I surrender I surrender all, I surrender I surrender all, all to Thee my blessed Saviour I surrender all. All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give, I will ever love and trust Him, in His Presence daily live.// who is like unto Thee O Lord! Who is like unto Thee, O Lord! among the gods, Who is like Thee, You are glorious in holiness, fearful in praises doing wonders alleluia.

Almighty Father we thank You for the gift of our Jesus Christ whose death reconciles us back to Yourself, thank You for all dying love upon us, You are a Mighty God, all power belongs to You, Bless are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise. Thank You for not letting my souls to be in hell, neither will Thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption rather through Him all our sins were forgiven and we who believed in Him are justified from all things from which we could not be justified by the law of Moses.

Father we bow before You with twenty and four elders of heaven before Your throne and worship You. Glory be to Your Name on High for all have done and You are doing and will yet do in Jesus Name.

Beloved, thanks be Jesus Who delivered us from all our iniquities and translate us from death to life, Praise be to Jesus alleluia Amen!!!!!!!

Beloved, the truth you know sets You free from all forms of oppress ions from satan and his likes. Praise the Lord for the sword of the Spirit that is been realized or remind us through the Spirit of God to set as many that are bound by satan in darkness and in sins. To set the captive free from the prisons and let in the light of gospel of our Lord Jesus as we receive from the throne daily.

Glory be to Jesus that through the righteousness of Christ we can stand against our righteousness for we have no righteousness of our own except in the Lord Jesus, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us…. (Tit 3:4-7).

Beloved, have been disappointed either by self, others or even by God? Not to worry for all the lies of satan is being revealed through the Word of God to set us free from all form deceits, self condemnation and frustration we felt in ourselves through either lost of job, partner, unfruitfulness and resentment towards God.

I have a goodnews for you, if only you do what the ministration today will instruct you to do, you will be free and be healed from all your disappointments in life.

I saw myself in that position at a time and when I allowed Jesus to take over all those disappointments I was free from them and was healed also. (Matt 11:28-30). Are you ready to do just that? You are mighty have been trying to live righteously and each time you try, you fail and you keep failing because of that you are disappointed in yourself and satan keep whispering your failure to you, don’t worry, be happy for the power of God will deliver you from all such fears and failure and give you the boldness you deserve to live. He did it for me; He will do it for You.

Join me dearly beloved to see the glory of God manifesting and you will see the deliverance come in such a way that you never thought is possible. Praise the Lord:

Deuteronomy 14:22-16:22, Psalm 43:1-5, Proverbs 10:26-27, Luke 8:26-56


For You are the God of my refuge. Why have You rejected me?—Psalm 43:2

A deep hurt that may come is disappointment. We expect things to happen in a certain way, and when they don’t, then we feel let down. We can be disappointed by people, or even by God if He chooses to direct our lives in a way other than we had hoped.

A woman wrote to me that during a meeting where I spoke on “The Healing of Life’s Hurts,” the Lord had ministered to her deep feelings of disappointment. Her disappointment was with God (as she put it) for “not healing my husband and for taking him to be with Himself.” On the way home from the meeting, she narrowly missed being involved in a serious accident, and the Lord whispered to her heart: “And you have been doubting My love for you?” Within hours the bitter pain she had been carrying for a number of years was healed.

Are you in the throes of disappointment at this moment? Have others let you down? Or perhaps you feel God has let you down, and, because He is God, you feel you ought not to feel that way; therefore, you are repressing your disappointment and pushing it down into your subconscious. Bring it to Him now. God is not going to get mad at you for telling Him that you are disappointed with Him. If you feel upset with God, then confess the hurt; tell Him exactly how you feel. Then, when it is all out and you admit you were wrong—and not He—surrender the hurt into His hands and experience the healing that the divine Comforter brings.


Father, I am thankful that I can bring all my disappointments to You. Some earthly fathers won’t permit their children to be upset with them, but You accept me as I am. I am so grateful. Heal every disappointment in me now. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 11:6-22; Ps 13:1-6; 69:3; 2Pt 3:9

How did David express his disappointment?

What did Martha do about her disappointment?

Beloved, your disappointment can be healed today if you surrender all to Him. Never stay bound again, lose yourself by embracing the truth that is in the Word of God and You will be healed and be healed forever. Beloved, our God loves us so much to disappoint us but the lies of satan hold us bound to our hurts and we never let us go and we stay bound and retarded.

But today, the Lord is setting you free from all such disappointments and pains; you will be made whole through Christ righteousness in Jesus Name. Lift yourself up and cry to the Lord and see God delivering you from all unrighteousness and you will be delivered and you stayed delivered forever in Jesus Name.

I am glad now Lord for You have delivered me from all my disappointments and have showed me mercies in place of judgment, You have bless me and favour me in where I thought I will never make it again. You made me an eagle to soar higher and quit quacking in the chicken yard. Father, you are ever faithful and you remain faithful forever. Help your children and restore your light in them, help their unbelief even as You helped me.

Thank You Jesus for giving us victory and delivering us from sins and sorrows. My alleluia belongs to alone in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, surrender all to Him and You will glad you did. Read 3Jn, 2.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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