February 28



Love of Jesus is so wonderful x3

O wonderful Love.

So high I can’t get over it,

So deep I can’t get below it,

So wide I can’t get around it,

O wonderful Love.


Lord we thank You for seeing the end of this month, thank You for the miracles therein and our expectations that were met and those that You are yet to meet. We are so grateful unto You for indeed You are a Wonderful God. We return all the glory, all honour, all adoration to You, Who is worthy of our praise.

Beloved am sure you are excited that the Lord has dealt kindly with you all through this month and you have one or two testimony that will encourage others to share with us please send it across through this email address.

Having gone through yesterday devotional “Past deliverance beget faith” and how King David recalled God dealings with him in the past and how he is so confident that same God will not forsake him in the face of his present trial.

Come with me to the book of Psalms, chapter seventy-eight (Ps. 78). There, you will see the Psalmist recollecting again how God dealt with their forefathers and how He destroyed that generation for not trusting Him. Therefore, it is so important for us to always remember the kindness of God over our lives in time past when faced with a seeming impossible situation.

What occupies a man’s thought dominates his actions as well. However, your ability to always give God or make the first portion for God depends on your spiritual maturity. How? Someone wants to know. Come let’s discover more from the message below:

 So then, we must pursue what promotes peace and what builds up one another.—Romans 14:19

A mark of spiritual maturity is a willingness to sacrifice personal comfort in order to strengthen other believers. Paul urges Christians to pursue only activities that promote peace and behavior that builds up others.

To pursue means to passionately focus one’s undistracted effort toward a goal. This is not a casual matter. It involves using all the resources God has given us to ensure growth and peace in the life of a fellow Christian. To the Colossian church, Paul said he labored, “striving . . . to present every man perfect in Christ” (Col. 1:28–29). This took concentration and effort!

For Paul, choosing to edify Christians meant refraining from any activity that caused others to stumble. He did not concern himself with his own rights or comforts because his greater priority, over his personal freedom, was to lead others to Christian maturity (1 Cor. 14:12, 26). This is how Jesus related to His disciples. He taught them that they could express no greater love than to lay down their lives for one another (John 15:13). As Christians, we ought to be so devoted to strengthening one another’s faith that we pursue this goal relentlessly, even if it means laying down our own lives. This behavior characterized the early churches (Acts 2:40–47). This is what love is like among God’s people (Gal. 6:9–10).

As God reveals to you what those around you need in order to grow in their faith, be prepared to make the necessary sacrifice on behalf of your fellow Christians (Col. 1:29).

Do you remember the woman that was visited by God’s prophet and the prophet instructed her to make his portion first before making for herself and her son despite the fact that it was the last portion of the flour and oil. This woman obeyed the prophet and she did not lack afterall. The Lord continue to give her daily portion until the famine was over.

What does God want from you and I as His children especially as we round off this supposedly month of love, I think should be of interest to you as you devote your life daily in serving Him.

 What God Wants From Us

How would you like to be able to communicate God’s Word to others in an eloquent fashion?

Or have the ability to plumb the depths of the most profound spiritual truths?

Or be able to pray for a person’s healing in perfect confidence that God will answer?

What about the courage to sell all your belongings and move to central Africa to reach the most impoverished of peoples?

Or have unflinching commitment to Christ — even to the point of facing a firing squad?

It all sounds so very noble doesn’t it? But what God really wants from us is:

  • · To be PATIENT with our wife when she asks us to go shopping with her all Saturday afternoon.
  • · To be KIND to the scrubby pony-tailed dropout with the bone through his nose.
  • · To genuinely take PLEASURE in the knowledge that our competitor is knocking them dead at the cash register.
  • · To BE GRACIOUS toward those among us who stand to profit us nothing.
  • · To PUT ASIDE OUR INTERESTS for the benefit of others
  • · To FORGIVE those who have ripped us off.
  • · To LIVE MAGNANIMOUSLY, TRUSTING GOD AMIDST DIFFICULT circumstances which we cannot change.

This, my friends is the love of Christ, (as expressed in 1 Corinthians 13), applied in the crucible of life’s daily realities. If we fail here, no amount of giftedness or personal sacrifice is of any consequence. (Adapted from FOTM)

Finally, beloved, I pray that you will carry over any blessing meant for you this month. I therefore decree that every of your blessings come running after you now before midnight of this day in Jesus Name I prayed. So watchout. See you next month, God willing.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Evang. Ifeoma Ohondu

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