I am thanking You have done in my life Lord… I am thanking You Lord for Who You are…What You have done Dan Sakari Baba….// Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before the throne…. We bow before the throne, we worship at Your Feet, we bow before the throne You are Glorious God….

Our Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name…thank You Jesus for giving me Your Joy, peace… glory alleluia….thank You for answers to prayers…O Lord our God…Hallow be Thy Name…Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven… Glory! Glory!!, Glory!!! Alleluia!!

Beloveth, good morning… how are you doing today? Praise the Name of the Lord Who gave you another reason to be among the living…. Praise the Name of the Lord…. Is our prayer meeting day and our God will surely walk in the midst of His people and show forth His Praise… Glory be to Him Alone Who is worthy to be Praise Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!

Today, we will be considering the Gift of Grace- Rhythm and Rest… and another one tomorrow by God’s grace.

Before then, have you been able to identify on which work /walk realm you are – grace or grind?… as we said earlier we will be considering one of the gift of grace today- Rhythm and Rest.

If you are tried and worn out, it means that you are working in your strength verse allowing God’s strength to be made perfect in your weakness in your business. Jesus provides you with this offer—Keep company with Him through your life and work/walk, and He will be your teacher and show you how to work from rest in an unforced rhythm of grace.

Rhythm comes from the Greek word rhythmos that means measured flow or movement. If the rhythm is unforced this simply means it is not forced or imposed, but rather it is a natural flow… and since this is God’s grace we are talking about, it is a supernatural flow! In short, when you keep company (abide) with Jesus, He will teach you how to flow supernaturally in your business and other works of life. That’s one of the beautiful gifts of grace!

If keeping company, or abiding, with Jesus is the prerequisite for learning how to flow supernaturally in your business or in other works of life, the next question should be “How do I keep company and abide with Jesus?”

The answer lies in intimacy with. It’s keeping a line of two-way conversation going, allowing Him to speak to you through His Word and by Holy Spirit. the answer also lies in working from His rest. Rest is an ongoing awareness of the presence of an unchanging and all powerful God in your life. it is not something that you have to strive for; it is simply something that you realize and awaken to.

Rest resides on the inside of you because you are one with Christ and there is no distance between you!

Working by grace helps you avoid making an idol out of hard work and mistaking your identity as being in your work or achievements verse in Jesus Christ. When you work in His rest and partner with His flow, you won’t allow grinding to make you miss out on God ideas, inspired thoughts, divine downloads, warnings, and course corrections which are all gifts of God’s empowering grace.

Beloveth, I believe you are blessed… yes I am blessed. There is much more to gain being under God’s grace… you operate in His strength than in your limited strength… more than strength, you operate in God’s insight, ideas, thoughts, divine downloads, warning and course correction …what an awesome gift beloveth… Our God is Awesome…. Praise the living Jesus… Alleluia!!!

Beloveth… when you are operating under God’s grace…simply put… you are Fixing your eyes on God… because there lies your hope and future….when you fixed your eyes on God you will never miss what God is doing at each season… You will be so sensitive to what the Spirit of God is saying… how do you fix your eyes solely on God in the midst of chaos and confusion all around… prayer…. prayer… prayer…

When you make prayer your lifeline… you will be in tune with the happenings around you… the Holy Spirit make things happen the way you never give a thought about and that set you apart from the rest…

So the place of prayer cannot be overemphasis in the life of a child of God… pray and never faint- Lk 18:1

In our reading below Moses miss out when he allowed what the children of Israelite were doing to distracted him… He also missed his leadership to the promised land just because of that… he worked in his own strength other than depending on God’s strength for the assignment God gave him… go back to the first teaching we did on this topic on Monday… you don’t have to strive endlessly to make things happen with the dream God placed on your heart…in Moses case, in his hands…

Come along for more:

Moses and Aaron summoned the assembly in front of the rock, and Moses said to them, “Listen, you rebels! Must we bring water out of this rock for you?”—Numbers 20:10

It is easy to see why Moses became frustrated with the Hebrew. They were so hard-hearted and weak in their faith that Moses lost his patience and became angry with them. Yet every time Moses shifted his focus away from God, it cost him. When he sought to help his people by taking matters into his own hands, he spent the next forty years herding sheep in the wilderness (Exod. 2:11–15).

This time his impetuous behavior cost him the opportunity to enter the Promised Land (Num. 20:12). In his frustration at the peoples’ irreverence, Moses committed the very same sin, blatantly disobeying God’s instructions. How did this happen? Moses allowed his attention to shift to the behavior of others rather than focusing on the activity of God.

This could happen to you as well. God has put people around you who need your ministry to them. You will never be able to properly help them, however, unless your primary focus is on God. If you concentrate on people, their weaknesses, their disobedience, their lack of faith, and their stubbornness will quickly frustrate you. You may, like Moses, commit the very sins you are condemning.

If, however, your eyes are fixed on holy God, you will become more like Him—gracious, forgiving, long-suffering, and righteous. When a friend’s behavior disappoints you, go immediately to the Lord. Seek to discern what God is wanting to do in your friend’s life rather than concentrating on your friend’s sin. Then you will have the strength, wisdom, and patience you need to help your friend in the way God desires.

May we not fall into the same temptation… Let us key into God’s grace available for the season and abide steadily in His Presence and plan.

Beloveth, you cannot serve God well with the presence of His grace.. I had an experience recently that God grace helped me out… I will have took a dangerous decision on the person concerned but God’s grace help me to overlook and did what I should do for the person in spite of his behaviour… I stand for God… and show love against hate… so when I came across this message… I was fixed… beloveth don’t allow anyone to take out from the plan and presence of God… ask the Holy Spirit to help you always in difficult situation, it works…

Pray for Divine assistant as you embark on any given assignment… Remember “grace’ does it all … pray for it’s abundance according to God’s Word… Amen (2 Cor 9:8).

Our gracious Father, equip us more than ever before to live righteously before you and before me… help us to stand for what you stand for in Jesus Name…enable us to look beyond the happenings around us and fix our eye on You Alone in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, pray for abounding grace…

Further Reading- Matt 11:28-30, Jn 15:4, Col 1:27.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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