Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. I will worship the Lord, I will shout alleluia, me I go worship the Lord, my God do well for me, I go worship the Lord, I go worship the Lord, I will sing alleluia, me I go worship the Lord, my God do well for me. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. Amen Alleluia, Amen Alleluia Amen. // Who is like unto Thee o Lord, Who is like unto the o God! among the gods Who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness faithful in Praising doing wonders alleluia.

Our heavenly Father we thank You we bless your Holy Name, we exalt You we give You Praise adoration to Your Holy Name, glory, honour adoration to the King of kings, the Lord of Lord, the prince of life, the Only Wise God. Faithful are You Lord, glory be to Your Holy Name in Jesus Name. How Wonderful are You Lord! How gracious are You Father, we worship we Praise Your Holy Name, we adore You, we give You Praise adoration to Your Holy Name.

Beloved am so glad I belong to Jesus, Great are You Lord, You are greatly to be Praise, greatly to be Praise Father we reign. Almighty Father receive all the glory, King of glory receive all the honour, My Redeemer receives all glory and adoration forever more.  Is someone rejoicing with me, yes! we have to sing and give glory to whom honour is due, He is our Maker, the Unchangeable Changer, He is the Beginning and the End, He answereth our Prayer, He gives us all that we will ever need. He is a Miracle Working God. Praise and adoration belongs to Him alone in Jesus Name.

Do you belong to God, His Son and the Holy Spirit? This question is so important as we doing more teaching on the Trinity at this time. Or may be I will put the question in this manner, “have you surrendered entire yourself to the Trinity? Someone is not getting it right with me?

You don’t bother, don’t worry too, today’s teaching is going to handle that, all you need do is to relax and pay rapid attention as the Spirit of God is here to guide you. Is so interesting to know that God loves us beyond measure, The Word of God cannot lie. There is no shifting of shadow with Him. He is no respecter of person and His Word faileth not.

Beloved, all that is required of us is to be obedient and follow all His commandments, in other words, we must surrender our “entirety/totality” to Him, we must “surrender all” to God. Our topic today says “Full Surrender” and our area of interest today is “is there any part of your life that is still not surrendered to God.”

Well, from my point of view, it is not a yes or no answer but a call to cross-examine self first, pick out those areas and then give your answer. “Why? someone just asked, “if you carry out a cross examination of self and nib your weak areas in the mud, before answering the questions that was put across, it is very easy to surrender them to God, you will not want to take it back and continue in it rather you will cry for help.

What most of us don’t know is that God know us more than we know ourselves in spite of the big titles we carry, God knows our weaknesses and He is willing to help us if only we will “first” hand it over to Him. A carnal man cannot please God dearly beloved, is only a life that is filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God that can please Him (Rom 7:14-24).

Thank God is Friday and is our PLC session, so we have it practical today. What are those areas that are not fully surrendered to God? Can in humble yourself before God and ask the Holy Spirit to help you search yourself?  Then as you are doing that join me as we discover more from the teachings below:


Ecclesiastes 9:11-12:14, Psalm 107:39-43, Proverbs 22:22-23, 2 Corinthians 3:4-4:6

Full Surrender

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.—2 Corinthians 3:17

Modern approaches to the subconscious can do no more than throw the pale light of information into it. The message of the Bible, however, is not merely information but transformation: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” So if the Spirit of the Lord is within us, there is freedom from the conflict between the conscious and the subconscious.

If such a freedom is possible, why do so many live out their lives in conflict? Because they have never appropriated the power and presence of the Spirit available to them and channeled Him into the deeper regions of their personality through self-surrender. God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit will never barge their way into any area of the personality. They come in when we put up the white flag of surrender and, by a conscious act, agree to their residing and presiding within us.

It’s surprising how many Christians say with the conscious mind, “I surrender all,” and yet with the subconscious say, “I want some areas for myself.” We must take ourselves in hand and decide whether or not we want the Holy Spirit simply to evangelize certain areas of our personality, or whether we want Him to occupy our entire being. If you haven’t properly settled this issue, then ask yourself today: “Am I just kidding myself when I say I want to be filled with God? Is there a part of me that says, ‘Come in,’ while another part of me says at the same time, ‘Keep out’?” The Holy Spirit only comes into the areas where He is freely admitted.


O Father, I think You have put Your finger right on my problem. Perhaps the reason I have never felt the Holy Spirit’s full control is because deep down I never wanted it. But now I do. My whole being cries out for its rightful Lord. I surrender now. Amen.

Further Study

Jms 4; Gl 2:20; Rm 6:6; 2Tm 2:11

Where does strife come from?

What was Paul’s testimony?

Beloved are there areas you have handed over to God and some other areas you wrote “keep off” subconsciously? Then is time to let it “go” as we see and also read from the Word of God until you permit, the Trinity will stay off action please let us cooperate with God and eject satan out of lives completely. May God help us in Jesus Name. (Rev 3:20)

Beloved, let us thank God in earnest for the teaching of this week and pray for His Help in every area we are weak. We must not miss our lifting rather we will be submissive to the leading of the Holy Spirit so the theme of the month will speak in our life. Amen!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and if Jesus tarries we see next week.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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