Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercy enduerth forever Amen! For His mercy enduerth forever Amen! // Who is like unto Thee O! Lord!!! Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! among the gods Who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in praising doing wonders alleluia!!!

Our Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name.. We adore Thee we give You Praise… Ancient of day… Who is like unto Thee… in heaven You are God…On earth You remaineth the same… Be Thou exalted O! Lord our God in Jesus Name…

Come have Your way in our lives and do that which only You can do… heal us O Lord of everything that we impede our focus on You… Help us heavenly Father… let Your Name be glorify in Jesus Name…

Beloveth how are doing today… we serve a Living God, who walks in the affairs of men and make every crooked path to be straight, … every valley to be filled… and every mountain to be made low…Praise the Living Jesus… Alleluia!!!!!!!!

Your are the Lord let Your Name be glorify… You are the Lord… Let Your Name be glorify… O! Lord we give You glory… and honour… You are the Lord… let Your Name be glorify….

Yes let the Name of our God be glorify, let His Kingdom come and Will be done on earth in Jesus Name…Amen!!!

Beloveth thank God for Who He is, He can never be overwhelmed or overpowered… blessed be the Name of the Lord … Alleluia…

Are you discouraged…. Talk me… are you down casted… are you aching in your Spirit… beloveth… if you are the Spirit of  God is here to heal you … to restore all what the caterpillars the palmer worms, the locust has eaten from your life…. Yes able to do it and we trust God for greater auction to function in His Presence in Jesus Name…………

Yes… like a Elijah…any child of God can burnt out… what is the cause of that… when you shift your gaze from God to man, to enemies, situations, yes… you can burn out… recognizing these pitholes is very important in our Christina race… a

In the new testament … when Jesus bid Peter to come Him… Peter shifted his gaze from His Master t wind/storm and immediately He started sinking and Jesus extending His hand and save him…

Beloveth… satan is good at making you and I to shift our gaze from God/ Jesus to him and when we are lured into such deceitful situation we will not only be discouraged but be despair… so we must watch and pray always so that you will not be lead into temptations that will take you away from the Presence of God in Jesus Name….

Come along with us for more:

“I have been very zealous for the Lord God of Hosts,” he replied, “but the Israelites have abandoned Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. I alone am left, and they’re looking for me to take my life.”—1 Kings 19:14

Kingdom work can be challenging! You can give everything you have to God’s service and come away exhausted. This is what happened to Elijah. God had just used Elijah to call down fire from heaven in a spectacular display of divine power. But Elijah’s exhilaration was soon replaced by strenuous work followed by death threats, causing him to flee for his life. Now he was alone, exhausted, and discouraged.

Again, God came to Elijah. This time, He came not in fire or in a loud, spectacular way, but in a still, small voice. God’s servant was tired, and God brought him comfort. Elijah’s focus had shifted from God to God’s enemies. He had allowed his circumstances to overwhelm him, leaving him disoriented to God and feeling alone. So God encouraged him. God provided Elisha for him as a helper, friend, and companion.

God removed Elijah from the activity for a time, so that he could rest and spend time with God. When the nation next saw Elijah, he was rejuvenated and refocused on God and His assignment.

If you are overwhelmed by kingdom work so that your focus is no longer on God but on all that there is to do, let Him comfort you. Listen to His gentle voice. He will encourage you and provide exactly what you need to prepare you for what comes next. If He needs to remove you from your work for a time, He will. He may place a friend or colaborer beside you to help carry the load. God knows exactly how to encourage you. Let Him do so.

Beloveth do you believe that God knows exactly what to do to renew your strength in Him…. if only you will be believe … you will see the manifestation of Jesus in your life today… praise the Name of the Lord.

Beloveth, the book Hebrew chapter 12 verse 2 says…. Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith… the remedy to our discouragement is to looking steadily unto Jesus with no shifting of our gaze…  we will see God come through for us…

We will be humble enough to ask God for help… we seek His opinion in everything we do… may God help us all in Jesus Name….

Never look away from Jesus.. beloveth… never look or consider those awful and challenging situations… they will like storm pull you down, discourages you and make you helpless… Rather let us look steadily on Jesus because we know that our Father will come soon and reward us… Yes He will reward us if we don’t get wearied or faint on the way… Praise be to the Name of the Lord…. Alleluia!!

Beloveth we are light… so we are called to light our world not to bring darkness to it Praise the Name of the Lord alleluia Amen!!! Jesus is resealing the auction of “Ease of Accomplishment to His people now in Jesus Name…. Amen!!! like Habakkuk we will choose to rejoice rather than be discouraged in Jesus Name….

Further Reading: Matt.5:16,1Cor.16:13, Phil.4:19, Ps.139:24. Amos.5:4, 1Pet.1:16

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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