Thank You, Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, thank You for everything You have done in my life. Thank You, Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, thank You for everything You have done in my life, in my family, in my ministry, in my career, thank You Lord, thank You Lord for everything You have done.// Lift Jesus higher, lift Jesus higher, the Lord is good, I will lift Him up higher, everywhere I go I will lift Jesus higher. The Lord is good, I will lift Him up higher, everywhere I go I will lift Jesus higher.

Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good. Father, You are too good to us, we cannot speak less of Your goodness to us Your children, Faithful are You Lord, Faithful are You Lord, Faithful are You, Lord You are so Faithful. Thank You making Name for Yourself, Thank You for this great deliverance You have wrought in my family and in my work place, who can say that my God is not a Living God? Thank You for being Faithful to Your Name and to Your saints here on earth, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name.

Beloved, good morning, hope you had a peaceful night rest, glory be to God on high who woke us up early to stand before His throne to worship and drink from the fountain of life, glory be to His Name on high. Amen!!! Our God is good; all the time. The God of supernatural Wonders in our midst already, Praise the Lord!  he moving round doing that which above the natural law be full of expectant, I have never seen Him in this version before, join to sing this song:

I never see, I never see wonder, wonder wonder, I never see this kind God before wonder wonder wonder, Jesus na waa ooo, Jesus na waa ooo, Jesus na waa ooo, Jesus naa waa ooo, I never see, I never see wonder wonder wonder……

Yes! I never see this kind of God before, He is a Wonder indeed. When I receive the word for theme of this month, I was in the midst of ministration so I am not in doubt who was speaking but I was wondering what is this going be like, I almost say God this is what can stand for a year theme why sending it just for the remaining few months or just for a month but I held my peace and said if this what He is about to do, who am I to tell Him what to do, so when the month ended and the Spirit of God still uphold the word that I received, I went ahead to announce same to us.

With a grateful heart that God wants to a wonder in our midst even as the year is coming to an end, we never know how else to show appreciation to God for choosing us at this time to show us such an unquantifiable favour, we went ahead to declare seven days Praise-Gate to eulogize God for this favor. So while the Praise was going on, unknowing to me, the battle was locking at the background but like King Jehoshaphat, we won the battle without fighting.

Beloved, suddenly from nowhere my baby develop a strange sickness with rashes appearing on his hands and feet, that was on Thursday last week and I went to a pharmacy nearby to buy some medications and I was told it is likely to be measles but sounded strange to me as the boy in question is ten years old and none of child had measles even as babies so why now, I went ahead bought the medications went home and applied as directed, here comes Friday morning with the rashes over his hands and legs only and this is not the presentation of measles or chickenpox or any poxes I know because I quickly went to the internet to check what this might be.

And I can’t place it so I went along with my son now again to another pharmacy where the Lord has met my need at a point this year precisely in June. So I went to see the lady pharmacist there and there she called some doctors having taken some pictures of the effected part and sent through them through Whatsapp. They made their recommendations, and we narrow it down and I bought the drugs and went home then on Saturday it appeared to be getting worst and at this time I decides to check the General hospital around us at their recommendation and what I was afraid of came up, I am sorry to say that our doctors are not the Saviour we need, the doctor I met was so afraid to even check my baby and was just looking for a referral sheet to send us to dermatology clinic, he couldn’t even prescribe a drug to take care of the throat pain my little baby complained about, that he was finding it difficult to swallow (have seen why I avoid hospital in the first instance not actually because of cost but because of the attitude to some illness).

It was Saturday evening already and going to the referred hospital that night might lead us being hospitalized suddenly I remembered that tomorrow was Sunday, so  I decide to go to church first and tell my God what is happening to my son. Not that He is not in the know but my telling Him is an indication that I know He can help me (Matt 9:28) (Don’t forget our teaching on –“Tell Him”) so I went to church that morning with two things in my mind- I am to teach in Sunday school and the topic is “the seven miracles that Jesus did as recorded in John gospel. I said to myself why studying that “this will work for me too,” I then prayed a prayer of faith –“Father send me a Word that will heal my son.” So I left my baby in care of his elder brother and went to church alone for the sake other children not be infected though I needed him to be prayed for. I also considered the psychology of the person I might be approaching to pray for him, if a doctor was applying sanitizer as if he saw death, what will this other fellow feel, so I left my son behind and went before my Creator; his Creator too.

