You are worthy to be praise O Lord! Mighty in battle, You are the Beginning and the End, Ancient of Days, You are the Great I AM, there is on one like You Lord, let all glory, honour, adoration be ascribe unto O Lord in the Name of our Lord Jesus Amen!

Beloved, glorious week I presume you will be saying, it was indeed glorious to me and am sure you are shouting and screaming on top of your voice (same here, my sister). Father, we return all the glory to You, for we have no hand in it but You just displayed your splendors in our lives and children.

Thank You, Jesus for all divine visitations, elevations, and rescuing us from the camp of enemies, our blood were bitter in their tongue and our bodies too hot for them to handle. You are indeed glorious, blessed be Thy Name O Lord!

By the grace of God, we are witnessing another end of week, with early morning showers and fruitful days, I suppose. Glory be to Him on High.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that’s you do unto me! is a song and a bible verse we are too familiar with but how often do we practices it, is a question we need to ask ourselves and provide answers to.

Alright coming to the matters of the day – God weighs your motives is a topic that calls for personal evaluation as we have state early. God knows every action and inaction and will therefore judge us according, come let us read and discover more below:

All a man’s ways seem right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the motives.—Proverbs 16:2

How quick we are to question the motives of others, yet we are so slow to question our own! When others harm us, we may assume the worst of intentions. When we are guilty, we often excuse our offenses, concluding that others are far too sensitive! Regardless of how we monitor our motives, God weighs them in His scales of righteousness. It is futile to try to deceive God with our pious justifications, for He sees our hearts.

Is it possible to do the right thing for the wrong reason? Of course! You can attend worship services with a heart that is far from worshipful (Isa. 1:10–17). Could you show concern for the poor and yet have a heart that is opposed to God? Judas did (John 12:4–8). Could you make bold statements of love for Christ and actually be aiding the work of Satan? Peter did (Matt. 16:21–23). Could you offer sacrifices to God and be in total disobedience to Him? King Saul did (1 Sam. 13:8–9). Could you pray with the wrong motives? James said you can (James 4:3).

Many things cause us to do what we do. We can be motivated by good things, such as love for God, compassion, generosity, and faith. Or our actions can come from unhealthy motives such as pride, insecurity, ambition, lust, greed, guilt, anger, fear, and hurt. It is even possible to do the best things based on the worst motives. When the Lord measures our motives He looks for one thing: love. All that we do should proceed from our love for God and for others (1 Cor. 13). Take time to look past your actions to what lies behind them. Ask God to show you what He sees when He examines your motives.

Beloved, I hope you will not be shock as God reveals every intent of your heart to you. However, is an opportunity for us to be humble enough to ask for His forgiveness and amend our ways if our intents are not right. May God help us on this matter in Jesus Name, Amen!

To the glory of God, we will be considering the Part three  of “Brokenness” and am sure you are getting so many things right as the Spirit of the Lord is revealing them to you gradually:


 Brokenness (Part 3)

Brokenness is the one quality God looks for in visiting and enabling the needy:

 “The Lord has anointed me (Christ) to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.“(Isaiah 61:1b)




Work to maintain an image/protect their reputation



Die to their own reputation
Find it difficult to share their spiritual needs with others Are willing to be open/transparent with others



Want to be sure nobody finds out about their sin Are willing to be exposed (once broken, you don’t care who knows as you have nothing to lose)



Have a hard time saying, “I was wrong; will you forgive me?”



Are quick to admit failure and to seek forgiveness
Deal in generalities when confessing



Deal in specifics their sin


Are concerned about the consequences of their sins



Are grieved over the cause/root of their sins
Are remorseful over their sin; over the fact that they got caught/found out



Are repentant over their sin (forsake it)
Wait for others to come and ask for forgiveness



Take the initiative to be reconciled
Compare themselves with others and feel deserving of honor Compare themselves to the holiness of God and feel a desperate need for mercy



Are blind to their true heart condition



Walk in the light
Don’t think they have anything to repent of Have a continual heart attitude of repentance



Don’t think they need revival (but everybody else does!)



Continually sense their need for a fresh encounter with the filling of His Spirit!

Whoa! Beloved, what a self-examination by the Holy Spirit. This is one of the core values of this ministry (Isa 61:1). It was a difficult task initially to leave our ambitions in pursuit of this divine assignment but with God’s grace and enabling, it became a way of life that we no longer feel pains doing, having understood the ministry we received, we count ourselves nothing to the obedience of Him that called us, you can also be part it by supporting us or those around you to the glory of God.

So dear beloveth, let us humbly ourselves before God and amend our ways, come before His presence with humility and you will be amaze at His decoration in your life.

Have a blessed weekend, till next week, God’s willing.

Remain blessed in the Lord.



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