Glory Glory…Alleluia!!! Glory Glory Praise the Lord!!! Glory Glory Alleluia!!! Glory Glory Praise the Lord!!!… Glory Glory Lord…we give You glory…we give You glory Lord…. Glory Glory Lord You are a Mighty God!!!!// Everybody testifying You are good… You are good Jehovah…. You are good … everybody testifying You are good…You are good Jehovah You are good….

Our Father in heaven we thank You we bless Your holy Name…we adore Thee King of glory for what You are doing… Alleluia Ancient of Days for Who You are… You are a Mighty Man in battle… Who is like unto Thee… Who can be compare with Thee… In heaven You are God… on earth You remaineth the same… Let Your Name alone be glorify O Lord! In Jesus Name ….

Beloveth… good morning to you… How are doing today… Faithful is our God beloveth… today again we have the privilege to learn again at Jesus feet… Yes! The Spirit of God is here to teach us something great… alleluia! Are you available like Mary or like Martha who was busy with activities… rather than connecting to the Living Fountain to drink to satisfaction … Praise the Name of the Lord…

As much as God wants us to be activity driven… there is also a time He wants us to sit down and draw from the well of His Word …so that we will never be famish as we studied last Friday…

However, today we will be looking at another way God relates to you and I…. Praise the Name of the Lord…

Someone say “Activity” …. Oftentimes, God speaks to us through activity… as we later read in our study today… is obvious that we don’t see what God is doing in our midst oftentimes… we usually expect God to move in prayer meetings… Revival and Crusade ground… but not in mundane things around us… but the honest truth is that God cannot be cage… is God speaking to your mind… you think God can never appear in those common places, those unusual places but what we forgot is that God made the world… so God can reach even the worst sinner and turn him/ her to a saint… ask Paul  and Mary Magdalene….

Our Lord Jesus reached out to sinners and made them saints while He was at this part of eternity…. And up until now He has not stop… He is rescuing the perishing … all He wants is for you to see Him and join Him….

We got disenchanted… and get disoriented why…. because we are not seeing God neither are we joining Him in His activity around us…..

It is desire that you will brace God and see Him in what is going on around you so that you will know what God wants to do in life per second and in the life of those around you too….

Come around for more:

Look at the nations and observe— be utterly astounded! For something is taking place in your days that you will not believe when you hear about it.—Habakkuk 1:5

Christians habitually seek God’s voice through prayer, through His word, or through His messengers. Yet sometimes we fail to hear God speak through His activity, even though He is working all around us. Unbelievers see God’s activity without understanding what they see. God encourages His people to watch for His activity so they will know how they should respond and adjust their lives.

The disciples discovered much about God’s power by witnessing Jesus calming a raging storm with a command. Seeing Jesus dine with the notorious sinner, Zacchaeus, taught them a poignant message about God’s love for sinners. Watching Jesus hang upon the cross communicated a compelling message of what God was willing to do to free people from sin. Discovering the empty tomb revealed an astounding truth of God’s victory over death. To those with spiritual discernment, God’s activity is a significant revelation about His heart and His will.

If you are sensitive to what God is doing around you, He will clearly speak to you through His activity. You will know that God is at work, because what you see will astound you, and human power and wisdom will not explain it. If things happen that are direct answers to your prayers, God is speaking to you. When you experience events that surpass your understanding and ability, it may be that God is communicating a critical message to you.

If you want to hear God’s voice, look around you to see what He is doing. When you are watching for God at work, what you see will reveal His character, and you will have a fresh understanding of how to respond to Him.

Beloveth… what are those things you are trusting God to do in your life at this season… is possible He is doing something around you that will bring it manifestation… just be patient… as the Holy Spirit to help you… God answers prayer in a way you don’t expect or envisage….

Make sure you join Him… beloveth…. it pays to pay attention at what God is doing around….

On this note…. Beloveth… our week is declared open and by God’s grace… we will return at the end with lots of testimonies in Jesus Name…

Most importantly why we must pay attention to what God is doing is because when we join God in activities or direction our work tends to be ease…. I pray for you that this week will uphold God’s Word for the month to us in Jesus Name….  we will accomplish with ease in the Name of Jesus….

Further reading…. Eph. 5:17, 1 Cor.3:9, 1Jn.2:19, Ps 25:14, 1Pet.1:25, Jas 5:8.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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