Glory be to God in the highest alleluia….Glory be to God in the highest alleluia!!! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever…// O Lord my God how excellent is Thy Name…. O Lord my God how excellent is Your Name…

Our Father we thank You for the gift of this week… Thank You for showing mercies upon Your children… Thank You for being there for us … O Lord we call You Abba Father for Your Goodness and for Your lovingkingness to us … You are our Hope and Refuge…Faithful are You Lord… we cannot Thank You enough…. For all the signs and wonders You are doing in our lives to You alone in Jesus Name….

Thank You for miracles that only You cannot do… we are grateful… Father Thank You for lifting us up spiritual, physically, emotionally and otherwise… Father we are grateful to You… To You alone be all the glory in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an Awesome God we serve… to You alone be all the glory in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth is PCL beloveth… shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!! I have a conviction in my heart that God is here to us good even on this last of this week… The One Who is able to all things is here to confirm to us that He has the final say… and the Spirit of God hovering upon us and is He is saying to us who is it that saith a thing when the Lord has not spoken… I therefore declare whatsoever that is asking or question you about the Power of God… or the promises of God in your life cease to operate in your lives right now in Jesus Name… Yes the Power of God is showing forth and everything that was not from the foundation of your life… everything the devil has planted in your life to cause delays, frustrations, confusion, weakness, heaviness is destroy now in the Name of Jesus… yes… the power of God is lifting someone up right now… shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it is done in Jesus Name….

Beloveth… how is going with you… hope you are strong in the Lord… remember that God is not a man that He will fail neither is He the son of man that He will disappoint … Has He said a thing and it did not come to pass… therefore look steadily unto Him and see you radiate with glory…. see you turning to another man… according to His Word… Faithful is our God… somebody shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our topic today is Are You “Called” or “Driven”…..? is a question… that you alone can answer…

Let check the Bible times those called by God…Abraham was called by God Gen 12:1-3… God called Noah…Gen.6:8,14,  Jacob was called Gen.32:24-30… Moses was called in Exo.3:4-10 … Prophet Samuel was called by God 1Sam.3:4-18,… Joshua was called by God Josh1:1-9… David was called by God 1Sam.16:12-13… Samson was called by God Jud.13:2-25 … Jonah was called by God…Jonah1:4… Others like Elijah (1King 17:1-7), Elisha (19:19-21), Paul, the disciples of Jesus… Our Great Master and Mentor was sent and called by God… Lk2:26-38, 2Cor.5:19

Beloveth….you have seen men called by God… they were not supermen but they were ordinary man that enjoyed the Supernatural Power of God… men who were weaklings by their own imaginations being made extraordinary by the Spirit of God… they exhibit powers that is not known in their generations… they represented God in the most high places, before their kings and men of their time….some of them became the mouthpieces of God… yes! and said thus says the Lord and it was so… God backed them up…. God performed wonders thorough them… and they remained our reference point… even upon till now….

Beloveth… what more can we say that our God is still in the business of calling men and women into His vineyard… and use them to demonstrate His Awesome Power in the lives of individuals, nations and tribe… He has not stop… He is still in it even to the end of time….

So how do we know a man called by God or driven by emotions…

Using our Lord Jesus as a model, we believe you will through be furnish by time you get to the end in Jesus Name

Join us as we discover more:

Are You “Called” Or “Driven”?

The imagery of Christ making His way through the bustling, pawing, and demanding crowds was one of peace, bearing, and purpose. CALLED by the Father to complete His task, Jesus never appeared to be in a hurry… yet always progressing toward His goal.

Because Jesus had a clear sense of His calling, He was able at age 33 — the night before the cross — to say to His Father, “I have finished the work You gave me to do.” (John 17:4)

So it is to be with us. God has CALLED us to a work, be it in the context of the market place or behind a pulpit.

Unfortunately, many of us conduct our lives in a manner more indicative of a DRIVEN person :

  • He’s results-orientated.
  • He’s in constant pursuit of expansion.
  • He’s restless and very intense.
  • He’s very competitive.
  • His people skills are underdeveloped.
  • He’s “too busy for integrity.”
  • He’s preoccupied with symbols of achievement

By contrast, Isaiah paints a picture of work accomplished God’s way:

The work of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trust forever.” (Isaiah 32:17)

If your lifestyle and approach to work reflect a DRIVEN man as opposed to the CALLED person of Isaiah 32:17, perhaps it is time to take inventory.

Beloveth we believe you can see clearly the difference between a man called by God and the man/woman driven by his/her emotions… Jesus as our role model finished His course… He never opted for a short cut … Paul announced to us that he also has finished the race set before Him and he has won a crown for himself… Father Abraham finished and so many others… Prophet Elijah was taken away by chariots of fire… and the Lord called Samuel home at His old age…

Like we stated earlier these men were ordinary men like you and I until they answered to a higher call… yes there men with faults and failures labeled against their names until God took them over and erased their failures and weakness and put His Spirit in them and they became terror to kings and kingdoms ….

Yes that same God is still in that business of picking ordinary men and women and making them special vessels dedicated to His services… let us shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!

It will shock you that women were also called by God… the Esther’s, Deborah’s, Ruth’s, Mary the mother of Jesus were all women called by God to fulfill purposes… so if you want to fulfill purpose in life…or you are yet to discover your purpose in life… all you need do is to surrender your life at the altar of God and asked Him to use you… and ask you humble yourself before God… God will definitely answer your prayer and come to your aid… You will discover purpose… You will fulfill destiny…

You will be called of God and when that happens … you will experience His peace and walk in righteousness… Praise the Living Jesus…

Receive Grace to be everything God has made you to be… in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blissful weekend… See you on Monday if Jesus tarries in Jesus Name…. Praise the Name of the Lord…

Further Reading – 1Sam.2:9, Gen 6:8,14, Rom.10:13, 1Cor.1:23, Gal.5:22, Jn.15:5  Jas.2:26, Acts.14:22, Col.1:9, 1Jn.3:1

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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