God Speaks


You are the Lord that healeth me, You are the Lord my healer, You sent Your Word and You healed my diseases, You are the Lord my healer.// Take glory Father, Take glory Son, Take glory Holy Ghost now and for ever more ooo. Take glory Father, Take glory Son, Take glory Holy Ghost now and forever more.

Hosanna in the highest blessed be Him who come in the Name f the Lord. Glory be to Your Lord for the grace of another day. Thank You for watching over us all through the night and waking us up this morning. I am grateful for the enablement Lord thank You for being there for us. It can only be You Lord, glory be to Your Name Jesus.

Eternal Rock of Ages is Your Name, Wisdom Personified, the Alpha and Omega, the Teacher, Master, the Son of God, the Son of man, Emmanuel, Saviour, Lamb of God, Jesus Christ the Name above all the names here on earth even in heaven. At the mention of Your Name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that You are Lord. Praise the Name of the Lord alleluia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, good morning, how are doing this morning, hope you are getting the showers from on high, glory be to Jesus. Today, we are considering the second Person  in Trinity- our Lord and Savoiur Jesus Christ.  Hope you enjoy our session yesterday? Today will not deliver less in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!

The second Person in the Trinity He named Jesus Christ the Savoiur, Emmanuel. As His Name connotes, He came to save the world from its sins. He who knew no sin was became sin that He will redeem us from our condemnation. He reconciles back to God having lost man to sin through the first Adam, Jesus the second Adam came and unity us back with the Father (2 Cor 5:21, 1 Cor 15:45, 47, Rom 5). Praise the Lord.

The life of Jesus on earth may be divided into two great periods, (1) that of his private life, till he was about thirty years of age; and (2) that of his public life, which lasted about three years, which I may not like to bore us with all of that but what we must know is that Jesus the Son of God came down from heaven to reconcile us back to His Father (Rev 5: 1-10 ).

Jesus took away our sins as we knew that death entered into the world trough the first Adam, likewise He did so many miracles along sides to deliver those in bound and captivity of satan and the his cohorts, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and to proclaim liberty to them that are bruised (Lk 4:18-19).

Beloved, Jesus is the answer to all your cares and problems. Our Father sent Him to deliver us from all evil and raise from death to eternal life. so many are still in doubt about Jesus being the Son of God but hear this what apostle John wrote in Gospel of john chapter 15: 21-26)

Not only that Jesus said that the Spirit shall bear witness for Him, His  Father through the Holy Spirit bears witness that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His mission you all know is to deliver mankind from eternal destruction. And to complete this mission is you and I when we bear Him witnesses to the world around us as commanded Him before He went back to His Father in heaven Jn 15 Vs 27.

Come along to discover more:

Deuteronomy 19:14-21:23 Psalm 44:9-16  Proverbs 10:31-32 Luke 9:23-45

God Speaks

Then a voice came from the cloud, saying: “This is My Son, the Chosen One; listen to Him!”—Luke 9:35

Peter’s Jewish heart is divided—wanting to keep Moses, representing the Law; Elijah, representing the Prophets; and Jesus, representing the new revelation, all on the same level. He said: “Let us make three tabernacles.” This was serious, for the whole future was bound up with the question of whether Jesus was final and whether supreme allegiance should be given to Him. It is significant that immediately following this statement, a cloud descended and “they became afraid as they entered the cloud.”

Where there is division, there will always be clouds. There are clouds over our churches, and we fear as we enter those clouds. Why are we afraid? The answer is simple—division. Each denomination is thinking in terms of itself, is losing a sense of the collective unity. But out of the cloud comes a Voice. God speaks! The voice is one of evaluation and invitation: “This is my Son, the Chosen One; listen to Him!” (Lk 9:35). The clouds will never lift and the fears will never depart until we listen to Christ. And what is He saying? This: “May they all be one, as You, Father, are in Me and I am in You” (Jn 17:21). Christ must be first, and the unity of His Body must take priority over any denominational allegiance.

As the Divine Eagle nudges His Church toward the edge of the nest in an effort to cause it to soar above denominational divides, I pray that it will not be long before we who share Christ’s Name truly become one.


O Father, I am so thankful that I am part of Your glorious Family. Make me a good member of that Family. May the Family spirit be in all I do and say, for I want others to come into this Family. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

Mt 5:21-26; Isa 11:13; 52:7; Jn 10:16

What steps will you take to build Christian unity?

Is there anyone you need to be reconciled to?

Beloved it us not be caught up with the confusion of the early apostles but rather learnt by heart the teachings of our Lord Jesus that He is the Son of God. Jesus is the second Person in trinity, let that rest in your mind never miss it up again (Lk 4:18, Jn 14, 15, Act 3:2, 5-22).

So join me as we declare Jesus Christ in unionism with the God and the Holy Spirit that Jesus is the Son of God. Amen! Alleluia.


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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