Praise the Lord O my soul and all that is within me Praise His Holy Name. He has done great things, alleluia He has done great things, alleluia He has done great things Praise His Holy Name 2x. Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, I have seen the Lord is good.

Yes! My God is good all the time. All the glory must be to the Lord, for He is worthy of our Praise no man on earth should be glory to himself, all the glory must be You Lord. Faithful is His Name. From everlasting to everlasting He remaineth the same. Receive all glory Lord, receive all honour Lord, receive all glory Lord, alleluia Amen!

Is gonna be good ooo in the morning, move on with the pilgrim and everything is gonna be good. All hail the king of Jesus let the

Beloved, let us hail the King of glory, for He is our King and He liveth forever more. Hopes arising; despair is gone, glory be to God on high.

We are redeemed by the blood of Jesus, Great is Name, He is greatly to be Praise. Who is like unto Thee, O God! What a Might God we serve. Who can be compared with Jesus; no one like Him, He is so precious and so good.

Calling Him Jesus (Jesus) Jesus (Jesus), every day You Name is so sweet, how love calling your Name, every day, You Name is so sweet. Our Jesus is dearly and lovely, meek and compassionate. He is the Son of man and Son of the Most High God.

O little wonder while all creation hail Him and bow before Him. He is Wonder to behold. His Name is mighty and great. Beloved at the Name of Jesus every knees shall bow, every tongue shall confess that He is God.

Am in awe of Who You are my Precious Jesus, Powerful, Splendor, Majesty and Glory belongs to You alone Who is worthy of our Praise. Faithful is Your Name, You are a Son Who is Pleasing to Your Father wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My soul arise and sing praises to Jesus my Saviour, My Baptizer, my Healer, My Soon coming King back. Wow! Precious Jesus, how Excellent You Are! How Precious.

Beloved, join me as we hail our King all through the day:

“Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out.” Song 4:16


Anything is better than the dead calm of indifference. Our souls may wisely desire the north wind of trouble if that alone can be sanctified to the drawing forth of the perfume of our graces. So long as it cannot be said, “The Lord was not in the wind,” we will not shrink from the most wintry blast that ever blew upon plants of grace.

Did not the spouse in this verse humbly submit herself to the reproofs of her Beloved; only entreating Him to send forth His grace in some form, and making no stipulation as to the peculiar manner in which it should come? Did she not, like ourselves, become so utterly weary of deadness and unholy calm that she sighed for any visitation which would brace her to action?

Yet she desires the warm south wind of comfort, too, the smiles of divine love, the joy of the Redeemer’s presence; these are often mightily effectual to arouse our sluggish life. She desires either one or the other, or both; so that she may but be able to delight her Beloved with the spices of her garden. She cannot endure to be unprofitable, nor can we.

How cheering a thought that Jesus can find comfort in our poor feeble graces. Can it be? It seems far too good to be true. Well may we court trial or even death itself if we shall thereby be aided to make glad Immanuel’s heart. O that our heart were crushed to atoms if only by such bruising our sweet Lord Jesus could be glorified.

Graces unexercised are as sweet perfumes slumbering in the cups of the flowers: the wisdom of the great Husbandman overrules diverse and opposite causes to produce the one desired result, and makes both affliction and consolation draw forth the grateful odours of faith, love, patience, hope, resignation, joy, and the other fair flowers of the garden. May we know by sweet experience, what this means.

May we know by sweet experience, what this means, can I hear a believing Amen! Yes we cannot chose our lots but God can and when do otherwise we call the All- Knowledgeable unwise. Come let us be in communion with – Our Precious Jesus:

“He is precious.” 1Peter 2:7


As all the rivers run into the sea, so all delights centre in our Beloved. The glances of His eyes outshine the sun: the beauties of His face are fairer than the choicest flowers: no fragrance is like the breath of His mouth. Gems of the mine, and pearls from the sea, are worthless things when measured by His preciousness.

Peter tells us that Jesus is precious, but he did not and could not tell us how precious, nor could any of us compute the value of God’s unspeakable gift. Words cannot set forth the preciousness of the Lord Jesus to His people, nor fully tell how essential He is to their satisfaction and happiness.

Believer, have you not found in the midst of plenty a sore famine if your Lord has been absent? The sun was shining, but Christ had hidden Himself, and all the world was black to you; or it was night, and since the bright and morning star was gone, no other star could yield you so much as a ray of light.

What a howling wilderness is this world without our Lord! If once He hideth Himself from us, withered are the flowers of our garden; our pleasant fruits decay; the birds suspend their songs, and a tempest overturns our hopes. All earth’s candles cannot make daylight if the Sun of Righteousness be eclipsed. He is the soul of our soul, the light of our light, the life of our life.

Dear reader, what wouldst thou do in the world without Him, when thou wakest up and lookest forward to the day’s battle? What wouldst thou do at night, when thou comest home jaded and weary, if there were no door of fellowship between thee and Christ? Blessed be His name, He will not suffer us to try our lot without Him, for Jesus never forsakes His own. Yet, let the thought of what life would be without Him enhance His preciousness.

Yes! let the thought of what life would be without Him enhance His Preciousness. Amen!

Beloved, His death bought us eternal life. His intercession defend us from seen and unseen battles. His coming back give us so much hope and rekindle fire on our faith, beloved arise and hail the Princess of glory.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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