Jesus You are worthy… Saviour thpu art Worthy 2x Ohhh You are Worthy, Worthy to be Praise…Lord You art Worthy, Worthy to be Praise… Jesus You are Worthy, Worthy to be Praise my Lord You are Worthy, Worthy to be Praise!!!!!!!!!!! // Who is Wonderful is Jesus! Wh is Marvelous is Jesus! Who is Precious is Jesus! Who is Mighty is Jesus! Shout Alleluia! Alleluia! Shout Alleluia! Alleluia!!!

Our Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name! We adore Thee We give Thee Praise! Alleluia to Your Holy Name! thank You Father for another wonderful privilege in Your Presence, alleluia to Your Holy Name… Thank You for prayers that are getting answers today… Thank You miracles that will be wrought in our midst as we prayer today… Thank You souls that will be saved upon whose heart You will open… glory be to Your Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name….

Beloveth is a beautiful day!!! Are you happy? The psalmist said “I am glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord”

Beloveth, if there is any place that will thrill your Spirit it must be the Presence of God… be it Sunday worship or prayer meetings the Presence of God should trip you because you are there to meet with the One wWho brought you into being…alleluia somebody

Our topic suggests for us to go higher… before we go in detail, can you recall any in the Bible who went higher with God? Jacob did, Moses did, Elijah did, Hannah did, Esther did… all these people all at one time or the other tarry before God and they were never the same…the Lord showed up and save them, delivered them, blessed and honour Himself in their midst.

Beloveth, today you are being encourage to go higher with your Maker in the place of prayer, call upon his Name and He will show up for you…Elijah did so and shut the heaven for three year and more… Moses did that and He came back with God’s glory shunning upon his face… Jacob did that and His name was changed, that is he found favour before God and he became a nation after God’s heart… Hannah did that and she brought forth the best and powerful prophet of her time that served God diligently …

What are waiting for…the Lord is still waiting for as many as will want their destinies help… barrenness broken… story changed come up higher as the Presence of God will over shadow you and you will emerge a new you in Jesus Name…

Come along with us for more:

“Friend, go up higher.” Luke 14:10

When first the life of grace begins in the soul, we do indeed draw near to God, but it is with great fear and trembling. The soul conscious of guilt, and humbled thereby, is overawed with the solemnity of its position; it is cast to the earth by a sense of the grandeur of Jehovah, in whose presence it stands. With unfeigned bashfulness it takes the lowest room.

But, in after life, as the Christian grows in grace, although he will never forget the solemnity of his position, and will never lose that holy awe which must encompass a gracious man when he is in the presence of the God who can create or can destroy; yet his fear has all its terror taken out of it; it becomes a holy reverence, and no more an overshadowing dread.

He is called up higher, to greater access to God in Christ Jesus. Then the man of God, walking amid the splendours of Deity, and veiling his face like the glorious cherubim, with those twin wings, the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ, will, reverent and bowed in spirit, approach the throne; and seeing there a God of love, of goodness, and of mercy, he will realize rather the covenant character of God than His absolute Deity.

He will see in God rather His goodness than His greatness, and more of His love than of His majesty. Then will the soul, bowing still as humbly as aforetime, enjoy a more sacred liberty of intercession; for while prostrate before the glory of the Infinite God, it will be sustained by the refreshing consciousness of being in the presence of boundless mercy and infinite love, and by the realization of acceptance “in the Beloved.

“Thus the believer is bidden to come up higher, and is enabled to exercise the privilege of rejoicing in God, and drawing near to Him in holy confidence, saying, “Abba, Father.”

“So may we go from strength to strength,

And daily grow in grace,

Till in Thine image raised at length,

We see Thee face to face.”

Beloveth are you ready to go higher today in the place of prayer and behold the God’s Awesomeness? Feel free, be happy as a child does before his parents and be absorb in His Presence as you pray today… you will surely not remain the same in Jesus Name…

Father, we know we desire our fellowship, help us always to hunger and thirst after you in Jesus Name. make us Holy as You are… so that we can have free access into Your Presence in Jesus Name….

Beloveth go up higher and meet with your Father… the Owner of the whole world….

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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