Broken And Smoking


How excellent is Your Name O! God, How excellent is Your Name O God! How excellent is Your Name 3x O! Lord , How excellent is Your Name 3x O! Lord.// come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come see the Lord is good. He give victory, He gives me peace of mind, there is nothing He cannot do come and see the Lord is good.

Eternal Rock of Ages, we thank You for Your goodness and for Your mercies that lives forever. Who is like unto Thee? Faithful Father we bow before Thy Throne and exalt You on high in Jesus Name.  We worship You, we adore Thee, we honour, Father come and have Your way again today in our live. Help us O Lord as we put our trust in You. Glory be to Your Name forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing? Hope your weekend was good and you also looked inward to see whether you are living a life of true significance or a lie? What was you finding? Do you need to make a mend or you on the right track?

Let’s take a look at today’s topic, “broken and smoking.” Are you feeling broken and smoking? A flash back on our theme for the month- Jesus is our Everlasting Consolation. In Him there is no condemnation. The devil x-ray you daily and keep on accusing you but not so with our Lord Jesus. He give us peace, He grant us mercy, He forgives us our sin and make us whole but He will never condemn you.

Are you feeling broken and smoking? Come to our Saviour, come to Jesus Christ, come and healed. Come and be delivered, come and be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus will not break you rather He will protect you. it doesn’t matter what others are doing He will give you hope.

In the second ministration we will read about those who are have gone through the rough edges and made it through, it will help you to stand as you encounter various challenges as the day go by.

Come along and discover more below:


“A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench.” Isa. 42:3


Then I may reckon upon tender treatment from my Lord. Indeed, I feel myself to be at best as weak, as pliant, as worthless as a reed. Someone said, “I don’t care a rush for you”; and the speech, though unkind, was not untrue. Alas! I am worse than a reed when it grows by the river, for that at least can hold up its head. I am bruised, sorely, sadly bruised.

There is no music in me now; there is a rift which lets out all the melody. Ah, me! Yet Jesus will not break me; and if he will not, then I mind little what others try to do. O sweet and compassionate Lord, I nestle down beneath thy protection, and forget my bruises!

Truly I am also fit to be likened to “the smoking flax,” whose light is gone, and only its smoke remains. I fear I am rather a nuisance than a benefit. My fears tell me that the devil has blown out my light, and left me an obnoxious smoke, and that my Lord will soon put an extinguisher upon me.

Yet 1 Perceive that though there were snuffers under the law, there were no extinguishers; and Jesus will not quench me; therefore, I am hopeful. Lord, kindle me anew, and cause me to shine forth to thy glory, and to the extolling of thy tenderness.

Yes! The Lord will make us anew and cause you to shine forth to His glory  and …. More are we go through below:

“Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well, the rain also filleth the pools.” Psalm 84:6


This teaches us that the comfort obtained by a one may often prove serviceable to another; just as wells would be used by the company who came after. We read some book full of consolation, which is like Jonathan’s rod, dropping with honey.

Ah! we think our brother has been here before us, and digged this well for us as well as for himself. Many a “Night of Weeping,” “Midnight Harmonies,” an “Eternal Day,” “A Crook in the Lot,” a “Comfort for Mourners,” has been a well digged by a pilgrim for himself, but has proved quite as useful to others. Specially we notice this in the Psalms, such as that beginning, “Why art thou cast down, O my soul?” Travellers have been delighted to see the footprint of man on a barren shore, and we love to see the waymarks of pilgrims while passing through the vale of tears.

The pilgrims dig the well, but, strange enough, it fills from the top instead of the bottom. We use the means, but the blessing does not spring from the means. We dig a well, but heaven fills it with rain. The horse is prepared against the day of battle, but safety is of the Lord.

The means are connected with the end, but they do not of themselves produce it. See here the rain fills the pools, so that the wells become useful as reservoirs for the water; labour is not lost, but yet it does not supersede divine help.

Grace may well be compared to rain for its purity, for its refreshing and vivifying influence, for its coming alone from above, and for the sovereignty with which it is given or withheld. May our readers have showers of blessing, and may the wells they have digged be filled with water!

Oh, what are means and ordinances without the smile of heaven! They are as clouds without rain, and pools without water. O God of love, open the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing!

Yes! Lord open the windows of heaven and pour us our blessing as we go through the week in the Name of Jesus.

This week is declared blessed in the Name of Jesus. Go in the peace of the Lord and return with testimonies in Jesus Name!

Father, help us as we go through our daily chores especially the paths that are dark and slipper. May we receive your comfort and guidance in Jesus Name. Give us hope in the place of hopelessness in Jesus Name.

May your Name alone be glorified in Jesus Name.


Remain blessed in Jesus Name