We give glory Lord as we worship You. We give honour Lord as we worship You, You are wonderful, You are worthy O Lord. You are wonderful, You are worthy O Lord. Thank You my Lord, thank You Jesus, thank You my savior thank You my dear Lord.

Thank You Father for Who Are. We thank you for what You have made us in Christ Jesus. Gracious Lord, who is like unto Thee? Father, there none like thee, wonderful Redeemer, we praise Your Name for ever and ever. We worship you. Father thank You for another beautiful day you have made, we should rejoice and be glad in it. Receive all the praise all adoration, all honour, all worship in Jesus Name in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, is your God Mighty? Is Your God strong? How Faithful is the god you are worshiping? My God is more than Mighty. He is more than strong. My God is ever Faithful and He is worthy of my praise.

Sometime in our walk of faith, doubt plays a significant roll in our life. Last week, we tried again to review the works of faith and fear in our life. What happens when an individual is besieged with fear and when the same person is operating in faith.

We saw King Saul completing over whelmed with fear and operating in same spirit, while his son, Jonathan displaying the Spirit of boldness that can only come with faith.

Which one of them did God honoured – the person operating in faith or the one operating in fear? Beloveth, whose cause are you fighting? If the Lord’s be assured that victory is yours.  Because He is our God and our refuge. He is an everlasting God and Defender.

Beloved, the Lord has wrought a complete deliverance for us and make us rejoice only in Him, come with me as we discover more from the teaching of today:

But I will deliver thee in that day, saith the Lord; and thou shalt not be given into the hand of the men of whom thou art afraid.” Jer. 39:17

When the Lord’s faithful ones are suffering for Him, they shall have sweet messages of love from Himself, and sometimes they shall have glad tidings for those who sympathize with them and help them. Ebed-melech was only a despised Ethiopian, but he was kind to Jeremiah, and so the Lord sent him this special promise by the mouth of his prophet. Let us be ever mindful of God’s persecuted servants, and He will reward us.

Ebed-melech was to be delivered from the men whose vengeance he feared. He was a humble black man, but Jehovah would take care of him. Thousands were slain by the Chaldeans, but this lowly Negro could not be hurt. We, too, may be fearful of some great ones who are bitter against us; but if we have been faithful to the Lord’s cause in the hour of persecution, He will be faithful to us.

After all, what can a man do without the Lord’s permission? He puts a bit into the mouth of rage, and a bridle upon the head of power. Let us fear the Lord, and we shall have no one else to fear. No cup of cold water given to a despised prophet of God shall be without its reward; and if we stand up for Jesus, Jesus will stand up for us.

Dear beloved, read what the Lord said in Isaiah 60:20-22. Does it apply to you? He said your sun will never set again nor your moon go down. The Lord promised to be your everlasting light. The Lord is saying to someone your days of mourning is over and you will possess your land forever. Assuredly, the Lord is saying He is going to perform all these with His hand.  Wow! He is going to plant you with His own hands in order to bring glory to Himself.

I am so excited. See what 2 Tim 1:7 is also saying about you – for the Lord has given you a Spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Does that call for rejoicing? Our time of rejoicing has come whether the devil likes it or not. We are to sing and dance to the Lord in our troubles as that is the only way to secure our victory in the Lord. I choose to rejoice, what about you? If you are on same page with me can we read the next message together:


About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.—Acts 16:25

Your joy as a Christian should not depend on your circumstances. Joy comes from God, and therefore it cannot be affected by what is outside of you. Don’t be fooled into letting the actions of others determine your joy. True joy comes from knowing that God Himself lives within you and has fellowship with you, regardless of your environment. Real joy lies in the knowledge that holy God has completely forgiven you of every sin, and even now, He has a home prepared in heaven where you can spend eternity with Him (John 14:3). The circumstances of your life cannot change these truths!

Paul and Silas faced some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. They were falsely accused, arrested, and imprisoned. They were beaten and shackled in the darkest, coldest section of the prison. But they refused to allow their horrific situation to dampen their joy! They did not blame God for allowing these things to happen to them. Instead, they praised Him for His goodness! In the darkness of the night, they prayed and they sang. God brought a miracle that released them from their chains, but perhaps the greater miracle was that His Holy Spirit could so fill them that even in their painful imprisonment they could overflow with joy!

Do not allow difficult events to cancel the joy of knowing you are a child of God. Choose to allow God’s Spirit to fill you with His unquenchable joy, and your life will be a miracle to those who watch you face the trials that come.

Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!! somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not allow my circumstances in life determine my relationship with God. The devil will no longer hold me bound neither will cause me to fear.

I choose to stand on the liberty Jesus has bought for me (Gal 5:1). Jesus said I am heal, so I am. His Word said, “I am delivered, so I am.” His Word said, “I am whole, so I am.” Beloveth, I overcome the devil with the blood of Lamb- my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the word of my testimony.

Is that also your testimony? Or what is your testimony my beloved?

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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