Beloved all through the three section of prayer, Sunday school and homily the Lord sent His word. The speaker who knew nothing of what I was going through because I called nobody, I told nobody, used this phrase “and the Lord sent His word and delivered them…” and each time this word was used my ears and hair stood up. The most interesting one that shock me is when one of my pastors that came to oversee my teaching spoke the mind of God to me, He said “in his precise words ‘ and Jesus said that greater works than this we will also do,” I agreed with him but I was so concerned about proclaiming what Jesus did that no man had replicated even in our time –walking on the water, turning water into wine, raising the dead after four days –Lazarus and he left and when he left while I was still teaching the Spirit of God prompted me that Word was for me – beloved I was puzzled, so when the man of God that brought the Word said again and “He sent his Word and delivered them that are bound, those that are sick, now I know really that God has answered my prayer.

So after the service, I went home with that same faith and held my son’s hand and prayed for him. I got angrily in my Spirit at that moment and I issue death sentence to the disease to die from it root and commanded it to be flush out as my baby we-we and poop in Jesus Name then the miracle took place. After that prayer my eye of understanding was open and immediately the Spirit of God told me what to do- He reminded about the essential oils I usually mix and give to people with strange situation and they get their healing so why am not doing same now.

Wow! It never cross my mind, I thought it was medical issue before blames will start pouring in. I went immediately and make the mixture as was commanded and applied all over my baby’s body and beloved the unexpected happened or will I say now the expected happened- less than two hours from the time the application was administered the ones on his palms that was all red started turning black, my baby came to me and said mum see they have started turning black I replied him, yes! with my spirit man still full in power of the Holy Spirit –I said because they have been commanded to die from their root so that is what is happening and few hours later, the ones on his body too burnt out and turn black, the ones on his soles disappear no trace of it anywhere.

Beloved I was checking every part of his body and they are all dying off and turning black. The God of supernatural Wonders did it, He cured my son, he healed him, what doctors ran away from; my God walked in the midst of it and healed my son and when I took back to the pharmacy yesterday the lady was shocked, she asked me what happening and I could not but tell her that God simply honoured my faith (because we are to see a consultant if I have gone to the referred hospital on Tuesday because Monday was declared a public holiday) but I remember telling her that I know that I will get my miracle before Tuesday, for a boy in this condition to wait till Tuesday to receive an attention from someone who will know what to do will be too long a wait.

Beloved, my God of Supernatural Wonders came down and healed my son in a supernatural way. I was still in shock how God took the situation from me and took care of it without me spending a kobo but healing him from what in found in my hand. However, just this same yesterday another strange thing happened in my shop, I didn’t ministered early as I was doing today due to what I told about because we needed to go back to pharmacy shop since they lady was eager to see him, so around evening time, when I was done with the ministration and was about to post on the site, the internet could to connect, so I went to the cyber café but still the same story so I came back to my shop and noticed the ceiling fan off, on inquiring my shop assistant told me she switch off when a nut fell down from it, the fan has been making noise for some time now but she quickly added but when nut fell down the noise ceased at this point I said is possible this is why it has been making noise so I asked her to switch it on again while I make use the washroom. However, before I could step out of the shop, I was still on the staircase when I heard a sound and on turning back the ceiling fan was on the floor. Wow! I shouted what happened and the girl respond it fell down though I was looking at it I could not understand what happened.

See the miracle that God did for us, when my shop assistant went to on the fan, she sat on the stool close to where she on the fan. Secondly, I left the shop and no one was within the ambit of where the fan fell, it did not destroy anything despite the water dispenser and sewing machine close to it, it fell on the floor with the three wings on the floor, I could not understand it. when it hit down, it fell on tiles, looking at the tiles there was no crack and looking at the fan on floor nothing was destroyed, all the wing intact, beloved I could understand it or interpret it except that there is God Who works in the affairs of men Who is ever Presence defending and protection His children from evil plots, that God is my Father, that God is the God that I serve and will continue to serve till He calls me up in glory at the appointed time.

