Everlasting Father Everlasting Son, Immortal Holy Ghost be Thou glorified 2x. Lord You are so good blessed be Your Name, in heaven You are the Lord, on earth You reigneth forever, O Lord will praise Your Name, blessed be Your Name.

Father in heaven O God we Thank You for Your that endureth forever. How Wonderful, how Gracious are You Lord. Thank You for everything You have done for us, the life and vitality Lord we do not take it for granted. It is only Lord that can love us with an every

lasting love, it is only Lord that can care us endlessly without complaining or grumbling, it is only Lord that can move us from nowhere to an esteemed and enviable positions in life, therefore we bow down and we say blessed be Your Name in the highest.

What more can we say beloveth, in God all things are possible to him that believeth. I will say that this statement is a statement of condition. here I see everything possible as ordained by God but it takes a believing heart to step out and takes hold of the promise.

It takes a believing heart to dare every limitation, every obstacles, every power, every kingdom, and every dominion and go for the promise. Praise the Lord.

Away with fear and doubt from the heart of a believer, let our heart be bold for the Lord.

Consider this promise also, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”  Never limit yourself, don’t you also limit God by your unbelieving attitude. Step out in faith and trust God for Who He is.

In Him there is no impossibility, with Him all things are possible. Hold on to God. There is no disappointment in Him either (Ps 37:25).

Do You have a believing heart? Come let’s discover more:

“All things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23


Many professed Christians are always doubting and fearing, and they forlornly think that this is the necessary state of believers. This is a mistake, for “all things are possible to him that believeth”; and it is possible for us to mount into a state in which a doubt or a fear shall be but as a bird of passage flitting across the soul, but never lingering there.

 When you read of the high and sweet communions enjoyed by favoured saints, you sigh and murmur in the chamber of your heart, “Alas! these are not for me.” O climber, if thou hast but faith, thou shalt yet stand upon the sunny pinnacle of the temple, for “all things are possible to him that believeth.”

You hear of exploits which holy men have done for Jesus; what they have enjoyed of Him; how much they have been like Him; how they have been able to endure great persecutions for His sake; and you say, “Ah! as for me, I am but a worm; I can never attain to this.”

But there is nothing which one saint was, that you may not be. There is no elevation of grace, no attainment of spirituality, no clearness of assurance, no post of duty, which is not open to you if you have but the power to believe.

Lay aside your sackcloth and ashes, and rise to the dignity of your true position; you are little in Israel because you will be so, not because there is any necessity for it. It is not meet that thou shouldst grovel in the dust, O child of a King. Ascend! The golden throne of assurance is waiting for you! The crown of communion with Jesus is ready to bedeck your brow.

Wrap yourself in scarlet and fine linen, and fare sumptuously every day; for if thou believest, thou mayst eat the fat of kidneys of wheat; thy land shall flow with milk and honey, and thy soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness.

Gather golden sheaves of grace, for they await thee in the fields of faith. “All things are possible to him that believeth.”

Away with doubt, fear and unbelief. I believe what God is saying concerning me will come to pass. Whatever you have received as a promise from the Lord, I think this is the time to press it through, through prayer, through evangelism, through worship.

Remember our theme text in Jer 31:12, according to His Word be it done unto me Lord, I prayed Thee. Let the light of the Lord rest upon my soul and shine forth. Let me receive your Word as You shine through my heart at this moment and give me understanding to all that You saying to me, I pray Thee.

The word was in the beginning and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, In Him was life; and the life was light of men.

Do you need life? Come to the light of the Lamb. Let’s keep going:

“The Lamb is the light thereof.” Revelation 21:23


Quietly contemplate the Lamb as the light of heaven. Light in Scripture is the emblem of joy. The joy of the saints in heaven is comprised in this: Jesus chose us, loved us, bought us, cleansed us, robed us, kept us, glorified us: we are here entirely through the Lord Jesus. Each one of these thoughts shall be to them like a cluster of the grapes of Eshcol.

Light is also the cause of beauty. Nought of beauty is left when light is gone. Without light no radiance flashes from the sapphire, no peaceful ray proceedeth from the pearl; and thus all the beauty of the saints above comes from Jesus. As planets, they reflect the light of the Sun of Righteousness; they live as beams proceeding from the central orb. If He withdrew, they must die; if His glory were veiled, their glory must expire.

Light is also the emblem of knowledge. In heaven our knowledge will be perfect, but the Lord Jesus Himself will be the fountain of it. Dark providences, never understood before, will then be clearly seen, and all that puzzles us now will become plain to us in the light of the Lamb. Oh! what unfoldings there will be and what glorifying of the God of love!

Light also means manifestation. Light manifests. In this world it doth not yet appear what we shall be. God’s people are a hidden people, but when Christ receives His people into heaven, He will touch them with the wand of His own love, and change them into the image of His manifested glory. They were poor and wretched, but what a transformation! They were stained with sin, but one touch of His finger, and they are bright as the sun, and clear as crystal.

Oh! what a manifestation! All this proceeds from the exalted Lamb. Whatever there may be of effulgent splendour, Jesus shall be the centre and soul of it all. Oh! to be present and to see Him in His own light, the King of kings, and Lord of lords!

Jesus manifest Your light in us and make us wonder to behold. You are indeed Awesome, Your children will not be less. I believe You Lord, according to Your Word be it done unto me.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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