Have Your way, have Your way O God in my live, have Your way O God. Jesus have Your way, have Your way O God in my life, have Your way O God. Glory, honour, power, Majesty belong to You O God 2x

Yes Father, let all the glory, all the honour belong to You O God our Maker. Worthy are You Lord, Thank You for indeed You are Mighty. Great is Your Name, Greatly to be praise. Wonderful God no one can be compare with You. Excellent Jehovah, we reverence You forever.

Beloved, here is another opportunity to worship, reverence our Father the Maker of the whole world. Thank You Lord, Thank You Father, receive our worship in Jesus Name. May all our prayers receive Your touch today as we are yet speaking in Jesus Name? Be it done unto us according to Your Word to us in Jesus Name.

Beloveth we have a wonderful promise before us today that you must tap into. Make Maximum use of it, especially those challenges in life that has been a source of concerns to you. Those issues in your life only God can do. Those problems in life that looks insurmountable, high and rocky but not before my God. the Spirit of God is saying “Who are you O mountain? Before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain. And he shall bring forward the top stone amid shouts of ‘grace, grace to it!’ Zech 4:7.

Beloved, I don’t whether you are excited in your spirit man, I am so excited in my spirit (I believe the Spirit of God will reveal the state of my heart to you as you are reading).

Do you know that mountain is a hindrance to any advancement in life? This hindrance must give way today as you pray. Is it sickness, if you on a sick bed as you read this message, you are picking up your mat today to go home in Jesus Name or if you are sick in any part of your body, healing is release to you now in Jesus Name.

Is your mountain childlessness, heaven is delivery babies according to the number and sex (es) your desire in the Name of Jesus. Is your case a life partner? The Lord is bring your Adam or Eve right now as you pray in Jesus Name. I see destinies being recovered in Jesus Name. Someone story is changing right now in Jesus Name

Don’t forget that the promise of today is that as you are calling heaven is giving answers to it right away in Jesus Name. Do not waste a time. Begin now to mention your case and as you lift up your voice, the Hand of the Lord is bring it to past. Praise the Name of the Lord.

As you have laid or lay foundation of any desire today, so shall you see it fulfilled in Jesus Name. Men will see the good work and praise your Father in heaven.

Every hindrance to your success is coming down today in Jesus Name.

Are you ready to make the call? I think we should go immediately because we are taking our answers home right away, glory be to God. If you are ready, let’s go there:



“It shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” Isa. 65:24

Quick work this! The Lord hears us before we call; and often answers us in the same speedy manner. Foreseeing our needs, and our prayers, He so arranges providence that before the need actually arises He has supplied it, before the trial assails us He has armed us against it.

This is the promptitude of omniscience, and we have often seen it exercised. Before we dreamed of the affliction which was coming, the strong consolation which was to sustain us under it had arrived. What a prayer-answering God we have!

The second clause suggests the telephone. Though God be in Heaven and we upon earth, yet He makes our word, like His own word, to travel very swiftly. When we pray aright we speak into the ear of God. Our gracious Mediator presents our petitions at once, and the great Father hears them and smiles upon them.

Grand praying this! Who would not be much in prayer when he knows that he has the ear of the King of kings? This day I will pray in faith, not only believing that I shall be heard, but that I am heard; not only that I shall be answered, but that I have the answer already. Holy Spirit, help me in this!

We are going into the next stage of prayer. we are dethroning the Spirit of self  today. Every Spirit of self-hitherto in our life is ending today. Is being destroyed in Jesus Name. Are You ready to pray now? Let’s get going:

 The Kingdom Of Self

When a child enters the world from the warm and secure environment of the womb he announces, “I have arrived, and I expect you – all of you to respond at once to my every need, whim and desire!” And we, the enthralled parents of this little bundle of cuddly “Goo-goo-ga-ga” joyfully comply. Immediately.

And thus the “kingdom of self ” is established as “Goo-goo-ga-ga” develops into a paragon of self-centered indulgence in a society where personal “rights” have been elevated to near deity status. And just how does the adult version of “Goo-goo-ga-ga” manifest itself ? In at least three ways:


The insatiable quest for self-gratification focuses on the greedy longings of the mind (uncontrolled imagination, greed, etc.), the physical craving of the body (uncontrolled indulgence in sex, food, sleep, indolence, etc.), and in the unquenchable quest for recognition. (1 John 2:15, 16)


The former CEO of a company that went belly up told me how he was hauled into court and queried by the judge as to why the corporation had failed. “It was my fault. I failed in running the company. I am responsible,” said he. Stunned, the judge sat in muted silence. Finally, after gaining his composure he uttered, “In my 20 years on the bench, you are the first person to voluntarily admit they were to blame.

Self-protection says, “Its not my fault.” “I couldnt help it.” “You dont understand my background” (Thank you, Freud!) “The devil made me do it.” (Remember Flip Wilson?).


Self-pity declares, “No one appreciates me.” “I got the shaft.” “Why does it always happen to me?

So what is the solution to relinquishing the enslaving “kingdom of self “?

How about a daily funeral for “self.” Better yet, how about a moment-by-moment funeral? “I am crucified with Christ… ” (Galatians 2:20). In order to die to self we need to win the battle on at least two fronts:

(1) Regular quality time alone with God in meditation on His Word, worship and prayer.

(2) Cultivating the art of living moment-by-moment in His presence.(Adapted from FOTM).

Beloveth, the empire of self must be dethrone if we will ever go forward and have our dominion as we received from God. The Pruning we study yesterday is make us more fruitful and dethroning ‘self’  through prayer of today is a condition that must not be overlook, if we want to be part of dominion train.

Open your mouth and begin to pray. Make that call to heaven and receive answer before  you stand up from your  knee in Jesus Name;

Father, according to Your Word be it done unto us in Jesus Name we pray. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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