Beloved, I did not plan to share this testimony now but I was compelled in doing so by the Spirit of God to encourage someone who probably does not understand what God is doing at this moment or who is doubting what God is about to do in his/her life. The God of the Supernatural Wonder will break every barrier and walk in that situation and deliver to you your expected end. He will do for you the impossible, so hold on to Him and trust Him, He will satisfy your heart, your Eleventh Hour Miracles will be delivered to you, I am still in line for more, what about you?

In line with our teaching on the weapon of our warfare as written to us by apostle Paul , we will be examining another important armour that will help us in defending ourselves from the flaming arrows of satan, – “getting our feet shod with gospel of peace.” What do we mean by that, just come along with us for more discover:

  Jeremiah 48:1-49:6, Psalm 119:105-108, Proverbs 26:17-19, Philemon 1-25

Don’t Miss the Point

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.—Psalm 119:105

There are some who claim that having our “feet sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace” means that we should always be ready to carry the gospel to others. That interpretation certainly fits in with Romans 10:15: “How beautiful are the feet of those who announce the gospel of good things!” but this is not, in my opinion, what Paul had in mind when he wrote the words of Ephesians 6:15.

In Ephesians 6 the apostle is dealing with one thing only—the Christian’s engagement with the Devil. He said: “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against … the spiritual forces of evil” (v. 12). His purpose is to show us how to stand against the “tactics” of the Devil. Although Paul was an evangelist with a strong evangelistic spirit, he was not thinking here of evangelizing, vital though it is. He was rather picturing a Christian who is under attack by Satan, warning us that unless our feet are firmly shod, we can easily be knocked down and disabled.

Those who claim that the phrase the “readiness for the gospel of peace” relates to evangelism miss the point of his exposition. No one would deny the importance of always being ready to share Christ with others, but the readiness to which Paul is referring here is the readiness to stand firm on the truths of the gospel. In other words, he is saying: don’t get into a fight with the Devil in your bare feet. Make sure you are well shod, for if you are not, he will most certainly get the better of you.


O Father, I am so grateful that You breathed into Your servant Paul to write these illuminating words. They are inspired, for they inspire me. Continue to teach me, dear Lord. I am hungry for more and more of Your truth. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 119:97-105; Isa 40:8; 1Pt 1:23-25; 2Tm 2:15

How did the psalmist view God’s Word?

Why is God’s Word a sure foundation?

Beloved, did you get that, don’t get into combat or fight with satan except your feet is shod with the truth of the gospel. You cannot win except you know and hold on to the truth of the Word of God you read. In my case above, I could not fight back until the Spirit of God reminded me who I am in Christ and the power that has been given me so having the received the Word, I stood on the Word of God what has been written and I got my victory “and He sent His Word and delivered them….” (Ps 107:20)

Beloved, three persons spoke this word even as I asked God to send His Word to me and at each point in time I held on to the Word that the Lord was sending to me at that moment and I had my victory.

Which truths are standing on as you waiting and trusting God for His intervention dearly beloved? Which written Word of God are you standing and repeating to yourself no matter what the devil is showing at your face? If you are not holding on to any Word, how will you know when the Lord is visiting your case? I am sure you heard me and I told “the Lord send your Word to me” and on Sunday while I was in the service during the early morning prayer, morning manna, and the homily this very phrase was used by the people that handled these sessions, so I know that the word following was for me and I held on to it. then in my Sunday school class which I delivered, the man of God that came oversee my teaching empowered and embolden my spirit man by saying to us by the way of his contribution “that much more than Jesus did we can also do because we are His sent-forth” though I did not get the message immediately but the Spirit of God alerted me that Word is for me and I held on to it.

I ask you again what truth in the Word of God are you covering your feet with? You cannot battle with satan without the written Word of God, Jesus did the same (Matt 4:1-11, Lk 4:1-13), so why are not following your Masters footstep. Pick up your Bible and grab the written Word of God concerning your situation and sooner you will have testimonies. Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much for going through this ministration though is lengthening; I believe you will also receive your Supernatural Wonders if you obey the dictates of the Holy Spirit in your own case. Testimonies are meant to help us built our faith and receive from God.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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