“For I rejoiced greatly, … testified of the truth”


When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no when Jesus says yes nobody can say no. wen Jesus open the door nobody can close it when Jesus says yes nobody can say no. Up Up Jesus (repeat) down down satan. // There is power Mighty in the blood 2x, there is power and Mighty in the blood of Jesus there is power Mighty in the  blood.

Faithful father we thank You we blessed Your holy Name, we worship You we blessed Your holy Name we give You praise we give You adoration we glorify Your holy Name forever and ever. Thank You for the gift of another week, the last in the month of November. Thank You father for you are great. We trust You to do which only can do in our lives and situation in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are you doing? Great, the month is also up and I believe God has been faithful to you also for mine is too numerous to count. The theme of the month is quite a challenging one in most of people especNially the Cristian. The devil tempt us with so much vexations and anger ta we keep sinning against God and the Holy Spirit who is helping us to stay Holy.

However, when continually look into the book of liberty we will renewed and be a better instrument in the hand of the creator. Praise the Lord.

I believing todays message will bless someone today and you understand the workings of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Name of the Lord. Lets get going:


“For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth.” 3John 1:3


The truth was in Gaius, and Gaius walked in the truth. If the first had not been the case, the second could never have occurred; and if the second could not be said of him the first would have been a mere pretence.

Truth must enter into the soul, penetrate and saturate it, or else it is of no value. Doctrines held as a matter of creed are like bread in the hand, which ministers no nourishment to the frame; but doctrine accepted by the heart, is as food digested, which, by assimilation, sustains and builds up the body.

In us truth must be a living force, an active energy, an indwelling reality, a part of the woof and warp of our being. If it be in us, we cannot henceforth part with it. A man may lose his garments or his limbs, but his inward parts are vital, and cannot be torn away without absolute loss of life. A Christian can die, but he cannot deny the truth.

Now it is a rule of nature that the inward affects the outward, as light shines from the centre of the lantern through the glass: when, therefore, the truth is kindled within, its brightness soon beams forth in the outward life and conversation. It is said that the food of certain worms colours the cocoons of silk which they spin: and just so the nutriment upon which a man’s inward nature lives gives a tinge to every word and deed proceeding from him.

To walk in the truth, imports a life of integrity, holiness, faithfulness, and simplicity—the natural product of those principles of truth which the gospel teaches, and which the Spirit of God enables us to receive. We may judge of the secrets of the soul by their manifestation in the man’s conversation.

Be it ours today, O gracious Spirit, to be ruled and governed by Thy divine authority, so that nothing false or sinful may reign in our hearts, lest it extend its malignant influence to our daily walk among men.


“Seeking the wealth of his people.” Esther 10:3


Mordecai was a true patriot, and therefore, being exalted to the highest position under Ahasuerus, he used his eminence to promote the prosperity of Israel. In this he was a type of Jesus, who, upon His throne of glory, seeks not His own, but spends His power for His people. It were well if every Christian would be a Mordecai to the church, striving according to his ability for its prosperity.

Some are placed in stations of affluence and influence, let them honour their Lord in the high places of the earth, and testify for Jesus before great men. Others have what is far better, namely, close fellowship with the King of kings, let them be sure to plead daily for the weak of the Lord’s people, the doubting, the tempted, and the comfortless. It will redound to their honour if they make much intercession for those who are in darkness and dare not draw nigh unto the mercy seat.

Instructed believers may serve their Master greatly if they lay out their talents for the general good, and impart their wealth of heavenly learning to others, by teaching them the things of God. The very least in our Israel may at least seek the welfare of his people; and his desire, if he can give no more, shall be acceptable.

It is at once the most Christlike and the most happy course for a believer to cease from living to himself. He who blesses others cannot fail to be blessed himself. On the other hand, to seek our own personal greatness is a wicked and unhappy plan of life, its way will be grievous and its end will be fatal.

Here is the place to ask thee, my friend, whether thou art to the best of thy power seeking the wealth of the church in thy neighbourhood? I trust thou art not doing it mischief by bitterness and scandal, nor weakening it by thy neglect. Friend, unite with the Lord’s poor, bear their cross, do them all the good thou canst, and thou shalt not miss thy reward.

Can the Lord trust you to stand with other as we leant last week? Can he trust you to help other without a hidden motive? Can you fit the course of other believers like Mordecai did in his own time or are busy counting the value of dollar to other currency before you will render help to a fellow brethren or the church of God. May God find you worthy of is service in Jesus Name. May the Holy Spirit make you better at the end in Jesus Name.

Beloved, this week is declared blessed in the Name of the Lord. Go in the peace of the Lord and return with testimonies in Jesus Name. Whatever the Lord as proposed in your life in this month must come to pass before the month round off.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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