Desires of Righteous Granted


You are the Lord that is Name You will never shall Your glory with any one You will never shall your glory with anybody all Mighty God that is Your Name. Glory glory alleluia, glory glory alleluia Praise the Lord. Glory glory alleluia, glory glory Praise the Lord!

Thank you Father for Your goodness and for Your wonderful works to your O Lord! I don’t know how to Praise You, but Father I bow to worship You, Who sits in heaven above and look down upon your children to do them good, glory be to Your Name on high.

Beloved, we have a very Big Big God and He is always by our side. He sits in heaven and His foot stool is here among men. Glory be to Him on high. What more can we say that to acknowledge His Majesty and bless His Holy Name.

Beloved, what is your attitude when you pray? I have shared with us an amazing prayer made by my Son which was above the world but was granted under five minutes after the prayer was offered.

This young lad believe that God answers prayer. He has no reason to doubt God. He never know that his request is so big a request but you know what even when I the mother told him that the first request may be granted but the second I don’t know how is going to be possible.

I speak base on what I know and have seen but there is One Who is far above and who can orchestra things into being.

Let me refresh your mind on his request, on this faithful Sunday we were going on a visiting to his elderly one at school after Sunday service, he said “mum I wish God will send someone who will take us to the school and bring us back. I simply chuckled at that request and said “I know the first request is possible but the second I don’t know how possible it might be expect the person is going to the same destination with us and am yet to meet such a person.

Beloved in less than five minutes that request was granted with all benefit inclusive.

We met a sister who was going our way and dropped us off because she had cause to be in her office and when she was done like two and half hours later, she called to find out if we are ready to go back home.

Beloved, was his request granted? Is that request an easy one to come by? But God orchestras and bought to past. Under minutes the request of a young child.

I ask you again, what is your attitude when you pray? Are we in habit of saying “if” when we pray? God give us an instruction on how to pray “call unto me and I will answer you.” I want to get something cleared here because I perceive in my Spirit that someone is saying but ‘I have been asking and God has not yet answered.”

Beloved, God answers all prayers do you believe that? Some answer can be instantaneous; some may not. Some He will say “not yet”; some He will not approve. And when God does not approve our request it means is not in line with our destiny. It will either derail you or mar your destiny. Praise God!

Beloved, O yes! He answers prayer but there is a prayer He answers, God answers the prayers of the righteous. The Spirit of God spoke to me about someone who sighted about the request of the thief on the cross?

Wow! Beloved, God answers a prayer of repentance for a sinner. He desires was granted because he seek eternal life from Him Who is able to grant it, and that was why Jesus granted it that same second. Does this satisfy your curiosity? If not, the ministration below will help us further.

I don’t know what you are believing God for? I don’t know what have been causing you sleepless night. God is more than able to do it but you must ensure that you are standing right with Him. Secondly you must be on the “Go” in His kingdom work. Of such people God will not overlook their request.

Someone is saying “Haba, evangelist is by works now? not at all but let me ask you this common question if you have two children one is at your beck and call and the other one only comes around when he needs something and once is solves he moves away which one will want to grant his demand when presented? Is simple, the one that helps you out.

The same thing happens dearly beloved, when it comes to kingdom business, else God becomes partial.

God will always grant our request. The testimony I shared with you was a desire that was born out how helpless and poor some Christians are. I simply asked God to help me to establish a career center where languishing and helpless souls can be revived not only by Word but also by empowerment. And He granted that.

I did not engaged any agent to make the search rather the Holy Spirit made the search and get me connected, but do you know what I have keep this relationship for three years and God work through His daughter to bring it to past when she relocated and hand over her former place to me. It can only be God.

I simple placed a call to her to find out while she has not been coming around and she told me that she has relocated to a place closer to her. Wow! And I simply asked her “but you didn’t even consider me for the shop” and she said “Ify, do you want the shop and I said yes I do and she said, then have it.” Just like that!

Wow! Beloved I wasn’t prepared for what happened. I travelled down home a weekend before it and intended to say home a while with my mum since my Father has gone to be with the Lord.

