Blessed be the Name of the Lord, You are Worthy to be praise and adore. Lord we lift our holy hands in one accord singing blessed be the Name blessed be the Name of the Lord. Holy Most Holy is the Lord God x3. Holy Most Holy is the Lord God is the Lord God Most high.

Gracious Father, we thank You for Your goodness and lovingkindness towards us your children. We worship You for Your goodness endureth to all generations. We are entirely grateful to You for all we are now and what we are becoming. Thank You Father, thank You Lord.

Beloved, our God is worthy of praise. He did not spare His only begotten son but He gave Him up for our salvation that you and I will be redeemed forever from eternal destruction unto everlasting life. Glory be to God in the highest.

Beloved as we worship and pray to God today, I want us to come before Him in humility of heart. Confess our sins before Him and ask for His blessings. God has so ordained it that nothing comes as a surprise or emergency to Him. He takes care of every situation and before every need arises He has already provided for it.

Sometimes, we do not have full understanding of this scripture. In some case you may be able to provision before a need arise. Often times, it is while you are facing the need that the help will arise. The latter is not very comfortable but it meant for us to trust God who had promised that He will not denial us anything good because that it His nature.

God does everything to His own glory, even your being in existence is at His own instance and His own glory. So what will it cause Him to He sustain that which His hands has made?

Beloved do you remember when there was a great famine in land. Isaac like His father wanted to go down to Egypt but God intervened. He gave him an instruction that if it was to now in our generation or you working in organization and you proposes that you will earn an instant sack letter before the end of the meeting.

God gave him a strict and a tough instruction that is beyond his understanding and had never happened in the time past at least he would have drawn an inference from it. Isaac in mist of several options chose to trust the God of his father. He decided to trust God Who is the giver of every good thing. Who had also promise good to His dear children. (Rom1:17; 1 Cor 4:20).

That same God has not change but as He was in the beginning, so He is today and will be forever.

As you go through the message of the day you will discovery many things that is obtainable from the field such as meditation, planting and reaping, working and studies can be done in the field. Which one appeals to you? Meditate therein and the blessing promised thereafter will be your lots.

Praise God:

“Blessed shalt thou be in the field.” Deut. 28:3

So was Isaac blessed when he walked therein at eventide to meditate. How often has the Lord met us when we have been alone! The hedges and the trees can bear witness to our joy. We look for such blessedness again.

So was Boaz blessed when he reaped his harvest, and his workmen met him with benedictions. May the Lord prosper all who drive the plough! Every farmer may urge this promise with God, if indeed he obeys the voice of the Lord God.

We go to the field to labor as father Adam did; and since the curse fell on the soil through the sin of Adam the first, it is a great comfort to find a blessing through Adam the second.

We go to the field for exercise, and we are happy in the belief that the Lord will bless that exercise, and give us health, which we will use to His glory.

We go to the field to study nature, and there is nothing in a knowledge of the visible creation which may not be sanctified to the highest uses by the divine benediction.

We have at last to go to the field to bury our dead; yea, others will in their turn take us to God’s acre in the field: but we are blessed, whether weeping at the tomb, or sleeping in it.

Beloved, where is your resting place? In the Lord or outside Him? Read  carefully as you go through the next message for more benefits:

The dove came in to him in the evening.” Genesis 8:11

Blessed be the Lord for another day of mercy, even though I am now weary with its toils. Unto the preserver of men lift I my song of gratitude. The dove found no rest out of the ark, and therefore returned to it; and my soul has learned yet more fully than ever, this day, that there is no satisfaction to be found in earthly things—God alone can give rest to my spirit.

As to my business, my possessions, my family, my attainments, these are all well enough in their way, but they cannot fulfil the desires of my immortal nature. “Return unto thy rest, O my soul, for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.” It was at the still hour, when the gates of the day were closing, that with weary wing the dove came back to the master: O Lord, enable me this evening thus to return to Jesus.

She could not endure to spend a night hovering over the restless waste, not can I bear to be even for another hour away from Jesus, the rest of my heart, the home of my spirit. She did not merely alight upon the roof of the ark, she “came in to him;” even so would my longing spirit look into the secret of the Lord, pierce to the interior of truth, enter into that which is within the veil, and reach to my Beloved in very deed.

To Jesus must I come: short of the nearest and dearest intercourse with Him my panting spirit cannot stay. Blessed Lord Jesus, be with me, reveal Thyself, and abide with me all night, so that when I awake I may be still with thee. I note that the dove brought in her mouth an olive branch plucked off, the memorial of the past day, and a prophecy of the future.

Have I no pleasing record to bring home? No pledge and earnest of lovingkindness yet to come? Yes, my Lord, I present Thee my grateful acknowledgments for tender mercies which have been new every morning and fresh every evening; and now, I pray Thee, put forth Thy hand and take Thy dove into Thy bosom.

Beloved, hasten to the Throne of grace to obtain mercies as such an hour like this. Be patient enough to wait for the arrival of the groom, endeavour to have an extra oil with you in case He tarries. He will surely come with manifold blessings and you will be blessed.

I pray to God for the grace to obey every of God’s command to us so as to qualify us for His blessings and reward in Jesus’s Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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