When I come into Your Presence I am so happy. When I come into Your Presence I am so glad. In Your Presence there is anointing Your Spirit will surround me in Your Presence anointing breaks the Yokes.// I will Praise You from everlasting everlasting to everlasting. I will Praise You from everlasting everlasting to everlasting.

Gracious Father, we thank You we bless Your Holy Name. We adore You for You are God, you do greats things for us, You are my everlasting King, the Rock that never fails. Merciful Father, we adore Thee now and forever. Thank You for the gift of the week and the various blessings that You showers us with. Eternal Rock of Ages we honour You forever in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, who is like our Father in heaven? I have search all eternity and I see no one like our God. He gracious and Kind and without blemish or flaws. He is ever dependable, He is our God who loves us with everlasting love. Great is our God.

The week has been good, do you agree with me? Or do rather ask you if have any reason to thank and blessed the Name of the Lord? Yea, it might be challenging but is not beyond God. One beautify thing about God is that nothing happens suddenly without His knowledge. He orchestrated every path for us that will lead you to the way of righteousness, however, often times we deviate from God plans and go our own way, only to turn back and blame Him for everything that has ever happened to you since you were born. But the truth is that we choose our own path and get things muddled up and turn back to blame God and those around us. if you are in that track, repent and turn back to Christ now so that you will walk in God’s plan for your life and you will not say at the end I had I know?

The topic before us beloved is a very critical one. Right from the bible days, God give instruction to His children on the way and manner to give offerings to Him. He has been laying emphasis on what we give and how we give. Let do a check on the way and manner we have been presenting our offerings to God or better still, what have you been offering to God?

The text before us is God’s word on offerings and the message below have more to say.

God expects us give Him offerings without defect or any flaw as it is an abomination unto God. How well are doing it in this present age? Interesting, this is a personal decision though you can be guided on to give a good offering unto God.

God offered His best – His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ to delivery us from evil and death. What are we offering Him in return? In the New Testament, Apostle Paul told us what we can offer to God in place of ox or sheep. After the death of our Lord Jesus on the cross which brought an end to the offering of animals for the remission of sins. We are to offer ourselves instead to God (Rom 12:1).

The truth is that the sacrifice we offer to God reveals what is in our heart. Are you ready to offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice?

Only but your best will God receive from you. Let’s discover more:


“You must not sacrifice to the Lord your God an ox or sheep with a defect or any serious flaw, for that is detestable to the Lord your God.”—Deuteronomy 17:1


God’s love moved Him to sacrifice that which meant the most to Him—His only Son. Our response, if we truly understand His love for us, is the desire to give back to God that which means the most to us.

The Old Testament reveals that God set forth high standards for the sacrifices He required of His people. A worthy sacrifice had to cost the people something. As their hearts shifted away from God, the people began struggling to give God costly offerings. They would bring blind, lame, and sick animals, assuming God could not tell the difference (Mal. 1:8). God saw what they were doing and declared their offerings to be in vain (Mal. 1:10). Throughout the Old Testament period, God was setting the stage for the ultimate, perfect, and sinless sacrifice of His Son for the sins of humanity.

The offerings we give back to God reveal our hearts’ condition. A heart that overflows with gratitude for God’s love will respond in selfless devotion. If we are unwilling to sacrifice our time, our possessions, our money, or our energy, we indicate that we do not love God as He desires. God takes delight in the person who gives to Him cheerfully out of a loving heart, a person who understands that God is the source of everything he has and who knows that God will more than compensate for whatever is sacrificed for Him (2 Cor. 9:8).

If you struggle in giving your best offerings to God, pause and reflect on what God sacrificed for you. Trust Him and give Him the best that you have because you love Him with all your heart.

Beloved, have you heart shifted from God? A shift in heart will cost you to offer unacceptable sacrifice to God. As God sacrifice cost Him something, so will your sacrifice also cost you something. Acceptable sacrifice has a reward. Abel sacrifice was accepted to God and so God bless Him as his name is always mentioned anytime we discuss about offerings and sacrifice.

Beloved, just like a weekend tonic, the next ministration is meant to minister to us as we relax this weekend. Join me as you discover how to you know that you are maxed out? What happens to you when you are maxed out?  And How to manager such a situation:

 When You Are Maxed Out


You know you are maxed out when you:

  1. Can’t Relax

If this is true, then guard your family time against all but life-and-death interruptions.

  1. Can’t Say No

 Are you responding to the urgent rather than the important? Are the “squeaky wheels” deterring you from investing in people who will count for the future? Count for the Kingdom?

3.   Can’t Take A Day Off

When you find it difficult to take at least a day off a week, could it be that you are need-driven rather than God-driven?

4.   Find Little Joy In Family Life

If you are emotionally absent from the family, you can be sure that it will prove destructive in terms of unsatisfying family relationships. Your wife will be critical about your work, feeling you are not giving her quality (and quantity) time and attention.

5.   Think It’s All Up To You

Here, you are taking on your shoulders that which is God’s responsibility. A friend of mine with an “A” type personality used to say that periodically he had to resign as “Chancellor of the Universe”. Do you need to do the same?

  1. Find It Hard To Let Your Hair Down

 We all need relationships where we can let our hair down. Perhaps this means being vulnerable. Sometimes it simply means just having fun. Beware of believing the lie that says time spent in fun is wasted time.

  1. Can’t Take Vacation Time

Extended vacations are a must, along with occasional briefer times away. If your work or ministry-load prohibits such breaks, then you are failing to delegate as much as you should.

Keep in mind that “Your enemy the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:7)

Beloved, do you want to draw God’s attention in fulfilling His promise to us this month, be a “generous giver.” Give your best. Give what God can bless. Offer yourself up to Him if you have nothing else to offer Him. Be in service, go for soul winning, evangelize in your work place by the way you live and work, draw men to Christ and He will in return bless you as He blessed our Lord Jesus. Read Phil 2:1-11.

A good way to round off the week dearly beloved, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy God’s presence.

See you next week by His grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu


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