We give You glory Lord as we worship You. We give you honour Lord as we worship You. You are wonderful, You are Worthy O! Lord. You are wonderful, You are Worthy O! Lord! Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Ghost now forever more. Take glory Father, take glory Son, take glory Holy Ghost now and forever more.

Thank You Father in heaven for another blessed day in Your Presence, we give praise, we give adoration, we honour You. Let Your Name forever be praise in Jesus Name. Merciful Father, we thank You for solutions that are the house today for every need that we bring before You. Thank You for Your children will testify to the glory of Your Name both now and forever.

Beloved, is gonna be good in the morning, look onto Jesus everything is gonna be good today as we pray to our Father Who art in heaven. The good Lord will answer us from on high and we will be glad at the end in Jesus Name.

The Word of the Lord said that “the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto the Lord.” it also enjoined us to lift up Holy hands before God. This means that the only time your prayers will return unanswered is when there is sin in your life and again when you pray amiss.

Here is a question for you this morning “are lifting a Holy hand unto God in prayer? or is your prayer abominable before Him. if the former is the answer, then joy is your portion in the Lord but if is the later, beloved, you have ask God to wash you and purge you with hyssop and you shall be clean. So that you will receive answers to your prayers going forward in Jesus Name.

Beloved, the Lord promise to do good to all that love and fear Him. Do you fear the Lord? Do you reverence His Name. Remember there is no others name given on the earth or under heaven that a man shall be saved except the Name of Jesus. so if that is true, what  are waiting for to come to Lord.

If is sin that is hindering you from coming into His presence beloved, run to Jesus Now. Come before him and He will welcome you home, He is waiting for your home coming, praise the Lord. Beloveth, irrespective of your sinful nature,  the Lord is bidding you, “come on”. Salvation is of the Lord. It is only Him that can save you. Your help comes from the Lord, therefore arise now and return to Him.

Today is going to great. The promise of the Lord says so. Are upright before God, today, your prayer will go up like a sweet smelling sacrifice before Him and you will receive answers to your prayers in Jesus Name. The prayer of the upright is His delight. Let discover more below:



“The prayer of the upright is his delight.” Prov. 15:8


This is as good as a promise, for it declares a present fact, which will be the same throughout all ages. God takes great pleasure in the prayers of upright men; He even calls them His delight. Our first concern is to be upright. Neither bending this way nor that, continue upright: not crooked with policy, nor prostrate by yielding to evil, be you upright in strict integrity and straightforwardness. If we begin to shuffle and shift, we shall be left to shift for ourselves. If we try crooked ways, we shall find that we cannot pray, and if we pretend to do so, we shall find our prayers shut out of Heaven.

Are we acting in a straight line and thus following out the Lord’s revealed will? Then let us pray much and pray in faith. If our prayer is God’s delight, let us not stint Him in that which gives Him pleasure. He does not consider the grammar of it, nor the metaphysics of it, nor the rhetoric of it; in all these men might despise it. He, as a Father, takes pleasure in the lispings of His own babes, the stammerings of His new-born sons and daughters.

Should we not delight in prayer since the Lord delights in it? Let us make errands to the throne. The Lord finds us enough reasons for prayer, and we ought to thank Him that it is so.

Did you read that? If you try crooked ways, double tragedy awaits you. First, you will not be able to pray. Secondly, your prayers will be shut out of heaven. What a tragedy if you ask me. It is also interesting to know that God is not using phonetic as a perquisite to answer prayers rather He takes pleasure in the lispirngs of his own babes. The stammerings of His new born sons and daughters.

God used Moses in spite of stammerings, so God can hear you so long as you are upright in your heart that is the condition to answers to prayer.


“Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.” Psalm 35:3

What does this sweet prayer teach me? It shall be my evening’s petition; but first let it yield me an instructive meditation. The text informs me first of all that David had his doubts; for why should he pray, “Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation,” if he were not sometimes exercised with doubts and fears? Let me, then, be of good cheer, for I am not the only saint who has to complain of weakness of faith.

If David doubted, I need not conclude that I am no Christian because I have doubts. The text reminds me that David was not content while he had doubts and fears, but he repaired at once to the mercy-seat to pray for assurance; for he valued it as much fine gold. I too must labour after an abiding sense of my acceptance in the Beloved, and must have no joy when His love is not shed abroad in my soul. When my Bridegroom is gone from me, my soul must and will fast.

I learn also that David knew where to obtain full assurance. He went to his God in prayer, crying, “Say unto my soul I am thy salvation.” I must be much alone with God if I would have a clear sense of Jesus’ love. Let my prayers cease, and my eye of faith will grow dim. Much in prayer, much in heaven; slow in prayer, slow in progress.

I notice that David would not be satisfied unless his assurance had a divine source. “Say unto my soul.” Lord, do Thou say it! Nothing short of a divine testimony in the soul will ever content the true Christian.

Moreover, David could not rest unless his assurance had a vivid personality about it. “Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.” Lord, if Thou shouldst say this to all the saints, it were nothing, unless Thou shouldst say it to me. Lord, I have sinned; I deserve not Thy smile; I scarcely dare to ask it; but oh! say to my soul, even to my soul, “I am thy salvation.”

Let me have a present, personal, infallible, indisputable sense that I am Thine, and that Thou art mine.

Beloved, did you just read that. David went to Lord when he discovered that he sinned against Him to obtain forgiveness. Are you going to learn from him? Will you not run to the mercy seat to obtain mercy for your soul before it perishes? Forgiveness is with the Lord and He is ever willing to forgive you if you will come and confess your sins as David did.

Remember it only the prayer of the righteous that will be answered what are waiting for.

To all those who have been enjoying answers to their prayers, continue in your upright ways because there is a reward for you.

Father, make your salvation available to every man/ woman that will call upon Your Name today in Jesus Name. Forgive us our trespass and help us to stay pure in Jesus Name. Arise in Your glory and honour all that fears Your Name that the world may know that they are Yours in Jesus Name.

Beloved, pray and receive answers to your prayers. If there be any unconfessed sins in your life, in humility of heart confess before the Lord and be blessed in Jesus Name.

Let every leprosy be covered today Lord. Let your showers fall upon us in Jesus Name.

This is the Word of God to someone this morning – read 1 John 2:12

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu


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