Praise the Lord O my soul and all that is within me praise His Holy Name. He has done great thing, praise His Holy Name.

What shall I say unto the Lord, all have to say is thank You Lord. There is no one like You, there is no one like You Father. Glorious God, I bow before Your throne.

Yesterday, we have a promise of peace over any exposure which include anything in your life that has been expose either by sin or by the attack of the devil. Hear what Jesus have to say and many more promises of His divine peace upon you.

And Jesus said “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give unto you” (Jn 14:27). One of the fruit of the Spirit is peace (Gal 5:22). And peace can also be multiplied in your life (2 Pet. 1:2). It then means that you receive the seed of peace at salvation, however that same peace can be multiplied by revelation.

In Ps 119:165, the Lord will grant all that fears Him great peace, while Phil 4:6 encouraging us not to be anxious for anything. It then means that you can pray your way into the higher realm of peace.

When you have this order of peace you fret not in face of challenges or storms because of the confident you have in God (Ps 46:10; Ex 14:13)

Beloved, the works of righteousness shall be peace. It means therefore that peace grant us access to the super natural.

These and many more are the reasons why the devil is attacking your peace and bring strife and discomfort to your life, family and career but the Lord promised us peace and that peace will He bless His people with (Ps 29:11).

For the One Who calleth you is faithful and He will do all that He had promised, let someone say, A-m-e-n! Peradventure there things you have been believing God for since the beginning of this year and you are yet to receive it, beloved, key into this promise of the day. He has never fail, He will not fail at your time, for when you received all that He have promised, then will you experience “Heaven on earth”, read further:

“Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1Thessalonians 5:24

Heaven is a place where we shall never sin; where we shall cease our constant watch against an indefatigable enemy, because there will be no tempter to ensnare our feet. There the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.

 Heaven is the “undefiled inheritance”; it is the land of perfect holiness, and therefore of complete security. But do not the saints even on earth sometimes taste the joys of blissful security? The doctrine of God’s word is, that all who are in union with the Lamb are safe; that all the righteous shall hold on their way; that those who have committed their souls to the keeping of Christ shall find Him a faithful and immutable preserver.

Sustained by such a doctrine we can enjoy security even on earth; not that high and glorious security which renders us free from every slip, but that holy security which arises from the sure promise of Jesus that none who believe in Him shall ever perish, but shall be with Him where He is. Believer, let us often reflect with joy on the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, and honour the faithfulness of our God by a holy confidence in Him.

May our God bring home to you a sense of your safety in Christ Jesus! May He assure you that your name is graven on His hand; and whisper in your ear the promise, “Fear not, I am with thee.” Look upon Him, the great Surety of the covenant, as faithful and true, and, therefore, bound and engaged to present you, the weakest of the family, with all the chosen race, before the throne of God; and in such a sweet contemplation you will drink the juice of the spiced wine of the Lord’s pomegranate, and taste the dainty fruits of Paradise.

You will have an antepast of the enjoyments which ravish the souls of the perfect saints above, if you can believe with unstaggering faith that “faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.”. I believe we all need this assurance from time to time that the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us and He is faithful to His promises, He will surely do what He said He will do for them that serve the Lord Jesus.

However, you are not part in this promise if you have not given your live to Christ, so click here to be part of these blessings by accepting Christ as Lord and personal Saviour now:

“Ye serve the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:24


To what choice order of officials was this word spoken? To kings who proudly boast a right divine? Ah, no! too often do they serve themselves or Satan, and forget the God whose sufferance permits them to wear their mimic majesty for their little hour.

Speaks then the apostle to those so-called “right reverend fathers in God,” the bishops, or “the venerable the archdeacons”? No, indeed, Paul knew nothing of these mere inventions of man. Not even to pastors and teachers, or to the wealthy and esteemed among believers, was this word spoken, but to servants, ay, and to slaves.

Among the toiling multitudes, the journeymen, the day labourers, the domestic servants, the drudges of the kitchen, the apostle found, as we find still, some of the Lord’s chosen, and to them he says, “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

This saying ennobles the weary routine of earthly employments, and sheds a halo around the most humble occupations. To wash feet may be servile, but to wash His feet is royal work. To unloose the shoe-latchet is poor employ, but to unloose the great Master’s shoe is a princely privilege. The shop, the barn, the scullery, and the smithy become temples when men and women do all to the glory of God!

Then “divine service” is not a thing of a few hours and a few places, but all life becomes holiness unto the Lord, and every place and thing, as consecrated as the tabernacle and its golden candlestick.

“Teach me, my God and King, in all things Thee to see;

And what I do in anything to do it as to Thee.

All may of Thee partake, nothing can be so mean,

Which with this tincture, for Thy sake, will not grow bright and clean.

A servant with this clause makes drudgery divine;

Who sweeps a room, as for Thy laws, makes that and the action fine.


Hope you did grab another virtue that is expected from a child of God- servant hood. In our home, places of work, and church of God, may that be our watch word now and forever Amen! “Let us do all as unto the Lord”.

Have a blessed weekend and next week by the grace of God will have more to dish out to you from the throne of mercies and be blessed.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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