But do you know what changed the plan? I wasn’t sure I will get a good place to use their internet since I didn’t check it out over the weekend. So because of the ministration I turned back to base because I cannot afford to be at ease in Zion.

God sees the heart. I am not trying to sound good. far from it. I am not trying to justify anything God is the one that justifies.

That same week on a Thursday of that week God answered my prayer of a location to do show case my work? It was unexpected but that is God for you. He granted my desire. God gave my place on a platter of gold. Without stress and He also paid for it through His beloved children who are ensuring that God’s kingdom work is promoted. Praise God.

You also invited to be part of it and believe me you will not miss your reward, just send me a mail on how to go about it.

Beloved, I did not intend to share this testimony but I think that the time is right for it now. I also do not wants to bore you with stories but I want you to know that the God we serve is a prayer answering God. What are those desires of us? Tie it to Him and He will grant it. (I write on this tomorrow because I want you to understand it and this ministration is a bit longer now).

Also coming your way is Jacob request when he had to confront his brother after taking his birthright. Jacob pleaded God’s promise on his request and God granted it. What is it beloved, God will grant it if you pray without wavering.

Discover more below:

“The desire of the righteous shall be granted.” Prov. 10:24


Because it is a righteous desire it is safe for God to grant it. It would be neither good for the man himself, nor for society at large, that such a promise should be made to the unrighteous. Let us keep the Lord’s commands, and He will rightfully have respect to our desires.

When righteous men are left to desire unrighteous desires, they will not be granted to them. But then these are not their real desires; they are their wanderings or blunders; and it is well that they should be refused. Their gracious desires shall come before the Lord, and He will not say them nay.

Does the Lord deny us our requests for a time? Let the promise for today encourage us to ask again. Has He denied us altogether? We will thank Him still, for it always was our desire that He should deny us if He judged a denial to be best.

As to some things, we ask very boldly. Our chief desires are for holiness, usefulness, likeness to Christ, preparedness for Heaven. These are the desires of grace rather than of nature — the desires of the righteous man rather than of the mere man. God will not stint us in these things, but will do for us exceeding abundantly. “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” This day, my soul, ask largely!

Yes! Did you read that? Our chief desires are for holiness, usefulness, likeness to Christ, preparedness for heaven – of these desires God will not fail to grant. Please keep reading:

“And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good.” Genesis 32:12


When Jacob was on the other side of the brook Jabbok, and Esau was coming with armed men, he earnestly sought God’s protection, and as a master reason he pleaded, “And Thou saidst, I will surely do thee good.” Oh, the force of that plea! He was holding God to His word—”Thou saidst.”

The attribute of God’s faithfulness is a splendid horn of the altar to lay hold upon; but the promise, which has in it the attribute and something more, is a yet mightier holdfast—”Thou saidst, I will surely do thee good.” And has He said, and shall He not do it? “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” Shall not He be true? Shall He not keep His word? Shall not every word that cometh out of His lips stand fast and be fulfilled?

Solomon, at the opening of the temple, used this same mighty plea. He pleaded with God to remember the word which He had spoken to his father David, and to bless that place. When a man gives a promissory note, his honour is engaged; he signs his hand, and he must discharge it when the due time comes, or else he loses credit. It shall never be said that God dishonours His bills.

The credit of the Most High never was impeached, and never shall be. He is punctual to the moment: He never is before His time, but He never is behind it. Search God’s word through, and compare it with the experience of God’s people, and you shall find the two tally from the first to the last. Many a hoary patriarch has said with Joshua, “Not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the Lord your God spake concerning you; all are come to pass.”

If you have a divine promise, you need not plead it with an “if,” you may urge it with certainty. The Lord meant to fullfil the promise, or He would not have given it. God does not give His words merely to quiet us, and to keep us hopeful for awhile with the intention of putting us off at last; but when He speaks, it is because He means to do as He has said.

Did you read that? if you have divine promise you don’t need to plead with “if” because God will grant it. He cannot take back His Word. He will always grant it.

So pray and you will receive answers as you pray in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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