You are the Lord that is Your Name You will never share Your glory with anyone, You will never share Your glory with anybody, Almighty God that is Your Name.// Come and see the Lord is good. Come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good. He gave me victory He me peace of mind, come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good.

Everybody testifies You are good; You are good Jehovah, You are good, everybody testifies You are good, You are good Jehovah You are good. Thank You Father because I am those testifying of Your goodness, Your mercies, Your kindness, Your grace and You are love. Glory be to Your Holy Name. What a wonder Thou are, You are everything to me Father, I bow in reverence of Who You are, Worthy are You Lord. Glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name.

Dearly beloved, are you rejoicing in your Spirit for the God you are serving. Our Father knows them that love Him, and He promise never to leave them nor forsake them. So I want to jump up on your feet now and raise your hands up and say “Thank You Father for caring and thinking about me” wow! Our God is Awesome. Tell that situation is a defected foe. Century thousand years ago Jesus defected him on the cross, therefore all its doing is vain, tell it that help is coming soon, is here now, you are getting solution and soon it will be a thing of the past, yes! it will soon go into yester-years in Jesus Name.

Begin to give thank ahead for the victory you will have over it, thank God in advance and sooner than you think even today solution will come. Do I have a believing Amen!

Beloved just like I woke up in a morning of June 24th, 2019.  I never knew that will be the end of an affliction that has plagued me for two years and six months, in our month of wholesomeness, I woke and went to the market to get something for my business and on my way back, as soon as I entered the bus to come back, it started raining and I said God why this rain? I never knew that God is in the business of ending my sorrow, my pain, that even the bus stop me at my bus-stop it was still raining, then I entered a pharmaceutical  shop besides the bus-stop, so I went into it since the owner is a friend, so inside of standing around the building waiting for the rain to stop I walked into it and like drama, unfolding, the cause of my affliction was dictated by a pharmacist not a doctor, by a simple blood  test against a chart not in the laboratory.

Hello, are still here with me? The pharmacist was asking a young man to have his hemoglobin level checked and the young man was simply afraid of the needle, so in my usual way of encouragement I tried persuading him to do it but he refused, then I then asked the pharmacist how much it cost to run the test and she said is for free, wow, so I said okay, let me check mine since I have been planning for a check-up for my full blood count, so let me check my hemoglobin level pending when I can go for proper full blood count lab test.

Beloved, that is where God was waiting for me, or do I say this is the beginning of my miracle the ending of my pain and sorrow all these years and behold the result showed that iron is low in my blood and that has been the cause of all the heart perpetuation I have been having for over two years and horrible headaches that get my day mess-up. O my God!

The lady asked me the following questions – have your heart being beating fast, do you have headaches and do you feel dizzy and my reply is yes, yes yes, then she said that is the cause.

Hello dearly beloved, do you think I have not been going to the hospital all these years, I have. In fact the lab technician confer to me that I have run series of test with them, but my doctor go through my result and conferred me okay. He even told me that I am having a “panic attack” and I was speechless, he advise me to work on myself and get off my mind whatever that is bothering me. O my God! It got to a point this year my doctor suggested to get me a physiologist who will counsel me and give me some therapy that will help me get over the situation. In fact he gave a drug that was also making my breathing difficult at night. My daughter told me “mum, please stop the drug even if it prescribe by a doctor that I making her afraid by the way I breathe.

Dearly beloved, even the doctor recommended a physiologist for me to help me. I said no to it, I quickly reminded him that I am a child of God and I read my bible everyday and I have Jesus to speak to this situation and I will be fine if that is all that is needed. So I left and went home, do you know that when I called him to complain about my reaction to the drugs he gave me, he said to me that those drugs were not recommended by him. Hey! I was shocked. But thank God I have stopped the drugs even before mentioning it to him.

So I went back to God and told Him everything and plead with Him to help me even as He is the One that has been doing it all these while but for someone not to say “why didn’t she go to the hospital, all these born-again Christian that like claiming healing. In my family, my husband will always insist that we run all the medical check on any ailment before giving up on it, so that has been our tradition to avoid any lapses. So I followed that too in this situation.

Beloved, that was how God delivered me in His month of “Wholesomeness” and made me truly whole. I took my medication to boost the iron in my blood and that was all. Can I have you shout along with me Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord delivered me from the horrible experiences and set my free.

The entire associated ailment left me and I can walk about freely without fear of falling while walking. It was not a good experiences at all, but in spite of it all, I never lay down one on the bed, bemoaning my situation, no and never. I never asked God while He allowed me to be going through these. I never accused Him of being unfaithful to me. I never ask Him to prove Himself to me if truly He is a Living God and I am His handmaid. In all of these I keep faith with Him, I trusted Him that He will do it at His time. I woke up everyday with songs of Praise of Who He is.

I never one day refuse to do my evangelism work because I am not feeling physical okay, sometime I go to cyber café to send my ministration out. It was with a lot of struggles but I know in “Who I believe. I know He will do, I know I will wake one day and it will be over.” Beloved, my God tested me all round and I stood my ground that He is the One with Whom NOTHING is impossible. I kept reminding Him that He is able to do it. In fact when He sent His Word about the theme of the month, I was in a Sunday service during Praise and worship section and I heard Him said that to me and I speak it forth in praises and adoration to Him and I declared it to us on the first day of my ministration in the month of June which was on the Third day of June.

