We cry Abba Father, hallow be Thy Name, hallow be Thy Name, hallow be Thy Name, we cry Abba Father, hallow be Thy Name, hallow be Thy Name, hallow be Thy Name.// All the glory must be to the Lord, for He is worthy of our praise, no man on earth should glory to himself, all the glory must be to the Lord.

Yes all the glory must be to the Lord. Father you are our glory, let all adoration be given unto Thee. Thank You for Your Faithfulness Father, we cannot appreciate You enough. You are too Great, You are incomprehensible. You Awesome Father, You are a Mighty God, You are Greater than what we call You.

Thank You for gift of this day. Another Friday is here and we are rejoicing because you conquered all our challenges this week. You fought all our battles and removed every obstacle on the way, therefore we come to bow down and praise Your Holy Name forever and ever.

Beloveth, let us give thanks to God, Who daily provide all our benefits. Who satisfies our month with good things, He is worthy of praise and honour glory be to Him alone. Praise God.

A quick rundown on this week activities. We started the week with lesson on “a speechless Jesus.” For once, Jesus rebuke them not. (His traitors) He was silent and made no sound, and to them they thought His end has come, even the devil cannot decipher the gentleness display by our Lord Jesus at this all important hour of His ministry. His mission must be accomplish therefore the “Golden Silent.” I learnt a great lesson from the ‘silent Jesus.’

I am mostly blessed. Because some times in life you will come across difficult situations in life, you are misunderstood by everybody, in some case you have false allegation levied against you and you will want to defend yourself. You will want to exonerate yourself from the accusation. Is very natural to feel or act that way.

But is that the teaching of Jesus? This is one of the hard lesson of Jesus. We saw God reassuring us that His Word whether ‘written’ or ‘spoken’ has equal potent. It also reminded us that God is our refuge and our fortress, Praise God. On Wednesday, we were reminded to constantly keep in touch with our Maker through prayers, more so, we should not only pray for ourselves but also pray for the prosperity God’s kingdom work.

Yesterday’s ministration is yet to leave me. Is still so fresh in my mind but is good to remind us that dauntless faith will always make it anytime, any day in God’s Presence. Praise God. We also met a God of war. Our Father promise to fight our battle, so we need not fear what the devil or his agents can do.

In our PLC session today, we are meeting with Mary the mother of Jesus! We have a lots to learn from her. She also had so much stored in her mind. Her encounter with Arch angel Gabriel. With Simeon and Anna prophesying about the babe Jesus. Mary knew that a sword will pierce her heart right from when Jesus was at his infancy but she hold no charge against God. Again here we see another great virtue from the mother of Lord holding her peace in spite of all she was going through.

We have a lot to learn from Jesus and her mother, Mary. Beloved, we need to learn not to fret especially in situation where you cannot help. You don’t need to worry or let heaven loose for one thing you know that God knows about and He is already in charge. She meditated on those things she heard.

I think the lesson here for us is to learn to be silent sometime in our lives. Secondly, we also have to learn how to keep our tongue still or shut (if you permit me to use that word) and ponder on what is happening rather than worry our life out.

Is possible the world around us may be better if we learn to be slow in speech and listen more. We also know the mind of God when we keep silent (meditation) than we are full of activities.

Our second ministration is lesson on how to bridle our tongue. I hope it help us a great deal in the race before us. We must learn how to bless with our tongue and less of damage.

But at the moment, let’s meet our mother Mary as we learn from her:

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19


There was an exercise, on the part of this blessed woman, of three powers of her being: her memory—she kept all these things; her affections—she kept them in her heart; her intellect—she pondered them; so that memory, affection, and understanding, were all exercised about the things which she had heard.

Beloved, remember what you have heard of your Lord Jesus, and what He has done for you; make your heart the golden pot of manna to preserve the memorial of the heavenly bread whereon you have fed in days gone by. Let your memory treasure up everything about Christ which you have either felt, or known, or believed, and then let your fond affections hold Him fast for evermore.

Love the person of your Lord! Bring forth the alabaster box of your heart, even though it be broken, and let all the precious ointment of your affection come streaming on His pierced feet. Let your intellect be exercised concerning the Lord Jesus.

Meditate upon what you read: stop not at the surface; dive into the depths. Be not as the swallow which toucheth the brook with her wing, but as the fish which penetrates the lowest wave. Abide with your Lord: let Him not be to you as a wayfaring man, that tarrieth for a night, but constrain Him, saying, “Abide with us, for the day is far spent.” Hold Him, and do not let Him go.

The word “ponder,” means to weigh. Make ready the balances of judgment. Oh, but where are the scales that can weigh the Lord Christ? “He taketh up the isles as a very little thing:”—who shall take Him up? “He weigheth the mountains in scales”—in what scales shall we weigh Him? Be it so, if your understanding cannot comprehend, let your affections apprehend; and if your spirit cannot compass the Lord Jesus in the grasp of understanding, let it embrace Him in the arms of affection.

Life and death lies on the tongue. How do you use yours? Sometime you need to preserve destiny just by keeping your tongue quite. Acting foolishly just to further the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Are you deciding to do just that, than come along with me:

Want To Stay Out Of Trouble With Your Tongue?


Then consider three simple suggestions wise old Solomon makes from Proverbs 15:1.

  1. Speak Gently

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1)

The sure way to ignite an already explosive situation is to respond to an angry person in like manner. The formula for assuaging anger is to answer in tenderness.

  1. Speak Wisely

The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly.” (Proverbs 15:2)

 The wise person speaks with intelligence and skill to the issue at hand, while the fool emits the first thought that enters his head.

  1. Speak Healingly

 “The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” (Proverbs 15:4)

Solomon reminds us that the power of life and death lie with the tongue. By our kind words we can bring healing and life. Or by our destructive words we can destroy. (See Proverbs 18:21)

As we struggle with our speech it may help to keep in mind two stark realities:

(1) Our speech simply mirrors the condition of our heart: “For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.” (Matthew 12:34b)

 (2) God ultimately will judge us by the quality of our words: “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will shall be condemned.” (Matthew 12:37)

Beloved, let us choose silent over struggles and quarrels. As small as tongue is, it can bring down the mighty. Burn down a mighty edifices, career, ministry, so you must be very careful what you engage your tongue in. Sometime our silence birth our destiny faster than we could ever thought or imagine.

Have a lovely weekend. See you next week- The Passion week. Make sure you keep a date with us.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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