My God is Awesome He can move the mountain, keep me in the valley, take me through the rain…My God is Awesome, Awesome……. I will magnify the Lord (I will magnify the Lord) Who is worthy to be Praise…. I will glorify the Lord (I will glorify the Lord) Who is worthy to be Praise. The Lord reigneth blessed be the Lord….Honour to the Lord… Let the Rock of my salvation be exalted x2….

Yes! the Lord reigneth let the Rock of my salvation be exalted….let us worship and Praise the Lord, for His mercies endureth forever…glory alleluia to the King of Kings the Lord’s of lords, the Ancient of days, the Beginning and the End…we worship You Father, we glorify Your Holy Name forever in Jesus Name…

Thank You for Your lovingkindness Father, thank You for loving me too much…. For caring and protecting me from all evil… alleluia to Your Holy Name in Jesus Name Amen. Thank You Father for answers to prayers, when we are weak You remain strong for us…You carry us when no one can…Father You no tire for me … glory be to Your Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name….

Let the Living water flow over my soul…Let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my heart, all my care and burden unto Thee I come ….

Beloveth, our ways are not God’s way neither our thinking His thinking…. So in our teaching today we admonish to be mindful of the way we reason along with some acclaimed teachers of the Word… its being there since the days of Jesus … so Apostle Paul wrote… there abound in times, they are subtle and innocent at first, but depth inside them more dangerous than snake… like their Father the old serpent devices ways to capture the simple, innocent, and unguarded Christian into believing what is not in the Word of God.

Beloveth, grid your loins, be mindful of them, their approach is usually very subtle…. Seeking your weak point to penetrate you… the Word of God says “be mindful of them” lest you fall… ‘You will not fall in Jesus Name…’ Take up your Bible and read…be at home with what God what the word of God is saying… or is telling you or leading to do…. Some wolves moves around looking for who to devour by teaching fallacy beloveth, pick your own version of the Bible that you are familiar with and study along with them, don’t just listen to their own version of Bible, read from your own… the devil is subtle in approach… be vigilant, don’t lose your guard… be armed- Bible….. Alleluia!!!

May God grant us understating in His Word more than those who plan to bring us down in Jesus Name, may we not go about our Master’s business with the way of the world rather may we learn from the Master’s feet, listen to the voice of Spirit of God and may God help us when we are falling in Jesus Name…Amen

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Be careful that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit based on human tradition, based on the elemental forces of the world, and not based on Christ.—Colossians 2:8

There is a subtle temptation that encourages Christians to be “practical.” That is, they try to do God’s work in man’s way. “Getting results” becomes the primary focus. It almost seems that we believe that the end justifies the means. Don’t be led away by the world’s reasoning. An examination of God’s Word shows that the means are sometimes even more important than the results.

The world tries to convince you that as long as you can accomplish something for the kingdom of God, that’s all that matters. For example, Ananias and Sapphira gave an offering to their church, which was a good thing, but they did it deceitfully. God judged them immediately, not for what they did, but for how they did it (Acts 5:1–11).

Satan tried to trap Jesus with this same temptation. Satan did not question the worthiness of Jesus’ task, but simply offered “practical” solutions to accomplish Jesus’ goal more quickly and at lesser cost.

God’s ways are not like man’s ways. “Efficiency” from man’s perspective is not prized by God. It did not seem efficient to have the children of Israel march around Jericho thirteen times and then blow their trumpets, but it brought the walls down (Josh. 6). It did not appear wise to select the youngest of Jesse’s sons to become the next king, but God saw a man after His own heart (1 Sam. 16:11). At first glance, it does not seem logical for Jesus to have picked the twelve disciples He did, yet through them God dramatically affected their world.

It is never wise to attempt to do God’s work in man’s way. It is an age-old temptation that seems to make sense on the surface but often is at variance with the purposes of God.

Beloveth, this is also an admonish for those who on in one kingdom business or the other… do your work according to what the Word of God is instructing you to do… walk in the old path (Jer 6:16) don’t walk in the path that is wise in your eyes…

Keep the fire burning…keep your in Christ alive and at the end the Lord will reward you graciously in Jesus Name…

Further Reading – Isa 51:16, Jas 1:22, 2Thess 3:16, Ps 149:4.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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