How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Your Name , How Excellent is Your Name, How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Your Name, How Excellent is Your Name, How Excellent is Your Name O! Lord!// Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercy enduerth forever Amen! For His mercy enduerth forever Amen!

Glory glory alleluia, glory glory Praise the Lord! Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name, thank You for the grace of a new day and the loaded benefits, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name. Thank You Father for healing and deliverance in the lives of Your children. Father we are grateful for divers provisions and protection on upon us. Glory be Your Name on high in Jesus Name.

Have Your way again in our lives and answer us as we call on You Lord! We are glad and we rejoice because we know that we will be bless in Jesus Name!

Beloved, welcome in God’s presence, how are doing? Hope you are doing great? Is time to pray, are you ready? We should be ready to pray at all times, is that a goodnews to someone?

Jesus told us that mean ought to pray and faint not, I think is a guide to our feet (Ps 119:105). Are you tired of praying then you must be tried of blessings (laugh). Aside blessings, prayers bring us closer to God. We have an endearing relationship with God when we pray? How, someone wants to know?

Prayer is a devout petition to God. Billy Graham said, “prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God.” pretty simple, isn’t it? And yet we seem to make it such a complex act, so, let’s consider prayer as a communication with God, plain and simple. God, our creator, meets us right where we are. We don’t have to fix ourselves or put on a happy face before we come to Him. We can come to Him when we need His peace, His guidance, and His hope. When we feel no peace, are completely lost, and have little to no hope. No part of our messy life scares Him. isn’t that a relief.

Beloved prayer is simply

  • Getting to know God.
  • Communicating our desires to God speak truth to our Spirit.
  • Voicing our needs for God to help us.
  • Observing God in creation and Praising Him.
  • Sitting with God in our pain, and asking Him to comfort us.
  • Expressing our gratitude by thanking God.
  • An ongoing conversation with God.

Our prayer lives should be less about a short segment in the morning to “start our day off right” and more about an on- going, vibrant, open-ended conversation that we have throughout our day with God – our heavenly Father.

Beloved, when we make our prayer life like an open ended conversation all the day then we will hear Him as we go through our daily chores. Praise the Lord!

Jacob heard God’ instruction about going down to Egypt and what will happen soon after. So his fear ceased. This was a fulfillment of what God told Abraham but years after this covenant took place in the time of Jacob but God assured him that that He will bring them out at the due time.

Beloveth, I don’t know the pains and trials that you are called to bear but I want to bear but I want to reassure you that God is in it with you. He will take through it just be patient and be humbly enough you will at the end know that God is in it with you. Praise the Lord.

It is a fearful thing to go where the Spirit of God is not leading you to, therefore we must pray and seek the face of God before venturing as did Jacob. Let us not assume, we must be sure about what God is leading us to do per time so that we will not miss out in his guidance. May God help us as we spent time in His presence. May we receive from Him blessings that will sustain us even in our wildness era in Jesus Name.

Come on for more discovery:

“Fear not to go down into Egypt; for I will there make of thee a great nation: I will go down with thee into Egypt; and I will also surely bring thee up again.” Genesis 46:3,4 

Jacob must have shuddered at the thought of leaving the land of his father’s sojourning, and dwelling among heathen strangers. It was a new scene, and likely to be a trying one: who shall venture among couriers of a foreign monarch without anxiety?

Yet the way was evidently appointed for him, and therefore he resolved to go. This is frequently the position of believers now—they are called to perils and temptations altogether untried: at such seasons let them imitate Jacob’s example by offering sacrifices of prayer unto God, and seeking His direction; let them not take a step until they have waited upon the Lord for His blessing: then they will have Jacob’s companion to be their friend and helper.

How blessed to feel assured that the Lord is with us in all our ways, and condescends to go down into our humiliations and banishments with us! Even beyond the ocean our Father’s love beams like the sun in its strength. We cannot hesitate to go where Jehovah promises His presence; even the valley of deathshade grows bright with the radiance of this assurance.

Marching onwards with faith in their God, believers shall have Jacob’s promise. They shall be brought up again, whether it be from the troubles of life or the chambers of death. Jacob’s seed came out of Egypt in due time, and so shall all the faithful pass unscathed through the tribulation of life, and the terror of death.

Let us exercise Jacob’s confidence. “Fear not,” is the Lord’s command and His divine encouragement to those who at His bidding are launching upon new seas; the divine presence and preservation forbid so much as one unbelieving fear. Without our God we should fear to move; but when He bids us to, it would be dangerous to tarry. Reader, go forward, and fear not.

Beloved, did you read that? “Fear not” and I pray that we have a full understanding on this and make our Spirit bold for the Lord. We will not succumb to the antics of the evil one, rather we will by God’s grace stand tall and strong because we know that God will see us through in all of it. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Go before the throne of mercy and plead your case before God. He is the One that qualifies and no one can condemn you, be strong in the power of His Might and it shall be well with you. Praise the living Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Father in heaven, receive us as we come before your throne, make our life bless in Jesus Name. we want to hear You all the day help us to be in Your Presence in Jesus Name. help to be confident, and Holy to stand in your Presence in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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