Our Father in heaven, we glorify Your Holy Name we bow down before Thee… Our Father in heaven we glorify Your Holy Name we bow down before Thee…// Glorious God… Beautiful King… Excellent God we bow before Your Throne… Glorious!!!

Our Father we worship and adore Your Holy Name… Thank You for the opportunity to sit at Your feet and be nurtured… glory be to Your Holy Name… Amen!!! Be glorify O Lord be Thou glorify… Be glorify in the heaven… Be glorify here on earth… Jesus be Thou glorify….

Yes Father we bow and glorify You again and again because You alone is worthy of our praises… Father we give You Praise … receive our praises forever and ever….

Beloveth…our God remaineth same…from the beginning even to the end… He Changeth not; Yes…. He remaineth the same… at the beginning of this year God gave us His Word concerning the year and having come this far I will simple say that God is Faithful and His lovingkindness never cease….He upheld His Word and brought it to past…. He has spoke and gradual He took us through… I have so many testimonies to say indeed we serving a Living, powerful and sovereign God whose Word stand firm….

Beloveth… when you take God by His Word, you are building on The Rock… why is important to build on The Rock… when the storm and wind and rain comes it will not crumble… The house will stand firm because it is built on The Rock… Jesus… Christ… Amen!!!

How do you build on the Rock… by consistently reading, studying, meditating on the word of God… beloveth… our God is supernatural…. And it takes Him to breaks the heart and imprints His Word on it…. Yes…once the Word has been imprinted in your heart… you must daily sow a Word of life in it… else it dies…

Why must we build on the Rock…. We build on the Rock because nothing can unsettle you with the Word packed and deck inside of you… the Sword of the Spirit which the Word of God will keep the fiery dart of satan away…. The Word will cut asunder every thing(s) that makes itself higher than God…. and set you in command….

What are the likely things that will destroy the building…. Doubt, unbelief, murmuring, impatient, worries, fear, beloveth the list is unending…. You must keep them off from your life else you (house) crumble on attack…. Praise the Lord….

Join us for more insight below:

“Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them will be like a sensible man who built his house on the rock.”—Matthew 7:24

The Christian life is hard work. Christianity involves systematically striving to implement the truths of God’s Word into your life. Spiritual depth and maturity do not come without consistent effort.

Jesus had just concluded the Sermon on the Mount, which sets forth some of the most profound truths ever spoken. The Son of God had clearly explained the kind of life that is pleasing to the Father. Yet Jesus knew, even as He was concluding His sermon, that some of His listeners would leave and never apply a word they had heard.

Jesus said that a man who takes the words of God and builds them into his life is like a wise man who builds his house on a rock. Rocks are hard to build on. It takes great effort to attach a foundation to a rock. A house built on sand provides instant comfort; building on a rock is laborious and tedious. Yet building on sand leaves the builder in a vulnerable position, while the one building on the rock is secure.

How can you tell what kind of foundation a life has been built on? Watch to see what happens when a storm comes. A life built upon the Word of God will withstand the very storm that sweeps away the life that did not heed God’s Word.

There are no shortcuts to spiritual maturity. Maturity only comes through hard work and obedience to what God says. The next time you hear Jesus speaking, immediately begin to firmly build His truth into your life, so that no storm can unsettle you.

Beloveth… I don’t where your walk with God tends towards this year… but I want you to know that our God is able to do all things… including the impossibility… the ones you cannot imagine…. He is more than able… He is abundantly Able…. Praise the Lord… somebody!!!

This year may not have delivered all to you… but keep your eyes on Christ will do it all…. settle on or zero in the Word of God…. read it in the morning, speak about it in the afternoon… meditate therein in the night… you will build on the Solid Rock and nothing will unsettle you in Jesus Name……

Never live your life on chances… those that did it never ended well… (1Sam.3:18).

Further Reading… Ps.23:2, Ps.49:9, Matt.24:45, , Ps. 139:17. Rom.11:33-36, Heb.4:14, Jn.14:3.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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