Great is Thy faithfulness, Great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see all I needed Thy Hand has provided, great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto thee.// I will exalt you Lord, for Thy as lifted me above my enemies Your banner over me is loved. I will exalt Lord, I will exalt you Jesus, for Thou as lifted me above my enemies, You banner over me is Lord.

Faithful Father we thank You, we bless Your Name, we exalt You we worship You we bless Your holy Name, I will worship Lord forever; I will worship You every day. I will worship You Lord forever; I will worship You every day. My mouth cannot tell of all Your goodness, Excellent is Your Name, Wonderful are You Lord, Faithful is what we call You, for You are Great, You do great things and marvelous things in our lives and situations, be Thou exalted O God in the Name of Jesus.

Beloved come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, I have see the Lord is good. This is my song unto our Father, Who is Father above all He has made. Come let us rejoice and be glad indeed. What a wonderful God we serve, beloved, have you wondered Who is? Have ever wondered where He is especially in those difficult moment or critical times in life when you cannot help yourself or give answers to events happening around you?

Do I have a witness in the house who has experienced any of the pictures painted above? Two things are bound to happen either you become so angry, hurting and so embittered or you chose to rejoice in place of anger, forgiving in place of hurting, or you decide to repose confident in God in place of bitterness. Or mention three instead of two that is the Spirit of God presence in our midst, can I hear you give it back to God in Praise or a shout of rejoicing.

Is possible someone has not encountered what I just said in your heart of heart give Praise to God but if you have or you have seen someone one through such a time like this you will appreciate where what God is about to do now and offer praises to the Only One Who is worthy of our Praise.

Am gonna take you back a little on what the Spirit of God told us at the beginning of this month (the first PCL class in this month) if we must His glory come upon us. He said “we must not look round about in fear or be afraid but rather we must look steadily upon HIM that is FOCUS. He also instructed us to be available to serve – that offer service in His kingdom work or any where He has placed us. Therefore we are ask from Him the Spirit of services and thirdly we must read and mediate on His Word by abiding and rejoicing at His Word.

Beloveth, are ready for the glory promised us? Then topic of today is a MUST read. Is it possible to manifest God’s glory why you have so bitterness in you? Do you think that the Spirit of God can dwell in such temple as to make such a person an ensign to path of righteousness? (Read the first ministration of this week- “Good master”)

Bitterness is one weapon use by satan to hinder us from being what God has created us to be. But after today you will be set free from all forms of such like it by the Spirit of the Most High God. Can someone whom the Lord shall set free shout a believing Amen. Praise the Lord.

On the other hand Confident Hope is a weapon every child of God must strive to have if you must the promise of God manifest in your life and situation. Beloved, there is a blessing attach to this statement as we study yesterday in Jer 17:5-8. Please read again. Trusting God or placing our hope in Him is the best but the hardest thing we do. God wants us to know that is there for us rather run hither and thither before remembering that God is ever present with us, Praise the Lord.

We all have been bitter in one way or the other, we are also have bound with it limitations but after today you are moving forward in the Name of Jesus. no more bound; no more limitations in Jesus Name.

We will henceforth exhibit confident in God that nothing will startle it in Jesus Name. Beloved, come on and believe God for healing:


Looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble. Hebrews 12:15

Bitterness has a tenacious way of taking root deep within the soul and resisting all efforts to weed it out. Bitterness occurs for many reasons. It might come from deep hurts you received as a child, hurts you cannot forget. Time, rather than diminishing the hurt, only seems to sharpen the pain. Bitterness can result from the hurtful words of a friend or coworker. Often the person who hurt you is unaware of the extent of your bitterness. You find yourself rehearsing the offense over and over again, each time driving the root of bitterness deeper within your soul. Bitterness can derive from a sense of being unjustly treated.

Bitterness is easy to justify. You can get so used to a bitter heart that you are even comfortable with it, but it will destroy you. Only God is fully aware of its destructive potential. There is nothing so deeply imbedded in your heart that God’s grace cannot reach down and remove it. No area in your life is so painful that God’s grace cannot bring total healing. No offense committed against you is so heinous that God’s love cannot enable you to forgive.

When you allow bitterness to grow in your life, you reject the grace of God that can free you. If you are honest before God, you will admit the bitterness and allow God to forgive you. Bitterness enslaves you, but God is prepared to remove your bitterness and replace it with His peace and joy.

Do you read that “ but God is prepared to remove your bitterness and replace it with His peace and joy” in yesterday ministration it was made clear to us that if we cannot trust God in little things like salvation how much more can you trust Him in big thing. You cannot do it of your own but I know that the Spirit of God can do all things for you if you let Him. Come along for more discoveries


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

Hope in the Christian’s life is not wishful thinking. It is confident expectation. Those without Christ may wish things were different and wish they knew someone who could change their situations. The Christian is personally related to the Lord of the universe, who is sovereign not only over all creation but also over every circumstance we experience. We can live with confidence because our hope is in One who is faithful.

When God speaks, He stands by His word to see that it comes to pass (Isa. 55:11). When God speaks a word to you, trust Him completely, for God never deceives His children. If God has indicated to you that He is going to do something, you can be absolutely confident that He will do it.

Do you wonder why unrighteous people seem to prosper while righteous people suffer? Jesus promised that each would eventually receive a just reward (Luke 16:19–31). Do you wonder if all the effort you have put into training your children in God’s ways will bear fruit when they become adults? God promised it would (Prov. 22:6). Do you wonder if the things you renounced when you became a Christian will be replaced by God’s blessings?

Jesus assured us we would receive a hundred times as much (Mark 10:29–30). Do you doubt that Jesus will return and join us with those who have already died? Scripture indicates this certainty (1 Thess. 4:13–18). Our hope is not mere speculation in what God might do. God has given His word on many areas of life regarding things He will do. We can have confident hope in everything that He has promised.

Beloved, did you receive a touch from God?  Are you healed? A touch from God healed me a “Shift Disc” ask a medical doctor what I have just told you and see his reaction, therefore if God can reach my Disc and align it how much more will do for emotional healing, a Touch from God settles it.

Beloved, one other thing that can help us to come out stronghold bitterness and its likes is when we allow the fruit of the Spirit to become part and parcel of our life. If we have virtues like love, joy, patient, kindness become part of us we will run far in the race of life.

May God help us and heal us from all infirmities caused by bitterness in Jesus Name. Is going to be great today. Jesus Christ is already here; Holy Ghost is already here. Ask the Holy Spirit for His Divine assistant.

I got a Word that settled over eight hurt as I was ministering, and I know that is not by accident that you came round today, you own case will also be settled in Jesus Name.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week by God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the lord

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