I will magnify the Lord (I will magnify the Lord), Who is worthy to be praise (Who is worthy to be praise), I will glorify the Lord (I will glorify the Lord), Who is worthy to be Praise (Who is worthy to be Praise)!!! Hosanna, blessed be the Lord! Honour to the Lord! Let the Rock of salvation be exalted, hosanna, blessed be Thy Lord, honour to the Lord! Let the Rock of my salvation be exalted.// Come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good, there is nothing He cannot do, come and see the Lord is good. Jesus gives me victory, He gave me peace of mind, come and see the Lord is good, come and see the Lord is good.

Yes! Our God is good, all the time. All glory, all honour, adoration to Him, what more can we say “ the Lord is good all the time.” What a Wonder He is, Father You are Greater than the greatest, Higher than the highest, You are Mighty than the mightiest, Older than the oldest, Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, is Christmas Eve, what a beautiful day to be in God’s Presence waiting for arrival of baby Jesus, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! Be expectant, His arrival is soon.

Beloved, a reflex to yesterday’s teaching, operating in the realm of the supernatural is what every born again child of God must desire most. The power is in Word! The Word of God said that the kingdom of God is not in word but in power, it not in mere word, the Word we preach has power to deliver and to make whole also to deliver from sin, alleluia (1Cor 4:20, 1Thess 1:5, Jas 1:21 1Cor 1:23).

When we operate in the supernatural, God is action, it has nothing to do with us, is all about God himself manifesting Himself in the situation we are operating, guess what it will be full of wonders, all we need do is cooperate with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, be obedient to the direction of the Holy Spirit and it shall be establish. Praise the Lord!

Beloved, is possible your have been tagged a failure either by friends, family and neighbors. Is also possible that you have accepted that facts about yourself and you have quit in making any effort, there is goodnews for you, all you need is God’s intervention in your life and your story will change forever. Yes! Jabez was in that situation, in fact his mother died at his birth and that tagged him failure at birth (1Chr 4:9-10). You must be familiar with Jacob story until God change his Name from Jacob to Israel (Gen 32:27).

God intervention changes a situation from an unpleasant situation to pleasant situation, but you must keep your path straight before Him, you must keep stay closer and trusting Him, Mary did and she became the mother of Jesus. David did, He became the King of Israel, Caleb did and got inheritance promised him at eightieth birthday. God does not know any man with failure except your refuse to accept his love and plan in your life.

Because all you have planned this year are yet to be come to past does not make you a failure. All you need do is humbly yourself before God, make sure that your path of direction is what wants  and planned for you, because God cannot blessed what is not right before Him neither will He bless what He did not lead you into at first. Praise the Lord!

Stop listen to the voice of failure himself, he is liar from beginning and the Father of all liars (Jn 8:44), He is not your Father and he is not in the plan of your destiny therefore has no knowledge what God has for you (Jer 29:11), shake away every Spirit of fear, you are not born a failure Christ redeemed you with His blood therefore you have the Spirit of God living inside of you (2Tim 1:7, Isa 41:10-14),  so fear no man aside God only him you fear. (2Kin 17:39).

Beloved, do you know who you are in Christ Jesus? God made us for His own pleasure therefore satan has no power to mess up your life. We are sweet savour of Christ (Eph 1:5, 2 Cor 2:15).

Come along with us for more:

 Micah 5:1-7:20, Psalm 145:14-21, Proverbs 31:10-12, Revelation 14:1-20

Familiar with Failure                                                   

The Lord is near all who call out to Him, all who call out to Him with integrity.—Psalm 145:18

Many years ago, a young man came to see me and said: “I am not making a success of my life spiritually. I want with all my heart to become a successful Christian, but I seem to be failing in everything I do.” At that time I was not as aware of the subtleties of the human heart as I am today, and I encouraged him to keep trying. I said, “Responsible effort and dogged obedience will bring you what you need; keep going no matter what.” The advice I gave him was good, but it was not complete.

About a year later, after God had allowed me to see the subtleties and deceptions of my own heart, and after putting some personal things right before Him myself, I sat down once again with the young man and asked him how things were going. “A little better,” he said, “but even though I keep asking God to help me become a successful Christian, I am still failing.”

I took a deep breath and tentatively suggested that perhaps, deep down in his heart, he preferred failure to success. He looked at me in amazement and after a few seconds said, “Say some more about that. I feel you are touching something very vulnerable inside me.”

We talked for hours, and he told me how all his life he had lived with failure, and it soon became obvious that he preferred the familiar feelings of failure to the unfamiliar feelings of success—even spiritual success. This one insight was all he needed to open up the whole of his being to God.


Father, if I too need something to trigger off a deeper openness and self-awareness in my heart, then give it to me today. I want nothing more than to be an honest person, not only on the surface but also at the depths. Help me—in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Ex 16:1-3; Nm 11:1-6; 13:17-33

What was the problem of the children of Israel?

Why were they not prepared to move forward?

Beloved, have you seen the true picture of failure? You must decide to shake off the failure mentality that besieged thee. Take step to become what God has made you to be. Arise and let the glory of God shine forth through life to those around you.

You are wonderfully and specially made. You are a super hero in Christ for you are his friend. Come and embrace Christ right now and be part of those that will welcome Him as arrive tomorrow.

Come and receive God unlimited blessings this season, let the joy of this season echo in your live, family and ministry in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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