Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! for His mercies enduerth forever Amen!!! For His  mercies enduerth forever Amen!!!// take glory father take glory Son, take glory Holy Spirit now and forever more, now and forever more!!!

Our Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name! we adore You we give You Praise adoration to Your Holy Name… Ancient of days How old are You Lord! how old are You Lord You will never fail… Thank You Father for Who You what You have done in my life Lord, I am thank You Lord for Who You are what You have done Dan Sarki Baba!!!

Have you Your in our midst and do that which only You can do. Beautiful Father; doing beautiful things, Wonderful is Your Name! Arise and have Your way in our midst today, let Thy Name be glorify forever and ever in Jesus Name!!!

Beloveth what an Awesome God we serve, what a miraculous God we serve… Who can battle with the Lord? Sickness, shame, hunger, poverty, height, depth and cares of this world cannot battle with our God… For He is a Might in battle… let somebody shout alleluia!!! Alleluia!!!

Christmas is here again and we are all in celebration mood… but we must forget the reason for the season-Jesus Christ –Immanuel –God with us…. Amen!

Look steady unto Him, drop not the weapon of thy warfare, grid your loins like He did while on even while He is in heaven. Beloveth you must be in service in and out season. Therefore grit your loins and let your hand be strong in Jesus Name Amen!!!

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“Girt about the paps with a golden girdle.” Revelation 1:13

One like unto the Son of Man” appeared to John in Patmos, and the beloved disciple marked that He wore a girdle of gold. A girdle, for Jesus never was ungirt while upon earth, but stood always ready for service, and now before the eternal throne He stays not is holy ministry, but as a priest is girt about with “the curious girdle of the ephod.”

Well it is for us that He has not ceased to fulfil His offices of love for us, since this is one of our choicest safeguards that He ever liveth to make intercession for us. Jesus is never an idler; His garments are never loose as though His offices were ended; He diligently carries on the cause of His people.

A golden girdle, to manifest the superiority of His service, the royalty of His person, the dignity of His state, the glory of His reward. No longer does He cry out of the dust, but He pleads with authority, a King as well as a Priest. Safe enough is our cause in the hands of our enthroned Melchisedek.

Our Lord presents all His people with an example. We must never unbind our girdles. This is not the time for lying down at ease, it is the season of service and warfare. We need to bind the girdle of truth more and more tightly around our loins.

It is a golden girdle, and so will be our richest ornament, and we greatly need it, for a heart that is not well braced up with the truth as it is in Jesus, and with the fidelity which is wrought of the Spirit, will be easily entangled with the things of this life, and tripped up by the snares of temptation.

It is in vain that we possess the Scriptures unless we bind them around us like a girdle, surrounding our entire nature, keeping each part of our character in order, and giving compactness to our whole man.

If in heaven Jesus unbinds not the girdle, much less may we upon earth. Stand, therefore, having your loins girt about with truth.

Beloveth be in Lord’s service all the time for the Lord, never let sight of Him and as you defend the gospel of our Jesus likewise He will defend you too.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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