You are worthy Jesus You are worthy… You are worthy to be glorify…You are worthy my Redeemer You are worthy…You are worthy to be glorified…..2x// What shall render …what I render what shall I render to You O God…. I will exalt Your Name and shout Alleluia… what shall I render to You o God…. I render praises to You I render Praises to you… I render praises to You O God… I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia… I will render praises to You O God……

Yes Lord You deserve all our praises, all honour all adoration be it ascribe unto Thee forever and ever Amen!!! Blessed Redeemer we Worship and adore Your Holy Name … Who can be compared with Thee…in heaven You are God… on earth You remaineth…the same… even in the deep… You are God….. alleluia to Jesus …we worship and glorify Your Name for ever and ever in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!

Beloveth…. what shall you render to your God having seen up to this time of the year… just as you are there complaining and murmuring otherwise if you are the grateful type…. Some are being moved into the mortuary and cemetery…..

Beloveth… we just have to come with Praises, with rejoicing, with a grateful heart, with adoration and ascribe to the Only True God… He alone is our God…alleluia!!!

We have walk/work with God all through this year… but He alone knows those that walk before Him in with purity of heart… love in their heart… and kindness in their thoughts and heart…. God is the Only One Who see our innermost thought … He is the Only One who can commend us….

Beloveth…if Jesus is to come this hour or even as you are reading this piece what is your spirit witnessing to your heart…

Is He commending or rebuking you…. hummmmmh beloveth is very important that we pay attention to what is important…. When the Lord will come back in His glory…. as successful, and resourceful we may desire to be…. Let it also be said of us that God is pleased with us….

So as you get prepared for this yuletide season buying rice and chicken, clothes and shoes…. may we also prepare our spirit-man to be fervent and strong serving the Lord…. alleluia somebody….

By preaching Christ to someone by acts of kindness and love… talk about Jesus in your small group… spare a little time to send goodwill messages depicting God’s faithfulness and goodness to you and to the whole world… publish Christ abroad while the Holy Spirit do the same in your heart… Praise the Lord…..

Come for more below:   

For it is not the one commending himself who is approved, but the one the Lord commends.—2 Corinthians 10:18

It is common for all of us to seek approval for our actions. As children, we longed for the affirmation of our parents. As we grew older, we also valued the opinions of our friends, colleagues, and employers. At times, the esteem of others can claim such importance that it becomes our way to measure our worth as a person.

Paul said that he was not striving to obtain the approval of people. Some of his critics thought their criticisms could determine what he did. Yet these same people were praising themselves for their own opinions and behavior. They were seeking the approval of others, and they were receiving it.

Jesus said that those who seek to gain the approval of others “have their own reward” (Matt. 6:2–5). Paul, too, realized that achieving the praise of others is not difficult, but earning God’s approval is a far greater accomplishment. The affirmation “Well done!” that Jesus received from the Father became Paul’s goal as well (2 Tim. 2:3–5).

Paul knew that self-approval is not hard to attain. Paul himself had once been pleased with his own life, until he came to realize that the righteousness he was so proud of was mere rubbish in the kingdom of God (Phil. 3:8). After his conversion, Paul understood that God’s evaluation of his actions was what mattered, not his own opinion of himself.

Whose opinion matters most to you? Have you become complacent, enjoying the approval of those around you? Have you become satisfied with your estimation of the way you are living? The commendation that matters most is the one that comes from God. The pleasure that your life gives to God should be your motivation to live righteously.

Beloveth… you heard from the very one who at a time thought he was serving Jesus…until Jesus met him and reoriented him on what it means to serve Him…

Borrow a leave from him and check your life by taking time to reflect on your works and ways from the beginning of this year… beloveth… can it be commended by God … can it resist fire or burn up…. may God give us wisdom to live wisely among the people of this world and not allowing their standards to be our standard in Jesus Name…

May Jesus be your Mentor all through the days of your life in Jesus Name….

Have a beautiful weekend…don’t forget our Praise time tomorrow …May God Himself arise and scatter all the works of satan in Jesus Name…. let us come trusting God with great expectations of what only Him can do Amen!!!

Love you….. but don’t forget that the love of God is supreme… alleluia….

Further Reading-2Cor.1:5, 1 Cor.3:10-15, Rom.5:1, Jer.15:20, Rev.3:11, Eph.6:10

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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