Jehovah Jehovah we Praise the Lord! Jehovah Jehovah we Praise the Lord! Come lets praise the Lord (Come lets praise the Lord) Come lets praise the Lord (Come lets praise the Lord) He is Jehovah (Tell the world of His faithfulness) He is El-Shaddai (Tell the world of His salvation) Spread the news around (Tell the world of his praise) Come lets praise the Lord (Praise the Lord) Forever and ever my God He is the same, He’ll never Change, From eternity to eternity, He’ll be my God. Praise Him!! Jehovah. Praise Him!! Jehovah. Praise Him!!
The Lord of Lords.

Heavenly Father we thank You for the grace of another day in Your Presence. Thank You for watching over us, protecting us from evil and keeping us safe in your bosom. Glory be to Your Name on high. Faithful Father, thank You, Thank You for the grace to worship with You, we pray your grace our fellowship with Your Presence in Jesus Name.

Beloved, our God never change. Forever His Word is settle. Glorious is His Name, He is Excellent in all He does, Faithful are His works come let us shout alleluia to the One Who is and is yet to come. Is another fellowship time, Thank God for the grace to pray, beloved, prayer is the only shortest path to heaven, the telephone line that travels faster to throne and come down with showers of blessings. Wow! What an honour to pray to God who answer pray. whose solution are sure and who withholdeth not from His children, Father thank You.

Do you know that every time you come to fellowship that Jesus is already there. Maybe don’t you understand what am saying “I said in every prayer meeting, church service, whatever is the program organized by the body of Christ, that before you get there, Jesus is already there” what a comfort. So it is not a matter whether He will come or not but He is there already waiting, am excited to hear this.

So it behold on us to also be early in fellowship and comport ourselves because Jesus is already presence before our arrival.

Another comfort am having whenever I pray is that Jesus answers prayer. Therefore we must always pray and faint not. Be up in prayer and service. As we will also discover today that of of the path of the Lord that drop fatness, is the path of prayer, when you near to the mercy seat, you are full to overflowing. So let us be eager to pray and faint not as the Lord will always bless when you beseech Him through prayer.

Let us discover more :

He goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.” Mark 16:7


Where He appointed to meet His disciples, there He would be in due time. Jesus keeps His tryst. If He promises to meet us at the mercy-seat, or in public worship, or in the ordinances, we may depend upon it that He will be there. We may wickedly stay away from the appointed meeting-place, but He never does. He says, “Where two or three are met together in my name, there am I”; he says not “There will I be,” but, “I am there already.”

Jesus is always first in fellowship: “He goeth before you. His heart is with His people, His delight is in them, He is never slow to meet them. In all fellowship He goeth before us.

But he reveals Himself to those who come after Him: “There shall ye see him.” Joyful sight! We care not to see the greatest of mere men, but to see HIM is to be filled with joy and peace. And we shall see Him, for He promises to come to those who believe in Him, and to manifest Himself to them. Rest assured that it will be so, for He does everything according to His word of promise: “As he said unto you.” Catch at those last words, and be assured that to the end He will do for you “as he said unto you.” More below:

“Thy paths drop fatness.” Psalm 65:11


Many are “the paths of the Lord” which “drop fatness,” but an especial one is the path of prayer. No believer, who is much in the closet, will have need to cry, “My leanness, my leanness; woe unto me.” Starving souls live at a distance from the mercy- seat, and become like the parched fields in times of drought.

Prevalence with God in wrestling prayer is sure to make the believer strong—if not happy. The nearest place to the gate of heaven is the throne of the heavenly grace. Much alone, and you will have much assurance; little alone with Jesus, your religion will be shallow, polluted with many doubts and fears, and not sparkling with the joy of the Lord.

Since the soul-enriching path of prayer is open to the very weakest saint; since no high attainments are required; since you are not bidden to come because you are an advanced saint, but freely invited if you be a saint at all; see to it, dear reader, that you are often in the way of private devotion. Be much on your knees, for so Elijah drew the rain upon famished Israel’s fields.

There is another especial path dropping with fatness to those who walk therein, it is the secret walk of communion. Oh! the delights of fellowship with Jesus! Earth hath no words which can set forth the holy calm of a soul leaning on Jesus’ bosom. Few Christians understand it, they live in the lowlands and seldom climb to the top of Nebo: they live in the outer court, they enter not the holy place, they take not up the privilege of priesthood.

At a distance they see the sacrifice, but they sit not down with the priest to eat thereof, and to enjoy the fat of the burnt offering. But, reader, sit thou ever under the shadow of Jesus; come up to that palm tree, and take hold of the branches thereof; let thy beloved be unto thee as the apple-tree among the trees of the wood, and thou shalt be satisfied as with marrow and fatness. O Jesus, visit us with Thy salvation!

May the grace to be much in prayer fall upon us as we pray in Jesus Name. arise O Lord and hear your children as they call upon your Name, help us we pray Thee and make our knees strong and open our mouth so that our weapon of warfare will not be blunt in Jesus Name.

Dearly beloved, let us pray.

Remain blessed in the Lord

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