Worthy, You are worthy, King of kings Lord of lords You are worthy. Worthy, You are worthy, King of kings Lord of lords I worship You. Worthy, You are worthy, King of kings Lord of lords You are worthy. Worthy, You are worthy, King of kings Lord of lords I worship You.// who is like unto Thee O! Lord who is like unto Thee, O Lord! among the gods who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising, doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia.

Ancient of Days we bow before Your throne to worship and exalt Your Holy Name, How excellent, how wonderful You are Lord. You are worthy to be glorify, You are worthy Lord Jesus, You are worthy to be glorify You are worthy Lord!

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Lord, thank You for Your Faithfulness, thank You for Your Kindness, glory be to Your Name on high in Jesus Name. we are again Lord to pour out our heart before Your throne, have Your way, do that which no one can do for us, hear us as we prayer, answer us Father and may your increase rest upon us in Jesus Name.

Beloved, it is a great thing to serve Jesus. Thank God that we are serving a Living God whose heart beats at every pain that we experiences, He will not leave us nor forsake us, He will come quickly and not delay, He will answer us and grant our heart desires.

Sometimes you might feel discourage because of God’s delay in answering your prayers, understand that delay is not a denial. Just because the answer or the miracle has not come yet does not mean that God is not going to answer or that He has forgotten you or that He does not care about you. It simply means “not yet”!

Beloved, part of becoming spiritually mature is learning the difference between “no” and “not yet,” between a denial and a delay. The bible tells us, “He who is coming will come and will not delay” (Heb 10:37).

God’s delay may be a test of your patience, anybody can be patience once, And, most people can be patient twice. And, a lot of us can be patient three times. So God tests our patience over and over and over.

Why? So He can see how patient you are? No! He does it so you can see how patient you are- so you will know what inside you, and you will be able to know your level of commitment. God tests you so that you can know He is faithful, even if the answers you seek are delayed.

You may be going through difficult times right now. You may be discouraged because the situation you face seems unmanageable, unreasonable, or unfair.

It may seem unbearable, and inside you are basically saying, “God, I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t take it anymore!”

But you can.

You can stay with it longer because God is with you. He will enable you to press on. Remember, you are never a failure until you quit. Resist discouragement, and finish the race God has set before you.

God is your Father and He knows the best for you. Is possible you are in “not yet” season but remember God is Ever Faithful and will still grant the desires of your heart if you stand on the promises of Christ, my King.

Come along with me for more:

Ezekiel 43:13-44:31, Psalm 136:10-16, Proverbs 29:13-14, 1 John 2:12-29

God Is a Father

I am writing to you, fathers, because you have come to know the One who is from the beginning.—1 John 2:13

God is a Father in the creative sense and the familial sense. So, for whom was the Lord’s Prayer designed—for everyone or only for God’s redeemed children? There is no doubt in my mind that it was intended for Christ’s true disciples. Obviously many people outside the Christian church find the words of the Lord’s Prayer greatly appealing, but much of the appeal is sentimental rather than spiritual.

To understand the Lord’s Prayer and apply its principles in the way our Lord intended, one needs to have experienced a genuine conversion. Then, and only then, does its meaning become apparent. Jesus shows us in the first sentence of His prayer pattern that true prayer must begin with a concept of God as Father. Someone has pointed out that the term “Father” answers all the philosophical questions about the nature of God. A father is a person; therefore God is not an impersonal being, aloof from all our troubles and trials. And, above all, a father is predisposed, by reason of his familial relationship, to give careful attention to what his child says.

When we pray, then, to the Father, we must hold in our minds the picture of our eternal Creator as a being who has a father’s heart, a father’s love, and a father’s strength. This, then, must be the second note we strike when praying—God is a Father, and we must come to Him with all the trust and frankness of a child. Otherwise it is not a prayer.


O God, I am so grateful that in the word “Father” I discover the greatest truth about You. My heart pillows itself on that glorious and wonderful fact. Thank You—Father. Amen.

Further Study

Jn 1:12; 5:17-47; 2Co 6:17-18; Gl 4:5-6

How did Jesus speak of His Father?

What is God’s promise to those who believe?

Beloved, have you see the secret of praying and receiving from God- you must always see God as your Father who will do good and not evil to you (Jer 29:11, Nah 1:7). Do you see God as your Father? Do you trust Him that He will perfect all that concerneth you? Does it ever cross your mind that God cannot fail you no matter what?

This by the grace of God, has been my approach to God in prayer. I have lost so much that if I look at my situation and present condition I know I should not attend certain things but I want to let you that in spite of that God has not fail to provide every “real need” that is meant to keep my family going. The way He orchestrates it is always beyond us and sooner than we ever imagine, when you think is all over, a phone call here, a visit here will fix it and the next thing that will swell up in my mind is that it “pays to serve God.”

Why? Yes! it pays me that I and my family has God as our Father, who will always wants to be father indeed to us. He will surely come no matter how late, He will show up and that has built our confidence in Him even to my little baby He knows that God will do it but His time may be different from our time.

Why? we mentioned it before now ‘so that you will know that He is ever faithful” so no matter where you are at this point in time in life even as the year is coming to an end simple “relax” and know that God has not lost “control.” He is in perfect control; so fear not!

God is a Father therefore, let us approach Him in like manner and we will have our answers deliver to us. Praise the Name of the Lord! alleluia! alleluia!! alleluia!!!

O! God our Father, please hear our prayers and answer us we pray today in Jesus Name!

Come let us pray, for he is closer than you ever imagine (Phil 4:5).

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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