Not knowing what His plans and purpose will be at the end but I spoke as I was commanded but most importantly I believed what He said He will do and I am a partaker of His goodness to His people. Or you don’t think that it is possible I declare God’s Word without being a beneficial, go and ask Zachariah Lk 1:11-20.

So I don’t know how you have been taking the Word of God especially as we deliver it on this platform, I want to know that God is real, nothing we say here is by any human inspiration. We are not here to please anybody, thank God I don’t even know who is reading this devotional, so you will not say ‘I know that you are passing through this’ and I speak forth. We speak as God commands us to speak. And since it is His Word, He will surely bring it to pass. That is way I will be quick to tell you don’t ask God how He want to do it, leave it to Him, He will know the best way to do it.

Just like my case, I was going about my daily chores and He met with me, in an ordinary way and ends my sorrows and pains in just an ordinary manner. That is to say “I AM” is One doing it. What has a pharmacist with checking my blood but that is when it is God doing it. He breaks protocols, He make human knowledge worthless and He goes ahead to bring to past what He want to do.

So as the Lord has declared to us again this month ‘Divine Placement” I hope you are positioning yourself to be found worthy when He is to act. Learn what you learning and be good at it. Be diligent in your work and don’t be slothful in your business. Beloved, for two years and six months I have been in this situation, I have never for one day stay off my training in fashion designing school. I did all my works with ease and perfection. In midst of these struggles I have my family needs springing up daily, but our God is faithful, I opened my own outfit last year in April though I was still struggling with my health, of all things “breathing difficult,” it was a lot to deal with but I kept faith in God and He did it. Yes! He did.

The best part of this testimony is that “my heart did not fail.” Do you know what it means for my heart to be over working to supply oxygen to the brain so that my brain will not malfunction and I will become a vegetable? Sunday is always by best day in the week, because it is my consultation day, the day God speaks to through other ministers of His Word, through songs ministration, you need to see me dance, I so dance as if nothing is wrong with me and God did not fail me after all. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

God keep me while all the wrong diagnoses was going on and I came out stronger and better at the end, maybe you are yet to understand what I am saying. But God, Who is the Great Physician held me on and nothing went bad till He finally put an end to it.

Today is another opportunity to pray, learn to pray and not to complaining, bring everything to Him in prayer and lay it there. Go about your duties with a cheerful heart; learn to encourage other people who may not even know that they are better than you. Honour God by the way you live, give good testimonies about God, learn to Praise Him in all things.

If I have not share this with you, you will never know that I am going this horrible experience but I still reach out to you. Telling you beautiful things about God, I wasn’t pretending for I know that, that is “Who God is,” even if I am not experiences it at the moment, it does take away Who He’s truly is.

Set time apart to read your bible and also pray, that is what builds your faith up against the assaults of satan, so that when the flood comes up against you, you will be able to withstand it with the Sword of the Spirit which the Word of God. Beloved, that story/ case will soon be a thing of the past, mine has gone into the past; so yours will soon be, so pray as if everything depends on praying then work as if everything depend s on working. Be faithful; God faithfulness is never in doubt. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on with us for more discoveries:

2 Chronicles 2:1-4:22, Psalm 88:10-18, Proverbs 18:20-21, Acts 21:30-22:10

Children of the Dawn

But I call to You for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer meets You.—Psalm 88:13

Those who do not provide for a set-aside time during the day—preferably in the morning, when they can replenish their spiritual resources—may find that they have to provide a time at the end of the day for regret, for repentance, and for eating humble pie.

A traveler in the Himalayas told how he arose very early one morning to watch the sun rise on the towering peaks. He said: “There, as the day began to dawn, we saw arise before our enraptured gaze, within a complete semicircle, twenty peaks each above twenty thousand feet in height, snow-capped with virgin snow. For half an hour the curtain was lifted and we inwardly worshiped. Then the mists began to fill the valleys between, and the view was gone. Gone? No, not really—it was forever laid up in our green and grateful memories.”

That is what a quiet time in the early part of the day does for you. Before the mists of worldly happenings blot out your view of God, you can take a time-exposure of Him which is indelibly imprinted on your mind. Then, after the mists close in, the vision is still there within. You live in two worlds at once—drawing physical strength from the world around you while drawing spiritual sustenance from the world above you.

Pascal, the great French philosopher and Christian, once said: “Nearly all the ills of life spring from this simple source: that we are not able to sit still in a room.” But what if in the stillness, we were to meet with God? How healing that would be! We would arise with what Stevenson calls “happy morning faces.” We would become children of the dawn.


Heavenly Father, give me the wisdom to be able to take “the pause that refreshes,” to drink every day from the living Fountain, the Eternal spring. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Further Study                 

Lm 3:22-26; Ps 40:1; Isa 26:8; 33:2

What was the psalmist’s testimony?

What did the psalmist say he would do?

Beloved, did you read that? You read your bible and pray before the mists of worldly happenings blot out the view of God in you, but the Word of God you read will help you to uphold your faith about who really is in the midst of it all.

Pray and faint not, so that you withstand the fiery dart of the enemy against your life, your family, career, and your ministry. Praise the Name of the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord

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