Gracious God, Wonderful Redeemer, Most Holy God, we praise Your Holy Name, we adore You, we magnify You, we give You praise forever. Omnipotent God, Omniscience God, Omnipresence God, God immortal, invisible, The Only Wise God, we thank You.

Thank You for the New Month, another new day. Thank You for the Miracle of sleeping and waking up this day. It is not he that willeth nor he that runneth but is God that showeth mercy. Glory, honour, adoration be ascribe unto You forever and ever.

Beloved, how are you faring? Hope good? Glory be to God in the Highest. What a wonder our God is turning you to become. Soon, remember, you will be announce. The God we serve answers prayers. Did you pray? Watch out for everything you asked for, the Lord will surely give answers to them all. Amen!

Do you sometime feel afraid? Do you sometime have this anxiety rise up in you? Do you weep especially when you are helpless and there is no help from your standpoint? Are there nights or moment when you wish you were never born? Are there times you feel that God is silent? Are there period when the enemy rage and boast about what they can do and nobody dare ask or else? There are millions of these questions and is possible am yet to mention your case.

Beloved, I have goodnews for you. You are not alone in that situation. God, your Father, Jesus the Son, Holy Spirit, your comforter are right there with You but you allowed the cloud of problems to cover your sight. Can you look up from where you are? Can you stretch your hands and ask for His guidance? Can you raise your voice a little even in mid of sobbing and call on God’s Name.

He is watching and waiting for you to make the move. All you need do now is to brace up and look directly in the eyes of that challenge and say to yourself. “I know my Redeemer liveth.” “I know He is more than Able.” “I know He is right here with me.” I want you to declare that “God is my Refuge, why shall I be afraid.” “He is my Maker, the Holy One of Israel.” Glory be to God.

Beloved, if God is with you, who can be against you? 

“God shall be with you.” Gen. 48:21

Good old Jacob could no more be with Joseph, for his hour had come to die: but he left his son without anxiety, for he said with confidence, “God shall be with you.” When our dearest relations, or our most helpful friends, are called home by death, we must console ourselves with the reflection that the Lord is not departed from us, but lives for us, and abides with us for ever.

If God be with us, we are in ennobling company, even though we are poor and despised. If God be with us, we have all-sufficient strength, for nothing can be too hard for the Lord. If God be with us, we are always safe, for none can harm those who walk under His shadow.

Oh, what a joy we have here! Not only is God with us, but He will be with us. With us as individuals; with us as families; with us as churches. Is not the very name of Jesus, Immanuel — God with us? Is not this the best of all, that God is with us?

Let us be bravely diligent, and joyously hopeful. Our cause must prosper, the truth must win, for the Lord is with those who are with Him.

All this day may this sweet word be enjoyed by every believer who turns to “Overcomers-faith devotional.” No greater happiness is possible. Yes for our heart shall rejoice in Him. Praise God:

“Our heart shall rejoice in Him.” Psalm 33:21

Blessed is the fact that Christians can rejoice even in the deepest distress; although trouble may surround them, they still sing; and, like many birds, they sing best in their cages. The waves may roll over them, but their souls soon rise to the surface and see the light of God’s countenance; they have a buoyancy about them which keeps their head always above the water, and helps them to sing amid the tempest, “God is with me still.” To whom shall the glory be given?

Oh! to Jesus—it is all by Jesus. Trouble does not necessarily bring consolation with it to the believer, but the presence of the Son of God in the fiery furnace with him fills his heart with joy. He is sick and suffering, but Jesus visits him and makes his bed for him. He is dying, and the cold chilly waters of Jordan are gathering about him up to the neck, but Jesus puts His arms around him, and cries, “Fear not, beloved; to die is to be blessed; the waters of death have their fountain-head in heaven; they are not bitter, they are sweet as nectar, for they flow from the throne of God.”

As the departing saint wades through the stream, and the billows gather around him, and heart and flesh fail him, the same voice sounds in his ears, “Fear not; I am with thee; be not dismayed; I am thy God.” As he nears the borders of the infinite unknown, and is almost affrighted to enter the realm of shades, Jesus says, “Fear not, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Thus strengthened and consoled, the believer is not afraid to die; nay, he is even willing to depart, for since he has seen Jesus as the morning star, he longs to gaze upon Him as the sun in his strength. Truly, the presence of Jesus is all the heaven we desire. He is at once

“The glory of our brightest days;

The comfort of our nights.” 

Beloved, God with us is not a mean statement. It is strength in diversity. For someone who is trusting God for a lifting, deliverance, intervention, behold God is saying to you “l am with you.” Your heart will surely rejoice in him. For someone at the verge of parting this part of eternity or have lost a dear one, God is saying, “I will be with you so you need not be afraid.”

Just keep this in your heart, God will never fail you. Ensure that you keep your own part of the bargain “by trusting.”

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu