An Imperishable Crown


You are great yes You are, Holy one You walked upon the sea, You raised the death, You are You reign in Majesty Might One, everything written about You is great. You are Great,, yes You are great, O You are great, You are great everything written about you is great. When I come into Your Presence, Lord am happy, When I come into Your Presence Lord am glad, in Your presence there is anointing Your Spirit will surround me in Your Presence anointing breaks the yoke. Yes! in Presence anointing breaks the yoke.

Our Father in heaven O God hallow be Thy Name, let Thou come and let Thy will be done, give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our trespass and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil in Jesus Name. O God Your Name is faithful, You are Great indeed, all the works of Your Hand shows that You are Great, be Magnify in Jesus Name. Excellent Jehovah Marvelous Jehovah there is no one greater than You Lord. I bow to worship You Be lifted high far above all the earth in the Name of Jesus.

Beloveth, our Father is a good God; let us come into His Presence with thanksgiving, and humble ourselves before His throne, then will the dews of heaven rest upon us and we will manifest His glory. Let heaven open on us and His Name be glorify in Jesus Name.

The glory of God is for the saints of God. Are you among the saints of the Living God? Then an imperishable crown awaits you. This is a promise made to as many as will run the race as it was written. Apostle Paul was so particular about not just finishing the race but finishing it well, therefore he encouraged us that we should not just finished the race but we should aim at finishing it to win a prize- eternal life.

Are you aiming at the Imperishable crown the becoming a saint is a MUST desire for you. Look intensely at living a Christ-like life then you are on your way to winning the trophy – an Imperishable Crown.

Come along for more discovery:

Everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown. 1 Corinthians 9:25


Athletes are willing to push themselves harder and longer and farther than anyone else. They strive to bring their bodies and minds completely under control so that they excel and receive a prize. Others go home to relax, but athletes continue to train. While most people protect themselves from any form of discomfort, athletes push themselves to the limits of their endurance. While some remain satisfied with mediocre performance, athletes pay any price for excellence. Paul said that despite their most valiant efforts, the athletes’ successes and prizes are eventually forgotten. Even the greatest athletic achievements have not affected eternity.

If an athlete can be motivated to make incredible sacrifices for a perishable reward, how much more ought Christians to strive for an imperishable one? If an athlete will labor day after day in order to receive glory from others, how much harder ought Christians to work for the “well done” of their Master?

Are you striving to bring your body into subjection for the glory of God? Are you training your mind to think the thoughts of God rather than thoughts of the world? Are you disciplining your life in prayer? When others are sleeping, are you interceding? Have you studied God’s Word so diligently that you are prepared to find answers to the challenges you face?

Have you equipped yourself in evangelism so that you are ready to share your faith? Have you prepared yourself as a Christian in order to qualify for the imperishable crown that awaits you?

These and many other questions you have answer and see where you need to work hard. Come along for more:


Called to be saints.” Romans 1:7


We are very apt to regard the apostolic saints as if they were “saints” in a more especial manner than the other children of God. All are “saints” whom God has called by His grace, and sanctified by His Spirit; but we are apt to look upon the apostles as extraordinary beings, scarcely subject to the same weaknesses and temptations as ourselves. Yet in so doing we are forgetful of this truth, that the nearer a man lives to God the more intensely has he to mourn over his own evil heart; and the more his Master honours him in His service, the more also doth the evil of the flesh vex and tease him day by day.

The fact is, if we had seen the apostle Paul, we should have thought him remarkably like the rest of the chosen family: and if we had talked with him, we should have said, “We find that his experience and ours are much the same. He is more faithful, more holy, and more deeply taught than we are, but he has the selfsame trials to endure.

Nay, in some respects he is more sorely tried than ourselves.” Do not, then, look upon the ancient saints as being exempt either from infirmities or sins; and do not regard them with that mystic reverence which will almost make us idolators. Their holiness is attainable even by us. We are “called to be saints” by that same voice which constrained them to their high vocation.

It is a Christian’s duty to force his way into the inner circle of saintship; and if these saints were superior to us in their attainments, as they certainly were, let us follow them; let us emulate their ardour and holiness. We have the same light that they had, the same grace is accessible to us, and why should we rest satisfied until we have equalled them in heavenly character? They lived with Jesus, they lived for Jesus, therefore they grew like Jesus.

Let us live by the same Spirit as they did, “looking unto Jesus,” and our saintship will soon be apparent.

Did you read that? We will do better in the school of saintship when we  look steady unto Jesus.

Can someone shout a believing “alleluia.”

Beloved, let us therefore run not beating the air but run with aim of winning an Imperishable crown as promise by our Father who art in heaven.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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