration, “Hallowed be Thy name.” The child lisping, “Abba, Father,” grows into the cherub crying, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

There is but a step from rapturous worship to the glowing missionary spirit, which is a sure outgrowth of filial love and reverent adoration—”Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Next follows the heartfelt expression of dependence upon God—”Give us this day our daily bread.” Being further illuminated by the Spirit, he discovers that he is not only dependent, but sinful, hence he entreats for mercy, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors:” and being pardoned, having the righteousness of Christ imputed, and knowing his acceptance with God, he humbly supplicates for holy perseverance, “Lead us not into temptation.”

The man who is really forgiven, is anxious not to offend again; the possession of justification leads to an anxious desire for sanctification. “Forgive us our debts,” that is justification; “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” that is sanctification in its negative and positive forms. As the result of all this, there follows a triumphant ascription of praise, “Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever, Amen.”

We rejoice that our King reigns in providence and shall reign in grace, from the river even to the ends of the earth, and of His dominion there shall be no end. Thus from a sense of adoption, up to fellowship with our reigning Lord, this short model of prayer conducts the soul. Lord, teach us thus to pray.

Prayer is more having our needs met. It is goes further to open our eyes so that will see things as God see it. Call it name that God will it. We have classical example given to us in the bible, so let’s get down to it:

“But their eyes were holden that they should not know Him.” Luke 24:16


The disciples ought to have known Jesus, they had heard His voice so often, and gazed upon that marred face so frequently, that it is wonderful they did not discover Him. Yet is it not so with you also? You have not seen Jesus lately. You have been to His table, and you have not met Him there.

You are in a dark trouble this evening, and though He plainly says, “It is I, be not afraid,” yet you cannot discern Him. Alas! our eyes are holden. We know His voice; we have looked into His face; we have leaned our head upon His bosom, and yet, though Christ is very near us, we are saying “O that I knew where I might find Him!”

We should know Jesus, for we have the Scriptures to reflect His image, and yet how possible it is for us to open that precious book and have no glimpse of the Wellbeloved! Dear child of God, are you in that state? Jesus feedeth among the lilies of the word, and you walk among those lilies, and yet you behold Him not.

He is accustomed to walk through the glades of Scripture, and to commune with His people, as the Father did with Adam in the cool of the day, and yet you are in the garden of Scripture, but cannot see Him, though He is always there. And why do we not see Him? It must be ascribed in our case, as in the disciples’, to unbelief.

They evidently did not expect to see Jesus, and therefore they did not know Him. To a great extent in spiritual things we get what we expect of the Lord. Faith alone can bring us to see Jesus. Make it your prayer, “Lord, open Thou mine eyes, that I may see my Saviour present with me.”

It is a blessed thing to want to see Him; but oh! it is better far to gaze upon Him. To those who seek Him He is kind; but to those who find Him, beyond expression is He dear!

Beloved, did you read that? That we see Jesus speaks to us through the scriptures yet we do not see Him. Though we know his voice, like the apostles of old we did not recognize Him.

Now join me to pray this pray “O Lord, open thou mine eyes, that I may see my savior present with me.”

Our prayer answering God, arise today again and touch our eyes and open it to see You. Help us to behold You in the scripture as You have ordained Your Word to be life and Spirit to all who reads it. Remove every unbelief in our heart today and boost our faith in You by wonders You will do through Your Living Word as we read. Answer us as we pray in the Name of Jesus.

Don’t forget to also ask the Spirit of the living God to help you bring to subjection everything that will rebel rather than live a life of self-control in Jesus Name.

Beloved, may the Spirit of God help our infirmities as we pray this day and always in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the

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