Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen!// Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Ghost now and forever more!!!

Yes! Father we return all the glory to You, we bless Your Holy Name, alleluia to You the Princes of Princes, the Ancient One! Blessed be Thy Holy Name in Jesus Name! We thank You for the privilege come before You, we lift up our Ebenezer unto Thee Father, hitherto You have lead us, thank You and thank You. Arise O God and take Your place in our midst and do that which only You can do. Cover us with Your Precious Blood and let Your Name alone be glorify in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, how Excellent is our Father’s Name! How Wonderful is His Name! beautiful is His Name! Holiness is Your Name Lord! we worship You, we give You Praise, alleluia to Your Holy Name.

I have Father that never fails, I have a God that will never fail, I have a God that will never fail me, I don’t know about you though the promise tarries I will wait for it. Has He spoke; He surely bring it to past.

Beloveth, this is out last faith clinic and we are glad that you are part of it. How easy it is for us to Praise God in our prosperity and seldom do same in our adversity don’t forget that it is the same God. Let us like Habakkuk declare God faithfulness at all times (Habk 3:17-19).

Yes! the Lord is my strength for He will turn my wilderness shall water break out, and the streams in the desert (Isa 35:6).

Beloveth, for our sin our Saviour Jesus came to deliver us in spite of this; we have not repented of our sin. Let us ask God to show us mercy and grant us grace to live above sin and surrender our lives to Him for His divine touch that we will like Jesus live a Holy life acceptable to Him in Jesus Name.

Come along with us for more:

“And because of all this we make a sure covenant.” Nehemiah 9:38

There are many occasions in our experience when we may very rightly, and with benefit, renew our covenant with God. After recovery from sickness when, like Hezekiah, we have had a new term of years added to our life, we may fitly do it.

After any deliverance from trouble, when our joys bud forth anew, let us again visit the foot of the cross, and renew our consecration. Especially, let us do this after any sin which has grieved the Holy Spirit, or brought dishonour upon the cause of God; let us then look to that blood which can make us whiter than snow, and again offer ourselves unto the Lord.

We should not only let our troubles confirm our dedication to God, but our prosperity should do the same. If we ever meet with occasions which deserve to be called “crowning mercies” then, surely, if He hath crowned us, we ought also to crown our God; let us bring forth anew all the jewels of the divine regalia which have been stored in the jewel-closet of our heart, and let our God sit upon the throne of our love, arrayed in royal apparel.

If we would learn to profit by our prosperity, we should not need so much adversity. If we would gather from a kiss all the good it might confer upon us, we should not so often smart under the rod. Have we lately received some blessing which we little expected? Has the Lord put our feet in a large room? Can we sing of mercies multiplied?

Then this is the day to put our hand upon the horns of the altar, and say, “Bind me here, my God; bind me here with cords, even for ever.” Inasmuch as we need the fulfillment of new promises from God, let us offer renewed prayers that our old vows may not be dishonoured.

Let us this morning make with Him a sure covenant, because of the pains of Jesus which for the last month we have been considering with gratitude.

Beloveth, are you ready and willing to make Jesus a sure covenant? Let us come to Him Who is able to do all things. Surrender our life to Him; amen!!! we surely appear gloriously in Jesus name.


Remain bless in the Lord.

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