Great is Thy faithfulness… Great is Thy faithfulness… Morning by morning new mercies I see… all that I needed Thy hands has provided, Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto Thee……// I am Thank You Lord for Who You are! What You have done in my life Lord…I am thanking You Lord for Who You are what You have done Dan Sakari Baba….

Our Father we thank You, we worship You we give You Praise….Alleluia to Your Holy Name… Father we bow before Your Throne and we worship You, we adore Thee… we Praise Your Holy Name… be Thou exalted O Lord! Thank You for answers to our prayers Father…. we worship You O Lord! Be Thou exalted forever in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!

Have Your way again today O Lord! Be Thou glorify for ever and ever in Jesus Name….

Beloveth… good morning, how are doing today… Our Lord is still on the Throne… Praise Lord.….

Is another faith clinic beloveth … we blessed God for this privilege to seat again at His feet and be blessed… Mary once did it and Jesus commended her … so as we take time to be taught of the Lord may we also receive His blessings… may we be lightened have been with Him in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!

We started  this week with an instruction to not to avoid the impossible… fear is opposite of faith… and we as God’s children should be bold as lion and be upward looking no matter what it may be… Praise the Name of the Lord….

Looking at the world around us and events that are happening is enough to make us to fear… but even in the midst of it God said do not be afraid…. He said “Let your heart not troubled…” He said “Be still and know that I am God”… “Am in control…”

Beloveth, we just have to trust God at His Word and stand by it… we must believe Him and do all that is in our power to do and we will see Him step out for us… beloveth we not allow circumstances to hinder us from serving God… because the Word of God said everything worketh together for them that believeth… with human reasoning you may not sense it to be truth… but when we take out to wait on God till the end it will surely be for good. Yes!

Like Paul we are called to be faithful where God has placed us… concerning our text for today and listing to same Paul who was plagued with thorns and he prayed for the removal and is saying My grace is sufficient for you… you will link the faithfulness of God…. Paul  persecuted the gospel or the early Christians… He killed Stephen and some other disciples of Jesus… but a time came God called into His vineyard… straight on Paul  went with same zeal he had at the other side… However is good to note that God used him to spread the Goodnews; he also he wrote several books in the New Testament…

Beloveth, Saul return to His Maker and was counted faithful…what about you… have you returned home or you are still considering it… be fast beloveth… the psalmist said LoRD reveal to me the end of my life and the number of my days.  How fleeting my life is…(Ps.39:4).

Paul ran the race set before him and at the end he told himself… that he has done well….

Beloveth let us be found faithful in kingdom work… diligently serving our Master Jesus and at the end be found faithful by our heavenly Father… Praise the Name of the Lord… Alleluia!!!!!!!

Let discover more:                                                                                                        

I give thanks to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, appointing me to the ministry. . . —1 Timothy 1:12

From a human perspective, the apostle Paul’s record as a zealous persecutor of Christians should have precluded him from being used in God’s service. Paul was known as the “chief of sinners,” a blasphemer, persecutor, and violent aggressor (1 Tim. 1:13–15).

Everything changed when God saved Paul. He embraced the Christian life with the same fervency in which he had opposed it. Paul labored to be faithful in every assignment, no matter how small or large. Ultimately, because of Paul’s faithfulness, God entrusted him to be one of His foremost promoters of the gospel.

Paul understood that everything he ever accomplished for God’s kingdom was due to the enabling power of God. He was not deceived into thinking that his own intelligence or personal drive brought about God’s will. Rather, Paul was grateful for the opportunity to be tested and found faithful in any assignment, regardless of its size.

Your ability to serve God is not based on your past, but on your faithfulness today. If you are faithful with the task God entrusts to you, God will enable you to accomplish it. Don’t distinguish between big and small assignments from God. Paul saw every one as a privilege he did not deserve.

Whether God has asked you to pray for someone, to minister to a person in need, to lead a Bible study, or to care for those who are sick, strive to be faithful. You will experience His enabling as you serve Him. If you are faithful in a little, God will entrust you with more. You will be able to join Paul in praising God for having counted you faithful, putting you into His service (Luke 16:10).

Beloveth let us from today be found faithful where ever God has placed us knowing that if he founds us faithful in little; He will entrust more into our hands Amen!!!

Be found faithful…. Dearly beloved.

Further Reading: Matt.9:28, 1Cor.3:9, Ps.139:24, 2Cor.7:1, 1Tim4:14.


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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