You are welcome to the Heartbeat Of God – The Soulwinning Corner. Brethren, at the beginning of the year 2013, The Lord gave us “Harvest of Souls” (Matt 9:37, Lk 10:2) as our team for the year. Not an exciting theme to an unregenerate soul, having accepted His vision for the ministry, He has been so committed and gradually leading us to materials and Platform to fulfill this “Divine Mandate” He committed into our hands… read more   Two kinds of Soulwinning– In the book of Acts, the First Century believers witnessed of Christ and shared His teaching both publicly and from house to house. Ac 3:1-11,5;12-16. The book of Acts begins with a reflection on all that Jesus began both to do and teach Ac1:1. His life was the inspiration and model for first Century Christians. Whoever believes on me, the work that I do shall he or she do also; and greater works than these they do; because go to my father. Jn 14:12 Just before Jesus ascended back to the father, He told His followers where to go and what to do. Ac 1:8. A First Century Map indicates what this means: Jerusalem represents our hometown. All Judea suggests our state, province or nation. It also means no Discrimination: Including those in Samaria, why the emphasis of Samaria knowing full well that Samaria in Judea. This was because Samaria was a segregated area. Remember the woman Jesus met at the well, she remarked to Jesus, the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. Jn 4:9 and the Jews also slandered Jesus saying: say we not well that you are a Samaritan, and have devil? Jn 8:48. Samaria can be refer to as – the forgotten, hurting, unloved people, doubters,. Samaria can be any part of the world – Aboriginal reservation, minority communities, migrant settlements, ghettos, rehabilitation centers, immigrant and refugee communities or any place that is considered inferior or is segregated from the mainstream of the society. Our God is interested in marginal people as much as He is in any other level of human society. He wants no one excluded. During First Century Christians public evangelism was used however for the time we are in, most of the things we are involved in are technological driven, and it will be good to say that personal evangelism is the only way to assure that every creature is reached by the gospel of Christ. Though radio and television evangelism will have done great work but it is also limited because it only those that have radio and television will be reached. Reason for Soulwinning: We have seven profound reasons why we should be involved in Soulwinning business:

  1. Because Jesus was.
  2. Because the harvest is so great.
  3. Because the laborers are so few.
  4. Because Jesus said to do it.
  5. Because of the unfulfilled prophecies concerning Christ’s return.
  6. Because we do not want the blood of the non-believers on our hands.
  7. Because of what we have experienced.

Is good to know that when Jesus saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted and were scattered abroad; as sheep having no shepherd. Matt 9:36. With that He said the harvest truly is plenteous. Matt 9:37. He did something about the ripen harvest. He did not just sit down and ponder and pray about it. He set about choosing laborers and sending them into the harvest fields. So we have to pray than take action the First Century Christians went to those who did not know Christ, expounding and testifying the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus. Ac 28:23. They were busy in the market place, on street corners, at the village wells, by the seaside, in the homes of the people- wherever unconverted people could encountered.   Principle of Evangelism   People do not go fishing in their bathtubs. To catch fish, they cast their nets out in the streams, lakes, and waterways- out where the fish are. Famers never harvest their crops inside their dining rooms or banquet halls. To reap the ripened grain, they wield their sickles through the heat of the day, away from the house, out in the broad fields- out where grains is ripe and ready to be harvested.. The best place to win a soul is not in the church sanctuaries. To reap the  unconverted, believers experience more success when they take their witness of Christ out beyond their sacred church walls, out into the unsacred markets, onto the street, in jails, hospitals, houses of prostitution, in the private homes,- out where unconverted people live, work and play. This is evangelism. Rom 10:14   The labours are few: Jesus stressed, the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few. Some laborers will desire to preach in industrialized nations, what happens to those in less developed parts of the world. Following Paul’s example, we are chosen to give the best of our life to sharing Christ where the need is greatest and where laborers are fewest. Dr. Oswald J. Smith of Canada as a question, “why should anyone hear the gospel twice before everyone has had it once?” This I believe will encourage us to see the urgency of the time we are in and the work at hand. Opportunities worldwide: Christian mechanics, pharmacist, artists, masons, dentists, photographers, plumbers, carpenters, engineers or those with any other profession, or skill can locate to some unevangelized nation of their choice. Their profession will be desperately needed and welcomed. While practicing their trade or profession or skill, they can witness to non Christians. They do not have to be ordained ministers to share the gospel. This is a privilege of every believer. The people in these nations abroad can only experience Christ’s love as Christians live and witness among them. Jesus can never reach them without a believer to express His through. He is interpreted or represented in and through those who have received Him. His good news is communicated through believers. He expresses His love through their lips. He touches through their hands. He embraces with their arms.   The “call” to believers Christians do not need a special call to do what Christ has authorized them to do. They only need to see the world as God sees it and to accept the fact that they are His chosen ambassadors or representatives in any nation or community where they may choose to establish themselves. The Lord asks, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us”? Isa. 6:8. Any bible believer concerned about this question can answer with Isaiah: Here am I, Lord send me. v8. Every follower of Christ has the His authority to go and shared the gospel with as many people as he or she can reach. The call has already been given. The opportunities are plentiful. The need is urgent. Success is assured. As Christ’s ambassadors, the Christian’s believer is authorized to take action as His representative, and needs no further calling. Matt 28:20, your reward is also granted. Matt 25:35-40. You and I are the witnesses, the confessors, the testifiers, the voices, the preachers, the instruments through which this world hears the gospel and discovers Christ. He lives and ministers through us. At overcomer-Faith ministry Int’l our choice has been to share Christ with our hurting world. We are Soulwinning- Because Of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Look And Live

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that everyone that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.” Num. 21:8

This is a glorious gospel type. Jesus, numbered with the transgressors, hangs before us on the cross. A look to Him will heal us of the serpent-bite of sin; will heal us at once- ‘When he looketh upon it, he shall live.” Let the reader who is mourning his sinfulness note the words — “Everyone that looketh upon it shall live.” Every looker will find this true. I have found it so. I looked to Jesus and lived at once. I know I did. Reader, if you look to Jesus you will live too. True, you are swelling with the venom, and you see no hope. True, also there is no hope but this one. But this is no doubtful cure — “Everyone that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.” The brazen serpent was not lifted up as a curiosity to be gazed upon by the healthy; but its special purpose was for those who were “bitten.” Jesus died as a real Saviour for real sinners. Whether the bite has made you a drunkard, or a thief, or an unchaste or a profane person, a look at the Great Saviour will heal you of these diseases, and make you live in holiness and communion with God. Look and live.