Everybody testifying You are good, You are good Jehovah, You are so good. Everybody testifying You are so good; You are good Jehovah You are good.// Holy most Holy is the Lord, is the Lord, is the Lord. Holy most Holy is the Lord, is the Lord God most high 2x.

Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, how excellent, how wonderful are Your works, glory be to You on high. Glorious God, excellent is Your Name, with a grateful heart we come to you and we bow before Your throne to worship You dear Lord. You are worthy of my Praise Lord; You are worthy to be Praise. Receive our praises, receive all honour, be glorify in Jesus Name.

Beloved, our God is good all the time. What a wonderful God we serve. He is worthy of our Praise. Forever O Lord, His Word is selected in heaven. Our God answers prayer; do you believe that? Do you believe that there is nothing impossible for Him to do? Do you believe that without Him you are nothing? Wow! Our God is God to us. He love us with everlasting love, all power belongs to Him alone. He is a miracle working God. Our God is not limited and everything bow at His presence, glory be Him on high. Our God is a Holy.

Beloved, are you Holy? Is your life “blameless before God?” Do you still remember the context of a blameless man? A blameless man simply put is a man with Integrity, simplicity and Innocent. Can that be said of you? Every day the Spirit of God is helping us know better what it is to be like Christ and live like Him. It is easy for a man in a natural state.(Rom 7) Except the Spirit of God helps your infirmities is not going to be easy at all.

Beloveth, is our God is so good to us? it is not wish that any of us will perish but rather we all should come to the full knowledge of Him. Apostle Peter made us to understand that without holiness no one shall see God (Heb 12:14). Asking you again beloved, are you Holy in the sight of God? Is the Holy Spirit bearing witness in your heart that you are Holy?

A broken and a contrite heart is what is pleasing to God. a broken heart seek no right but yields his right, it surrenders control and is always giving. We are going to discover more as we go into today’s teaching.

Don’t forget that we are in our last praying session of the month, pray for the help of the Holy Spirit to help you and make you better. Praise the Lord. let’s go:


Brokenness is the product of a person who has come face to face with:

  • The holiness of God:

” I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted… above Him were seraphs… calling… ‘ Holy, holy is the Lord… ‘” (Isaiah 6:1, 2)

  • His own depravity:

” Woe to me!… I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lipsand my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.” (Isaiah 6:5)






Are driven for self-advancement



Desire to promote others


Are driven to be recognized or appreciated Possess a sense of unworthiness; are thrilled to be used at all; are eager for others to get the credit



Are wounded when others are promoted and they are overlooked



Rejoice when others are lifted up
Think of what they can do for God Know that they have nothing to offer God



Feel confident in how much they know Are humbled by how much they have to learn



Are self-conscious Are not concerned with self at all



Keep people at arms length Risk getting close to others/are willing to take the risk of loving intimately



Are quick to blame others Accept personal responsibility – can see where they were wrong



Are defensive when criticized Receive criticism with a humble, open heart



Are concerned with being “respectable” Are concerned with being real



Are concerned about what others think



Care only about what God thinks


 Did you see your picture in the ministration above? Do you receive criticism with a humble and open heart or you are quick to defend yourself.  Do you keep people at arm’s length or you take the risk of loving intimately? Come and see more of a man with a broken heart and a hungry of holiness, may God help us all in Jesus Name:


                      “And the evening and the morning were the first day.” Genesis 1:5      


The evening was “darkness” and the morning was “light,” and yet the two together are called by the name that is given to the light alone! This is somewhat remarkable, but it has an exact analogy in spiritual experience. In every believer there is darkness and light, and yet he is not to be named a sinner because there is sin in him, but he is to be named a saint because he possesses some degree of holiness.

This will be a most comforting thought to those who are mourning their infirmities, and who ask, “Can I be a child of God while there is so much darkness in me?” Yes; for you, like the day, take not your name from the evening, but from the morning; and you are spoken of in the word of God as if you were even now perfectly holy as you will be soon.

You are called the child of light, though there is darkness in you still. You are named after what is the predominating quality in the sight of God, which will one day be the only principle remaining. Observe that the evening comes first. Naturally we are darkness first in order of time, and the gloom is often first in our mournful apprehension, driving us to cry out in deep humiliation, “God be merciful to me, a sinner.”

The place of the morning is second, it dawns when grace overcomes nature. It is a blessed aphorism of John Bunyan, “That which is last, lasts for ever.” That which is first, yields in due season to the last; but nothing comes after the last. So that though you are naturally darkness, when once you become light in the Lord, there is no evening to follow; “thy sun shall no more go down.” The first day in this life is an evening and a morning; but the second day, when we shall be with God, for ever, shall be a day with no evening, but one, sacred, high, eternal noon.

Beloved, we cannot help ourselves except the Holy Spirit us. Call on Him who can do all things and in whom all things are possible to come and help you as you pray.

Father, help us we pray thee in Jesus Name.

Pray until you receive answers from above and be clothed with the righteousness of God and His holiness. Amen!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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