“Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.”


Awesome God Mighty God. Awesome God Mighty God. We give You Praise awesome God! We give You Praise Might God. You are highly lifted high Awesome God, You are highly lifted high, Might God!//Lift Jesus higher higher, lift Jesus higher higher, lift up Jesus higher, higher, lift Jesus higher higher, O! lift Him higher higher lift up Jesus higher higher, O lift Him higher higher, lift up Jesus higher higher.

Unchangeable, Reliable, Dependable God, We come to worship You, we give You Praise adoration to Your Holy Name, we give You Praise, we give You honour, Thank You for the watching over us, Thank You for waking us up this morning, Thank You for Your Divine Provisions, Thank You for miracles that fill our mouth with laughter, glory to Your Name Father in Jesus Name.

Beloved, it our praying time, Praise the Lord! thank God for the privilege to pray. satan cannot take away from us the power to pray because the Holy Spirit is by our side helping us to pray for ourselves, family, friends, the nation and the world at large. Like I repeated say, you can as well understand it better when we say that “we are Privilege to pray.”

In the world we are living oftentimes when you talk about prayer, some people zero in that you have time or that “lazy people” pray, but you can see how true or false that is with the recent happenings around us. We are ask to pray and pray and continue pray until God show mercy and heal our land. Suddenly prayer took it rightful place in the affairs of men, what a revival!

Beloved, is our desire that you intercede before the throne of mercy and obtain mercy in hour of need. We need God’s intervention in our lives and situation. Evil will not win the day, rather as children of the Most high God, we will go before our Father and lay down our burden before Him.

In yesterday teaching we learnt that we are not orphans, since our Father is the Living God then we must not close our mouth. We must go before Him in boldness and pour our heart before Him, for the Word of God says that “….He heareth us when we pray” (1 Jn 5:14-15). Men ought to pray and not to faint.(Lk 18:1).

May we not faint in the place of prayer like the Apostle did when Jesus went to pray at the garden of Gethsemane, twice Jesus woke them from sleep and twice they were fast asleep till the hour came and they slept no more as Jesus said they strike the Shepherd and the sheep scatter (Matt 26:36-46,31).

That is why we must not slumber in the place of prayer nor be tried. Jesus warned Peter and today that warming is for us (Matt 26:33-35).

Beloved come up hither and let us pray for our Father is waiting for men and women who will be between the porch and altar and pray. And then He will hear and show mercy upon us.

According to bible tradition, we are in the Holy week, soon we see our Lord Jesus taking up the Cross and die on the cross for your sake and my sake. This He has done for you; what are doing for Lord?

Come on for more:

“Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.” Isaiah 2:3

It is exceedingly beneficial to our souls to mount above this present evil world to something nobler and better. The cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches are apt to choke everything good within us, and we grow fretful, desponding, perhaps proud and carnal.

It is well for us to cut down these thorns and briers, for heavenly seed sown among them is not likely to yield a harvest; and where shall we find a better sickle with which to cut them down than communion with God and the things of the kingdom?

In the valleys of Switzerland many of the inhabitants are deformed, and all wear a sickly appearance, for the atmosphere is charged with miasma, and is close and stagnant; but up yonder, on the mountain, you find a hardy race, who breathe the clear fresh air as it blows from the virgin snows of the Alpine summits.

It would be well if the dwellers in the valley could frequently leave their abodes among the marshes and the fever mists, and inhale the bracing element upon the hills. It is to such an exploit of climbing that I invite you this hour.

May the Spirit of God assist us to leave the mists of fear and the fevers of anxiety, and all the ills which gather in this valley of earth, and to ascend the mountains of anticipated joy and blessedness. May God the Holy Spirit cut the cords that keep us here below, and assist us to mount!

We sit too often like chained eagles fastened to the rock, only that, unlike the eagle, we begin to love our chain, and would, perhaps, if it came really to the test, be loath to have it snapped.

May God now grant us grace, if we cannot escape from the chain as to our flesh, yet to do so as to our spirits; and leaving the body, like a servant, at the foot of the hill, may our soul, like Abraham, attain the top of the mountain, there to indulge in communion with the Most High.

Beloved have you seen reasons to pray? Prayer keeps us in communion with God. Prayer makes us fervent for the Lord. Prayer help us to be shun evil and embrace righteousness, beloved we must not cool nor faint in the place of prayer rather with the help of the Holy Spirit, we must pray until something happen.

Father, hear your little children as we pray today (Gal 3:26), look down with mercy and heal our land. Restore us even as You have promised to do, upturn all the evil predictions of the wicked ones. None of us will be missing at the end; neither will any one of us count loses at the end in Jesus Name.

How can all these things be? Not to worry; the Hand of the Lord will do it thus says the Spirit of the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Beloved, come up hither and faint not.

Remain blessed in the Lord.