What shall I render what shall I render, what shall I render to you O! Lord, I will exalt Your Name and shout alleluia, what shall I render to you O Lord! to You Oooo be all the glory, to You Father be all the honour, to You Lord be all the glory and adoration forever more.// I will lift up my voice, I will gladly sing not for what He has done but for who You are. You are the song that I sing, melody in my voice the reason I sing is to Praise You Lord. He reign, Jesus reign, Yes! He reign forever more. 2x

Let the living Praise the Lord, let the living Praise the Lord. if you are a living soul Praise the Name of the Lord. Worship him in the beauty of His Holiness for He is God and He liveth forever more. Let us magnify His Name forever, let us worship Him forever more. For He is worthy of our Praise, He will make every mountain to be low and to every valley to He will fill. Thank You Father for being God indeed unto us. For loving us not less than the great prophets and kings of old that feared and served You. Indeed you have no preference, we are adopted into your kingdom by the death of our Lord Jesus and You never stop loving us (1 cor. 6:20). Glory be to You Name on high.

I don’t know why You love me so, I don’t know why, beloved follow me ask Jesus, I don’t why He loves me so, I don’t know why.// He is able abundantly able to deliver and to save, Jesus is able abundantly able to deliver those who trust in Him.

Beloveth, glory be to Jesus in the highest, how are you today? Hope you enjoyed this week? It is a great a week for me, our God has been so good to us in all circumstance, if not for His love we would have been consumed,  thanks be to Jesus Who has delivered us from the power of darkness and has translated us into His marvelous light. Shout a wonderful alleluia (Ps 8:9, Col 1:13, Exo 3:7-9)

Beloved, we started the week gracefully with a powerful promise from God bestowing upon us, the Spirit of God went ahead to teach us ways we may be contributing to hindering His promises from coming to pass in our life, we prayed and God answered us and still told us how to remain strong in Him, today we will be examining another way we might be hindering God’s promises from being effective in our life and short cutting our destiny too.

We will be considering again our eating habit dearly beloved, so many of us eat so much that we end up causing injury to our system other than helping it, today’s teaching  is going to address that.

Remember we learnt that there are essential vitamins that we need to help our body to function well, we must search for them and include them in our meals, and likewise a little exercise from to time is good for the proper functionality to the body, we must do that even if it walking for 30minutes daily or twice depending on your routine. In addition, we must also seek professional help when we are in doubt of our health state. The reason is not far fetch. It is only a strong man that conquers kingdom, so if we must conquer the dying world we must not only be spiritual strong, we must also be physical strong.

We must be strong enough to “GO” and take the gospel to them. We must not look feeble else they mock your God. Beloved the Lord is in the business of bestowing health and life to His soldiers; don’t cut yours short by attitude or using the deadly weapons that are injurious to your health. And for anyone whose health is deteriorating receive restoration from the Lord now and never go back in Jesus Name.

Come along with me for more discoveries:

Job 28:1-30:8, Psalm 105:37-45, Proverbs 21:29-31, 1 Corinthians 10:25-11:16

Deadly Weapons

Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory.—1 Corinthians 10:31

Disregard for the physical aspect of life can greatly contribute to spiritual dryness. This means that a certain amount of discipline must be introduced into our lives. But what kind of discipline?

Firstly, we need discipline in what and how much we eat. Every meal should be a sacrament offered on the altar of fitter and finer living. Doctors tell us that excess food—as well as too little food—destroys brain power. What is in the stomach often determines what is in the head. Scripture says, “the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking” (Rm 14:17). But it is not a contradiction of that verse to say that often our food and drink determine our fitness for the kingdom of God.

Seneca, in an exaggerated statement made for the sake of emphasis, said, “Man does not die: he kills himself.” Dr. R. L. Greene, a professor of chemistry and a specialist in nutrition, says, “The most deadly weapons used by man in committing suicide are the knife, fork, and spoon.” You may be repelled at the idea of committing suicide—and so you should be—but you may well be contributing to your death by choosing wrong ways of eating.

We need discipline also to ensure that we get at least the minimum amount of vitamins. Vitamins are necessary to vitality; they are God’s gift to us. The divine Chemist has designed our bodies to work in a certain way. And if we ignore His prescription for health, we reduce our physical effectiveness, which can also reduce our spiritual effectiveness.


O Father, help me recognize that physical vitality contributes to spiritual vitality. May I respect the body You have given me and pay attention to the laws of health that You have built into the universe. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Further Study

Pr 23:1-21; Eccl 6:7; Php 3:19

How does the Scripture regard gluttony?

What is gluttony?

May God help us in Jesus Name to live right and well, be sure of your physical health before you embark on a long fast, drink water in between when you are on a long fast and as soon you are done eat well enough to nourish and replace all the vitamins and minerals burnt while on fast.

Like we mentioned in first lesson this week, some lack of vitamins behave like as if you are poisoned, so beware of how you live to avoid unnecessary distraction that will hinder your effectiveness in kingdom work.

In a nutshell beloved, we must also make every effort to take care of our physical body as it is the vehicle through which the spiritual visions received from the Lord will be delivered. Eat healthier, exercise regular and pray without season and God will help you to fulfill your destiny while on this part of eternity and at the end receive you into His kingdom amen!!!!!! (Eph 5:18, 1Tim 3:8, 5:23, 1 Thess 5:17, Matt 25:34-40).

Do not commit suicidal with your knife, fork and spoon. May the Spirit help us not to be profane like Esau and be accursed rather let us eat with moderation and be effective and a blessing to our generation (Heb 12:16). Alleluia Amen.

We hope you enjoyed this first session of PLC, have a wonderful weekend. See you next week if Jesus tarries.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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