You are the Lord that is your Name You will never share glory with any one you will never share glory with anybody Almighty God that is Your Name.// You are the reason I am happy, You are the reason am singing, You are the reason am dancing, You are the reason am jumping. You are the reason, You are the reason I am singing, O my Lord, you are the reason I am dancing.

Faithful God, we bow at Your presence, glory be to You on high. How Excellent, how Wonderful You are Lord. Glory be to Your Name on high. Blessed Redeemer, we worship You, we glorify Your Name, for great are You Lord! You are greatly to be Praise, Father You reign.

Beloved, how are You doing, how are rejoicing about the beautiful and adorable banquet the Lord has prepared for us to showcase our glory. To restore every battered glory and to manifest our glory, His glory through us.

The year is gradually taken off and by the grace of God will not miss out what the Spirit of God is doing per time. Today we will be considering “God great intolerance for sin.”

I mentioned yesterday that sin destroys glory and it also rekindles God’s wrath as we will be reading to later in our devotional. Beloved, we must keep away from anything call sin so that the wrath of the Lord will not rekindle against us and also to ensure that when we pray we receive answer to our prayers.

May God help us and teach us to pursue righteousness and run away from sin,

We will also see as said by the Word of God that the wicked will not go unpunished. Beloved, we must desist from every work of iniquities, God frowns at and do not spare such an individual as you will also read.

Beloved, let us also read the bible verse attached to the ministration to help have a better understanding of the story at background and improve our bible reading habit. There is also a question attached make sure you answer it.

Come all for more


Genesis 3:1-4:26, Psalm 2:1-6, Proverbs 1:5-6, Matthew 2:1-23 

God’s Great Intolerance

Then He speaks to them in His anger and terrifies them in His wrath.—Psalm 2:5

Wrath is not a defect in the divine character; rather, it would be a defect if wrath were absent from Him. Those who see God’s wrath as petulance or retaliation, inflicting punishment just for the sake of it or in return for some injury received, do not really understand it. Divine wrath is not vindictiveness; it is divine perfection, issuing forth from God because it is right.

Human beings tend to make God in our own image. He made us in His image, but we want to return the compliment, and it is there that so often we go wrong. Instead of reasoning from the divine down to the human, recognizing that sin has marred the divine image within us, we reason from our fallen condition and project our own feelings and ideas onto God.

Thus, when thinking of the wrath of God, we tend to look at what happens in our own hearts when we get angry, and we imagine God to be the same. But divine anger must never be confused with human anger. Most of what goes on in our hearts whenever we are angry is a mixture of unpredictable petulance, retaliation, hostility, and self-concern. God’s anger is always predictable, always steadfast, and always set against sin. We must never forget that God’s nature is uncompromisingly set against sin. We may tolerate it; He never.

Sin has been defined as “God’s one great intolerance,” and for that we ought to be eternally grateful. As His children we ought to rejoice that He will not tolerate anything that is harmful to us.


O Father, what a change comes over me when I realize that Your wrath is not so much directed at persons as at the sin that demeans and destroys them. You are not against me for my sin, but for me against my sin. I am deeply, deeply grateful. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 5:1-6; 11:5; Hab 1:12-13; Zch 8:16-17

How did the psalmist express God’s great intolerance?

What does the Lord hate?

Beloved, have you read about God great intolerance for sin, let us ensure that we are not part evil doers. Have you answered the above did you note all the categories of evil and wicked people. Did you also notice how God treat those that puff themselves before Him.

Is so unfortunate how people behave when they are in position to help you, some feel that without them you cannot make it but they never know that if they say no, God will make a way to honour you/ His children. I only laugh at the fallen nature of man who thinks that he/she is something but never know that he/she is mere mortal that if the Lord chooses to stops the breathe in the nostrils are nothing but mere carcass.

May God help us to know how to number our days in life and stay away from wickedness in Jesus Name. .

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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