I have seen the Lord goodness His mercies and compassion, I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord! O Lord you are so good, You are so good to me, my God You are excellent in my life everyday,2x // Glorious God! Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before the throne! Glorious God! Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before the throne!

Father You glorious ehhhhh,You are glorious ehhhhh, You are glorious ehhh, glorious ehhhh, You are glorious ehhhhh. What more can we say about ou Father, for the wonderful things You are doing in our lives and the lives of our beloved ones! We came to say thank You! We are grateful, we worship You we adore You, we magnify You, thank You for keep us and watching over us in spite our folly and unfaithfulness, We bless You Lord! we worship and adore Thee, be Thy exalted forever in Jesus Name.

Beloveth are you happy?  Is possible you don’t have any reason(s) to be happy or give a smile, but we have goodnews for you, God see it all, He is happy with you though men may not acknowledge you but He does, He will compensate you, after going this devotion you will be encouraged. I saw this somewhere and I want to share this with you.

I once received a picture frame from someone in our congregation with Hebrew 6:10 engraved on it. I kept it in my office for year and looked at it many times, but I never placed an actual picture in that frame. I felt it empty for a reason.

When I would feel overworked, underappreciated, worn out, used, or disappointed, worn out, used, or disappointed, I would mentally place the person who caused those feelings in the frame, and remind myself that when people didn’t appreciate me. He did. When others didn’t see how hard I worked, He did. When someone forgot how much of myself I had poured into them, and walked away from me, I remembered that He never forgot and that He never walked away. When others didn’t seem to value me, He always valued me.

If I am honest I can say that that didn’t always work. There were times when the knowledge that God wouldn’t forget my work and labour of love wasn’t enough. Times when I longed for approval or appreciation from other or times I wanted to put a picture of entire church in that frame.

Even worse, there were times when I wanted to throw the frame across the room the frame across the room so I wouldn’t have to be reminded of its message.

However, once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I realized if my priority was right, and I was serving out of love for Christ, His was the only approval I needed.

In ministry life, you might get hurt. You might get tired. You might feel undervalued. You might feel like no one appreciates you, but God appreciates you. You might feel like you’re wasting your time, but God doesn’t. He sees every bit of time, energy and effort you put into your church.

He doesn’t forget the tears you have cried, the frustration you have been through, or the hours you have invested in your ministry. And not only does He not forget, He sees how you serve as an expression of you more than you will ever know. Rest in that!

Has a lack of appreciation ever caused you to want to walk away from ministry/family/carrer? How does knowing that God won’t forget anything you do change your perspective?

Did this encourage you in any way? Come along for more:


“Encourage him.” Deuteronomy 1:38

God employs His people to encourage one another. He did not say to an angel, “Gabriel, my servant Joshua is about to lead my people into Canaan—go, encourage him.” God never works needless miracles; if His purposes can be accomplished by ordinary means, He will not use miraculous agency.

Gabriel would not have been half so well fitted for the work as Moses. A brother’s sympathy is more precious than an angel’s embassy. The angel, swift of wing, had better known the Master’s bidding than the people’s temper.

An angel had never experienced the hardness of the road, nor seen the fiery serpents, nor had he led the stiff-necked multitude in the wilderness as Moses had done.

We should be glad that God usually works for man by man. It forms a bond of brotherhood, and being mutually dependent on one another, we are fused more completely into one family.

Brethren, take the text as God’s message to you. Labour to help others, and especially strive to encourage them. Talk cheerily to the young and anxious enquirer, lovingly try to remove stumbling blocks out of his way.

When you find a spark of grace in the heart, kneel down and blow it into a flame. Leave the young believer to discover the roughness of the road by degrees, but tell him of the strength which dwells in God, of the sureness of the promise, and of the charms of communion with Christ.

Aim to comfort the sorrowful, and to animate the desponding. Speak a word in season to him that is weary, and encourage those who are fearful to go on their way with gladness.

God encourages you by His promises; Christ encourages you as He points to the heaven He has won for you, and the spirit encourages you as He works in you to will and to do of His own will and pleasure.

Imitate divine wisdom, and encourage others, according to the word of this day.

Beloved did this encouraged in anyway? Yes God cannot send an angel to encourage a man as you have read above and that was why even Christ had to be man to saved a man God created in His image.

Don’t be discouraged with the things going on around you, our God knows how to encourage you and He will do just that. Be encourage dearly beloved.

Remain blessed in the Lord.